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RA International Group PLC is a United Kingdom-based remote site service provider. The Company offers integrated camp services, from the construction of camp facilities to full life support services- including camp catering and camp maintenance services foe clientele operating in remote and challenging environments. It focuses on providing remote site solutions for those involved in humanitarian operations, and the oil and gas and mining industries. The Company’s service offerings include construction, operation and maintenance, integrated facilities management, supply chain, and accommodation. It provides its services to mining, oil and gas, and humanitarian.

RAI: who are we and what do we do? – 00:18
Management – 00:45
What RAI does? – 01:20
The background – 02:50
Competitive position – 05:15
Customers – 06:32
RAI locations – 08:19
Financial summary – 09:48
Business profile in a new country – 11:24
Overview of contracts – 15:05
Financials – 17:54
Growth strategy – 18:30
Market opportunity & pipeline – 20:40
Our differentiators – 22:14
The tender process – 27:59
Compliance led approach – 31:40
IPO overview – 33:15
The Board – 33:28
Summary – 34:24

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The journey of the investor, from beginner to pro – interview with Graham Neary by Tamzin Freeman, piworld.

Graham discusses the investing options for individuals who want to manage their future financial security. He starts with an IFA, covers the use of passive funds, and then moves into the more sophisticated skills of self-investing. Graham describes aspects of his own investing journey, with reference to specific holdings in his own portfolio.

Graham Neary is Director of Cube.Investments, the platform for objective, independent financial analysis, and writes the Stockopedia Small Cap Value Report with Paul Scott.

Graham is a full-time investor and analyst with a decade of financial markets experience. He has worked on the sell-side as a fixed income analyst at independent research firms, and on the buy-side as equity portfolio manager for an international financial services organisation.

Graham is a CFA Charterholder, also holding the Investment Management Certificate and the STA Diploma in Technical Analysis. He graduated in mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin.

Introduction to Graham – 00:38
Graham’s views on IFA’s – 02:30
Passive funds – 03:49
Managing your own money - 07:56
Where to start doing your own research? – 10:02
What’s Graham’s style of investing? - 11:13
Losses? Being OK with a 50% drawdown - 12:57
What is the catalyst for Graham to sell? - 14:44
Value v Quality - examples - 15:49
Organic growth v acquisitions – 18:05
Tandem Group (TND) – low earnings multiple – 20:47
Quality holdings in Graham’s portfolio – 23:09
Customer concentration – 26:00
Financial stocks – 26:37
What rate of return are you looking to achieve? – 29:00
Risk management - 30:20
Position size in portfolio - 32:10
Outlook for 2019 – 33:51

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Gareth Evans, Founder Progressive Equity Research interviewed by Tamzin Freeman, piworld

Gareth describes the role of the analyst, clarifying where the analyst sits within the bank/broker’s services, and where they sit commercially. He gives great insight to the delicate balance of client relationships, reputation and integrity. Finally, he covers off the effects of MiFID II.

Gareth has over 15 years research experience covering pan-European Chemicals & Technology sectors. He founded Progressive Equity Research in 2012. Formerly, Gareth held research positions at ABN AMRO, Canaccord & Investec, where he was Joint Head of Research and was awarded techMARK Analyst of the Year in 2006.

Gareth’s background – 00:25 
Where does the analyst sit within a bank? – 02:30
What’s the typical day for an analyst? – 04:44
Do you cover the whole market? – 05:58
How are analysts briefed by their manager? – 11:14
Relationships within the corporate broker and the company – 13:09
The institutional investor v the company relationship – 15:32
The different roles of the corporate broker, analyst & salesman – 17:33
Broker ‘sell’ notes – 19:23
The poor results dilemma – 22:20
The effect of MiFID II – 26:14
How do you see research playing out on-going? – 31:29

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