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Tamzin talks Tech with Gareth Evans
from Progressive Equity Research

Gareth has over 15 years research experience covering pan-European Chemicals & Technology sectors. He founded Progressive Equity Research in 2012.  Formerly, Gareth held research positions at ABN AMRO, Canaccord & Investec, where he was Joint Head of Research and was awarded techMARK Analyst of the Year in 2006.

Gareth’s background & ROCE – 00:22
The dotcom crash v today – 05:20
How do we value tech stocks (models)? - 07:53
Where are we at in the tech cycle? - 19:36
Which areas of tech excite you the most? -20:56
Who will be the winners and losers? - 24:40
Do you understand the current sell-off in tech? - 26:58
Is the current market volatility a blip, or more serious? - 33:03
In the current market, are you a buyer or seller of tech? - 36:03

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Supermarket Income REIT plc is a United Kingdom-based, closed-ended investment company. The Company intends to carry on business as a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company’s investment objective is to provide its shareholders with an income together with capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of supermarket real estate assets in the United Kingdom. The Company is focused on investing in a diversified portfolio of principally freehold and long leasehold operational properties. The Company may invest, directly or indirectly, at least 80% of its gross asset value in properties let to the United Kingdom supermarket operators and it may invest up to 20% of its gross asset value in asset let to non-supermarket operators. Atrato Capital Limited is the investment advisor of the Company. The Company is not engaged in any operations.

Steve Windsor
Introduction - 00:19

Ben Green
Investment strategy - 01:07
The portfolio - 03:59
Investing in the future model of UK Grocery - 05:50
Global convergence on the future model of grocery - 10:26
Our market – Supermarket yield - 12:52
Supermarket leases offer one of the cheapest sources of RPI - 14:33
Supply and demand of index linked supermarkets - 16:22
Performance – 17:29
Proactive asset management - 19:27
Conclusion - 21:22
The team - 22:46

Q&A 23:32


The Presentation slides can be viewed here.

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Bioventix ShareSoc presentation: October 2018
By Peter Harrison, CEO.

Includes full year results year ended 30th June 2018.

Bioventix PLC is a United Kingdom-based biotechnology company. The principal activity of the Company is the development and supply of antibodies. The Company specializes in the development of sheep monoclonal antibodies (SMAs) for use in immunodiagnostics focusing on the areas of clinical diagnostics and drugs of abuse testing. The Company's non-vitamin D business consists of antibodies, NT proBNP (heart failure), testosterone, Free Triiodothyronine (FT3) (thyroid hormone), estradiol, and various drugs, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)/cannabis, and progesterone. The Company offers products for indications, such as thyroid, fertility, oncology, cardiac, vitamin D, drug of abuse, infectious disease and miscellaneous. Its sheep hybridoma technology produces cell lines that secrete SMAs. The Company offers a panel of SMAs to 25-OH D and has various 25-OH D2 and 25-OH D3 specific antibodies. It sells its products through direct sales and through distributors.


Overview - 00:29
Location and skills - 00:54
Automated blood testing - 01:26
Creating antibodies - 05:35
Why SMA’s? (Testosterone) - 07:49
Why SMA’s? (Troponin) - 10:04
Financial highlights 17/18 - 12:00
BVXP sales 17/18 product mix - 12:58
Key financials - 14:50
New Troponin assays - 15:46
Pipeline Development 2018 - 16:18
Business dynamics - 18:40
Selected shareholder base - 22:05
Bioventix Directors - 22:42
Conclusion and outlook – 23:19
Q&A - 24:39

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Eagle Eye (EYE): FY results presentation for the year ending 30 June 2018 by Tim Mason, CEO & Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO

EYE is a software as a solution (SaaS) technology company. The Company is engaged in the marketing, validation and redemption of digital promotions in real-time for the grocery, retail and hospitality industries. The Company's software platform, Eagle Eye AIR, integrates with all existing point of sale (POS) systems and creates digital offers, rewards and vouchers then delivers them to customers by e-mail, text or through a loyalty application for instant redemption. Eagle Eye AIR enables brands and merchants to set up targeted campaigns, choosing various media channels to reach specific demographics. Eagle Eye AIR captures real-time data on consumer activity and campaign success. Eagle Eye Promote is a rules-based platform for brands and retailers, which creates, builds and manages their promotional campaigns. Eagle Eye Gift allows tracking of gift vouchers, including redemption data. Eagle Eye Reward supports and enables the digitization of loyalty schemes.

Tim Mason, CEO
Overview of EYE – 01:02

Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO
The business model: how we make money - 07:38

Tim Mason, CEO
The market opportunity - 09:56
The strategy – 12:23
Product innovation – 13:48
The Eagle Eye digital wallet - 15:28

Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO
Investment during the year - 17:25
Launch of PC Optimum for Loblaw - 19:53
Financial update - 23:20

Tim Mason, CEO
Outlook: 31:39

Q&A – 34:29

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Trinity Exploration & Production (TRIN) H1 results presentation September 2018

By Bruce Dingwall CBE – Executive Chairman and Jeremy Bridglalsingh – CFO

TRIN is an independent oil and gas company focused solely on Trinidad & Tobago. The Company operates a portfolio of producing and development assets both onshore and offshore, in the shallow waters West and East Coasts of Trinidad. The Company operates through the segment of production, development and exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons. It operates in Trinidad & Tobago with assets onshore and offshore the East and West Coast. The Company holds approximately 100% interest in the exploration license for the Pletmos Inshore block, which covers an area of approximately 11,000 square kilometers. The Trinidad & Tobago is a prolific hydrocarbon basin. Trinidad & Tobago offers a fiscal regime and regulatory environment. The Company's total average net production is approximately 2,900 barrels of oil per day (bopd). All non-current assets of the Company are in Trinidad & Tobago.

Bruce Dingwall CBE – Executive Chairman
Overview – 00:23

Jeremy Bridglalsingh - CFO
2018 H1 Key financial metrics - 05:05
Peer comparatives (UK AIM listed production led) - 12:15

Bruce Dingwall CBE – Executive Chairman
Production growth - 13:20
Business assurance: base production - 14:29
Organic growth to come from existing portfolio - 18:56
Onshore – Technical - 20:23
Galeota Anticline SW - 22:51
TGAL Development – status - 24:49
Summary - 27:36

Q&A – 31:00

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