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We catch up with John Conoley, Executive Chairman on the interims and outlook, at Wameja (WJM), fomerly eServGlobal (ESG)

Can you tell us how the structure of the business has changed, as Wameja? - 00:22
What is unique about Wameja? – 01:54
The KPIs - 02:38
Latest liquidity request - 04:47
Transaction volumes - 05:46
Overview of H1 19 results - 06:24
The relationship with Mastercard – 08:40
M&A in cross board payments - 09:11
Summary - 09:55



Twitter: @wameja_jv



Wameja Limited, formerly eServGlobal Limited, is a provider of mobile financial technology, offering mobile money solutions. The Company covers a spectrum of mobile financial services, including mobile wallet, mobile commerce, analytics, advanced recharge, promotions and agent management. The Company is engaged in the provision of telecommunications software solutions to mobile and financial service providers on a global basis. The Company's solutions include Mobile Money, Remittance and Recharge. The Company's PayMobile platform is an end-to-end solution for mobile money and mobile financial services. PayMobile is a recharge solution, which includes a featured prepaid account recharge solution. The Company's Remittance solution allows sending money. The PayMobile interfaces with the HomeSend global payments hub. The HomeSend is a solution, which enables cross-border transfer between mobile money accounts, payment cards, bank accounts or cash outlets.


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A piworld interview.

Lord Lee, the veteran of stock market investing, continues to impart his wisdom. In this interview, he reflects on stock market cycles, and shares some of the companies he’s buying into after his windfall from Tarsus.

What have you learned from stock market cycles throughout your investing history? – 00:35 
Your cash position? – 04:18 
Portfolio positioning with the economic cycle – 07:38 
What mistakes have you learnt the most from? – 08:45 
What are the catalysts to sell? – 11:12 
Do you think meeting management is positive or negative? – 15:34 
Who would you nominate top CEO? – 19:57 
Funds v shares? – 22:22 
What’s Lord Lee adding to? – 23:20 
Photo-Me – 26:05 
Where do you source your stock ideas? – 27:24 
What might lead young people to start investing? – 30:04 
Where you can buy Lord Lee’s book, and who it’s for – 32:12

Lord Lee has just published an introduction to investing for his grandchildren: Yummi Yoghurt: A First Taste of Stock Market Investment! Find it here on Amazon:  

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By Rhona Driggs, CEO & Tim Anderson, CFO

Operations – Rhona Driggs, CEO

Introduction – 00:18 
Diversified business model – 01:44 
Overview of the half year – 03:18 
What are we doing differently? – 06:20 
Strategy & delivery – 11:00 
Sectors & brands – 11:35 
Investing in the business – 13:10

Financials – Tim Anderson, CFO 
Income statement – 16:35 
Earnings – 20:04 
Adjusted net Debt – 21:23 
Sectors – 22:44 
Cash flow – 37:11

Rhona Driggs, CEO

Summary – 38:32


Empresaria Group plc is a United Kingdom-based international specialist staffing company. The Company’s principal activity is the provision of staffing and recruitment services. The Company is organised across three regions: UK, Continental Europe and Rest of the World and operates across seven key sectors. The Company targets a balanced and diversified spread of operations across its regions and sectors. The Company also targets professional and specialist job levels where its brands can offer value added services to clients. The Company has three main service lines, temporary recruitment, permanent recruitment and offshore recruitment services. The Company’s offshore recruitment services represents a range of different recruitment services and provides training services in South East Asia. The Company’s brands include Alternattiva, Ball and Hoolahan, Become, FastTrack and Greycoat. It has operations in 21 countries.  

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Lord Lee, who is a veteran of stock market investing, has just written Yummi Yoghurt – A Taste of Stock Market Investment! Predominantly a primer to engage potential teenage investors, but universally relevant to all newbie investors. Here, Lord Lee discusses his book and imparts some of his investing wisdom, relevant to new and seasoned investors, alike.

What inspired the book? – 01:57
What qualities do you think a person needs to invest? – 05:20
What return should investors expect? – 07:00
Risk - 09:05
How much do you think you need to start investing? – 12:34
Can investors start investing with just reading Yummi Yoghurt? – 15:42
When you investigate a share, how long to do you spend researching? - 17:38
How long should investor’s spend to manage their portfolio? – 18:49
Is it a prerequisite to read the RNS's at 7am? - 20:45
What criteria are you looking for in companies in which you invest? – 21:33
Has Brexit affected companies that you hold? - 22:47
Profit warnings & stop losses – 27:06
Large cap or small cap? - 34:31  

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If you’re trying to get your teenage relative(s) into investing, watch this.

Ryan began investing at 11 years old, having made money from car boot sales, and other entrepreneurial activities. He opened his account with £1,000. Over the last 6 years, has achieved an average annual return of around 100%! Here, he outlines how he became interested in investing, how he taught himself, and how he goes about achieving those exceptional returns. Hopefully it will inspire more young people to take an interest in investing.

What attracted you to investing? - 04:26
How did you have the money to invest? – 06:30
How did you teach yourself investing? - 09:07
The first position – 11:28
Opening accounts – 12:25
Resources and oil and gas shares – 13:29
What are your criteria for stock selection? – 14:22
Footasylum – 20:45
What returns are you looking to achieve? – 23:37
How long will you hold a position? - 24:43
Have you had a wipe out year, when you made nothing? - 25:40
How would you encourage more young people to invest? - 26:32
What do you want to do with your career? - 28:57
What is – 30:46

Ryan refers to his research website, here:

He can be found on Twitter: @Ryankia2 or @quantiumcast  

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By Simon Pryce, CEO & Amitabh Sharma, Group FD.

Simon Pryce, CEO
Results overview – 00:18
Changing strategy – 03:26
Fix: Progress – 06:50
Grow: Tech strength delivering on new programmes – 09:59

Ami Sharma, Group FD
Financial highlights – 13:29
Revenue & profit bridges – 15:21
Divisional performances – 16:50
Average working capital turn – 20:14
Long term contract receivables – 21:01
Investment update – 22;13
2019 technical guidance – 23:18

Simon Pryce, CEO
Summary & H2 – 24:53

Q&A – 28:40

c. 50 minutes

Ultra Electronics Holdings plc provides solutions and products in the defence and aerospace, security and cyber, transport and energy markets, by applying electronic and software technologies. The Company operates in three segments: Aerospace & Infrastructure, Communications & Security, and Maritime & Land. Its market facing segments are Aerospace, Infrastructure, Nuclear, Communications, C2ISR, Maritime, Land and Underwater Warfare. The Aerospace & Infrastructure division produces high-integrity, safety critical electronic control systems for aircraft applications, including position sensing and control; airframe and engine ice protection and detection; electronic architectures; weapon control, and noise cancellation systems. The Communications & Security division provides mission critical, information dominance solutions. The Maritime & Land division provides sensors, combat management systems, power solutions for surface, sub-surface and unmanned platforms.

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