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Design Group (IGR) H1 results (to 30.11.18) given November 2018
By Paul Fineman, CEO & Giles Willits CFO

IG Design Group plc, formerly International Greetings plc, is engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of gift packaging and greetings; stationery and creative play products, and design-led giftware. The Company’s geographic segments include UK and Asia; Europe; USA, and Australia. The Company sells its products in over 150,000 stores across approximately 80 countries. It also offers a portfolio of licensed and customer bespoke products suitable for sale through multi channel distribution. The Company’s products include crackers, pens and pencils, stickers, single cards and gift wrap. The Company offers its products under the brands A Star, B Stationery, Papercraft and Pepperpot. Its subsidiaries include Artwrap Pty Ltd, International Greetings UK Ltd, International Greetings USA, Inc, International Greetings Asia Ltd, The Huizhou Gift International Greetings Company Limited, Hoomark BV, Anchor International BV and Hoomark S.p.z.o.o.

Paul Fineman, CEO
Highlights H1 2018 – 00:17

Giles Willits CFO
Financial performance – 04:55
Managing our challenges – 15:15
Our future promises – 18:40

Paul Fineman, CEO
Future growth drivers – 20:06
Why invest? – 30:20

Q&A – 32:48

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Codemasters interim results presentation for the 6 months ending 30th September 2018
By Frank Sagnier, CEO & Rashid Varachia, CFO

A United Kingdom-based video game developer and publisher. Through its subsidiary, The Codemasters Software Company Limited, the Company designs, develops and produces driving and racing games. The Company’s driving and racing games include DiRT, GRID, Micro Machines, ONRUSH and Formula 1 series of videogames. It produces Formula One’s range of games for the Playstation 4 console.

Frank Sagnier, CEO
Introduction – 00:18
Highlights – 00:53

Rashid Varachia, CFO
Financials - 04:45

Frank Sagnier, CEO
Outlook for H2 - 11:15
CDM strategy - 14:50

Q&A – 26:15

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Creightons (CRL) H1 (for period to 30.11.18) results presentation given 23.11.18
By Bernard Johnson, Group Managing Director,
Paul Forster, Group Finance/Commercial Director
Pippa Clark, Global Marketing Director

Creightons plc is engaged in the development, marketing and manufacture of toiletries and fragrances. The Company operates through three business streams: private label business, contract manufacturing business and branded business. Its private label business focuses on private label products for high street retailers and supermarket chains. Its contract manufacturing business develops and manufactures products on behalf of third party brand owners. Its branded business develops, markets, sells and distributes products it has developed and owns the rights to. Its product portfolio includes bath and shower care, haircare, body care, baby and maternity, and fragrances, among others. Its services include market analysis, creative concept generation, product development, brand development, manufacturing and logistics. Its brands include Frizz No More, Volume Pro, Argan Body, Argan Smooth, Keratin Pro, Perfect Hair, Bronze Ambition, Sunshine Blonde, Beautiful Brunette and Just Hair.

Bernard Johnson, Gp Managing Director
Introduction – 00:18

Paul Forster – Gp Finance/Commercial Director
Financial overview – 03:02
Operational overview – 11:22

Pippa Clark, Global Marketing Director
The Market – 14:34
Division performance – 17:33
Order book – 18:34
Key business drivers – 19:15
Brand development – 21:35
Looking forward – 24:08

Bernard Johnson, Gp Managing Director
Summary – 28:03

Q&A – 32:55

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Forbidden Technologies (FBT) ShareSoc November presentation
By Ian McDonough, CEO & Stephen Streater, Director of R&D

Forbidden Technologies plc is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in the development and commercial exploitation of cloud-based video technology. The Company is engaged in developing cloud video platform used for its Forscene professional editing suite, its video social network, eva, and its online video editor, Captevate. The Company’s products are delivered through an integrated Web-based platform. The Company’s cloud-based technology and products enable news and sports broadcasters to get their Web and mobile highlights to markets; help post-production and broadcast clients; allow brands, influencers and celebrities to access audiences and their authentic content, and allow consumers to edit and share video in a new way. Forbidden Technologies Inc is the subsidiary of the Company.

Ian McDonough, CEO
Introduction – 00:20
The market – 01:00
Blackbird – 03:58
FBT’s evolution – 05:29
What customer’s say – 08:48
H1 2018 financial highlights – 09:48
Operational highlights – 10:40

Stephen Streater, Director of R&D
Blackbird developments – 12:35
Blackbird demo – 14:18

Ian McDonough, CEO
Investment case summary – 21:40

Q&A – 22:45

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Entertainment One CEO Darren Throop and CFO Joe Sparacio present the Group’s interim results for the period ending 30th September 2018.


Darren Throop, CEO

Introduction – 00:20
Business review – 00:33

Joe Sparacio, CFO

Financial Highlights – 17:17
Outlook & summary- 25:38


Q&A – 28:33

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Ilika (IKA) CEO Graeme Purdy and CFO Stephen Boydell give an overview of the company and an update at the ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar on the 14th November 2018.

Ilika plc is the holding company. The Company is engaged in the production, design and development of high throughput methods of material synthesis, characterization and screening. It has developed solid-state battery technology to meet the demands of the Internet of Things (IoT). The Company has materials development programs addressing a range of applications, including the solid-state battery, aerospace alloys and electronic materials. It has developed a type of lithium-ion battery, which, instead of using the usual liquid or polymer electrolyte, uses a ceramic ion conductor. It offers Stereax M250 rechargeable, thin film battery. It has applications in autonomous sensor devices, smart homes (heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), security, light), automotive (infotainment, sensors), logistics (asset tracking), medical devices (biometric monitoring) and wearables. It is also developing superalloys, self-healing alloys and smart materials for electronic data storage.

Graeme Purdy, CEO

Introduction – 00:18
Business overview - 00:36
Business model – 01:18
Toyota collaboration – 02:18
Benefits of solid state - 04:13
Stereax product evolution - 05:41
Stereax road map - 06:10
Market applications - 07:47
Deployment projects - 10:38
Commercialisation - 12:48
Distribution - 13:53
Goliath – 15:00
Faraday battery challenge - 16:24
Powerdrive line - 17:17
MoseSS – 18:11
Battery architecture - 19:04
Goliath scale-up - 19:46

Stephen Boydell, CFO

Financial results - 20:33
Recent placing - 21:45

Graeme Purdy, CEO

Milestones achieved - 22:07
Milestones planned - 24:07

Q&A – 25:40

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Pelatro (PTRO) presentation at The ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar 14th November 2018 by Managing Director& Founder Subash Menon and Finance Director Nicholas Hellyer.

Pelatro PLC is a United Kingdom-based company that offers precision marketing solutions for telecom industry. The Company’s solutions analyse customer behaviour and customize promotions. Its product enables targeted campaign management. The features of its product include multi-dimensional profile, individualised campaigns, real time campaigns, machine-learning and analysis, lifecycle management, big data and multi-channel communications. Its product features multi-dimensional profile for each customer based on information gathered from transactional and demographic data. Its solution enables activities, including data analysis, campaign design, campaign configuration, campaign execution, reporting, effectiveness analysis and feedback. It enables marketers to track customers across various stages in the lifecycle and take necessary actions.


Subash Menon, Managing Director

Introduction - 00:18
The product – 03:20
The technology – 5:57
The demand – 10:28
The relevance – 11:48
The market opportunity – 15:56
Customer growth – 17:51
Global footprint – 18:57

Nicholas Hellyer, Finance Director

Revenue model – 19:23
Financial highlights – 22:44
Acquisition highlights – 23:57
Current trading – 25:30

Subash Menon, Managing Director

Post IPO events – 26:18
Summary – 28:12

Q&A – 29:00

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In this presentation Leon covers the performance of the best professional investors, based on the must read book: The Art of Execution, and discusses the findings of the different personality types. Leon starts with an enlightening poll to test the room on their behaviours. This serves to show the different trading behaviours of the personality types cited: rabbits, assassins and hunters. He goes on to cover what do with winning holdings, with the characteristics of the raider and connoisseurs. Then he takes the same filters as those outlined in the book, to scrutinize his own historic performance, under the same microscope, and highlights some interesting findings. Finally, he offers his own stock pick.

This is the calibre of Keynote Speakers at Mello.

Mello London (26/27th November), is two days of similar Keynote speakers including Lord Lee of Trafford, Judith MacKenzie, Downing, Paul Scott and Graham Neary, plus a wide selection of interesting small cap companies, alongside Stockopedia, ShareSoc and other supporters of the investing community.

To book, use this link to the MELLO 2018 website.

Poll - 01:50
- What’s your portfolio worth?
- Other behavioural questions
Introduction to Leon Boros - 05:24
ISA value – 05:50
The art of execution - 07:18
The rabbit – 10.40
The assassin – 17:15
The hunter - 21:48
I’m winning what should I do?
The raider - 22:50
Connoisseurs – 27:40
Performance states over 25 yrs – 32:00
Outstanding performance – 38:42
Stock idea - 39:44


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ZOO Digital (ZOO) Interim Results for the 6 months ending 30th September 2018 by Stuart Green, CEO & Phil Blundell, CFO

ZOO Digital Group plc is a holding company. The Company's principal activities include provision of a range of services to allow television and movie content to be subtitled in any language and prepared for sale with online retailers, and research and development of productivity software in those areas. The Company operates through two segments: Software solutions, which includes development, consultancy and software sales, and Media production, which includes localization and design. The Company offers services, including subtitling, captioning, dubbing and digital distribution. The Company offers services through its cloud computing platforms, including ZOOsubs, which offers subtitling and captioning services; ZOOcore, which is a workflow management platform; ZOOstudio, which is a self-service distribution platform for ordering, tracking and delivering digital content packages, and ZOOdubs, which is a dubbing process management platform.

Stuart Green, CEO
ZOO at a glance - 00:23

Phil Blundell, CFO
Financial highlights – 02:00
Segmental analysis - 03:46

Stuart Green, CEO
Operational Highlights – 06:35
Growth strategy & Progress
• Innovation - 12:46
• Scale – 23:09
• Affiliates – 24:02
• Partnerships - 24:52
Consumer Market Trends - 25:47
Growth potential - 27:35
Competitive environment - 28:11
Competitive advantage - 31:30
Barriers to Entry - 33:52
Outlook – 35:46
Investment summary - 36:17

Q&A – 37:23

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Stephen English, CFA, Blankstone Sington at MELLO South, June 2018. Presenting:
Performance enhancers for your portfolio (plus other musings).

This is the calibre of Keynote Speakers at MELLO.

MELLO London (26/27th November), is two days of similar Keynote speakers including Lord Lee of Trafford, Judith MacKenzie (Downing), Paul Scott and Graham Neary, plus a wide selection of interesting small cap companies, alongside Stockopedia, ShareSoc and other supporters of the investing community.

Here’s a link to the MELLO Events website to sign up for the event.

And here’s a link to our video about MELLO Derby which was earlier this year. 

A punchy presentation by Stephen outline key parts of his investment philosophy. What works? How does he make money for his clients? Thinking ahead. The psychology of investing. A check list of key criteria to look for in our own stock picking. Finally leaving us with a reading list, and recommended podcasts.

Introduction: Who is Stephen? What does he do? – 00:28
Stephen’s investing style – 01:15 (Watch the fox in the background!)
Dividends and Price/Earnings – 03:30
Stephen’s creed – 09:39
Investment process – 13:08
A tripartite Approach (qualitative, quantitive, psychological) – 23:28
Growth or Value – a false dichotomy -26:14
Performance enhancing strategies – 27:22
IPOs – 43:15
Stock example: AlphaFX – 44:07
Learning what can’t be taught – 45:10
Questions for management – 45:53
Blankstone Sington IHT portfolio performance – 46:43
Recommended reading/listening – 47:45
Summary – 49:58
Q&A – 51:00

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