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By Carl Harald Janson, Lead Investment Manager, IBT

International Biotechnology Trust plc is an investment trust company. The Company's investment objective is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in biotechnology and other life sciences companies. The Company will seek to achieve its objective by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies, which may be quoted or unquoted and whose shares are considered to have growth prospects, with experienced management and strong potential upside through the development and/or commercialization of a product, device or enabling technology. It may invest through equities, index-linked securities and debt securities, cash deposits, money market instruments and foreign currency exchange transactions. Investments may also be made in related sectors, such as medical devices and healthcare services. Its portfolio is split between large, mid and small-capitalization companies, primarily quoted on stock exchanges in North America. Its investment manager is SV Life Sciences Managers LLP.

Disclaimer and risk warning - 00:18
Agenda - 00:41
Video introducing IBT - 01:03
Management team - 03:50
SV Health Managers: The Manger of IBT - 04:18
Biotech is a high growth sector – 05:04
IBT dividend - 05:53
Growth drivers - 06:23
Risk: Politics in US and regulation - 09:28
Sector valuations at some of lowest in 20 yrs - 12:10
Performance of IBT - 12:47
Portfolio breakdown - 15:49
How to cope with pricing pressure and slow growth - 18:38
Portfolio changes - 19:09
Portfolio acquisitions in 17/18 - 19:47
Unquoted portfolio - 21:07
Investment process - 21:44
Risk mitigation - 22:52
Summary - 23:45

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Introduced by Osman Abdulah, Group CEO.
Presentation by Paul Negus, Group Business Development Director

Petards Group plc (Petards) supplies advanced security and surveillance systems. The Company operates in the development, supply and maintenance of technologies used in advanced security, surveillance and ruggedized electronic applications segment. It offers software driven on-board digital video and sensor systems for fitment to new build or retrofitted to existing rolling stock, and its applications include driver only operation, condition monitoring, saloon car closed circuit television (CCTV), drivers view cameras and automatic passenger counting systems. It offers electronic defensive countermeasure systems for fitment to rotary and fixed wing aircraft, threat simulation systems and mobile radios predominantly for the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense. It offers mobile speed enforcement and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems to law enforcement agencies, and is sold under the Provida brand. It serves markets, including transport, defense and emergency services.

Introduction, Osman Abdulah – 00:17
Paul Negus, Group Business Development Director – 01:09
Overview of PEG: Markets – 02:40
Executive board – 03:34
Strategic plan – 03:50
Order highlights – 05:44
Video of PEG products – 06:54
Technology highlights 2018 – 09:41
Value creation in the ‘New Build’ market – 14:40
UK rail market opportunities 2019/20 – 17:16
Product roadmap – 19:08
The Rail outlook – 22:03
Traffic technology offering & highlights – 23:23
Defence Services Offering – 24:25
Petards Group – 25:00
Q&A – 26:00

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piworld’s Tamzin Freeman interviews Reg Hoare about the role of the Financial PR.

Reg’s background: Reg joined MHP in 2010 and has over 30 years City experience, initially gained with 11 years in investment banking and securities, principally at SG Warburg and Nomura. He switched to financial PR in 1995, and specialises in advising mid market companies, from FTSE 250 to AIM 100 across a number of sectors, and has a long track record of advising in complex situations including IPOs, fund raisings, M&A, crises and restructurings. He also served for 8 years as a Board member of the Investor Relations Society, Europe’s leading body for investor relations practitioners.

Reg’s background and how he got into financial PR – 00:39
What is the role of the financial PR? – 02:53
What makes a good RNS? – 05:49
Why companies don’t put the consensus forecasts on their website? – 07:15
What notice do you have of the good news, or bad news, of a trading update? – 08:43
Profit warnings – 09:56
What’s the biggest challenge for the PR? – 13:31
As a PR, how do you feel about the retail investor? – 15:21
How do you gear a comms strategy to include the retail investor? – 17:00
The regulation that the companies have to adhere to? – 18:24
Has MiFIDII affected you, as a financial PR? – 23:14
How has the PR function changed over the period? – 26:13
How has the proliferation of media affected you? – 29:50
As a PR, what are the constraints for you as a private investor? – 32:04
If you weren’t a financial PR, what would you do? – 34:35

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