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A charming introduction to The China Dolls investment club who have achieved at 105% return over the last 10 years. We join three members of the group, Pam, Virginia and Mary, prior to their monthly evening meeting. We learn how they set up and run their club, where they find their investments, what they like, how they manage the investments, and the fun they have with it all. Thoroughly engaging watching.

The China Dolls investment returns – 00:26
Background of China Dolls – 00:58
Do you manage your own money independently, as well? – 03:05
What are your criteria for stock selection? - 05:13
How well do you understand financial accounts? - 10:24
How do you react to a profit warning? - 12:15
Fevertree (FEVR) – 13:20
Genus (GNS) - 16:30
Difficult times in the markets - 18:42
How do the group react if another member picks a dog? - 19:52
Hurricane Energy (HUR) and oil shares - 21:53
Cash - 22:57
Tonight’s tips – 23:04
How much time do you spend on this? - 29:20
Why do you think there are less women investors? – 31:09
Does the background of the group help with your investing? – 32:25
What tips do you have for others setting up an investing club? - 33:20
How much do you need to start an investing club? - 35:35
What’s the best thing about your investing club – 38:12
One piece of advice for anyone setting up an investing club? – 38:41


China Dolls investment club formed in 2000 with an initial investment of £100, with monthly contributions of £30. This was increased to £40 in 2012. Below are returns, from May 2000 today, assuming no withdrawals nor purchases of any more units, (if a member withdraws units these are available for others to purchase).

2010 +10.52%
2011 54.99%
2012 36.97%
2013 44.57%
2014 62.45%
2015 66.24%
2016 46.56% (Losses: Advanced Oncotherapy, Applied Graphene & Weir Gp)
2017 83.44% (a £5k profit realised on ARM holdings & Fever Tree up to £13ps)
2018 121.38% (Fever Tree over £21; IQE up over 200%)
2019 108.66% (IQE gain now only 18%, another share we should have sold!)

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This video can be seen at:


Presented by Peter Keeling, CEO

Introduction – 00:20
What is Precision Medicine? - 02:05
Patient pathway - 04:20
What Diaceutics do - 07:57
The market - 11:05
Key metrics - 13:50
Diagnostic commercialisation platform - 17:16
Revenue analysis - 19:01

Diaceutics PLC is a United Kingdom-based data analytics and implementation services company which services the global pharmaceutical industry. The Company offers end to end services that encompasses from understanding the diagnostic landscape to test implementation into treatment pathways to enable better treatment decisions for patients. The Company’s data analytics and implementation services, including Landscape, Tracking, and Primary Market Research, leverages the diagnostic testing information to provide data-driven insights to drive seamless integration of diagnostic tests into treatment pathways. Its implementation services include Planning, Commercialization and Reimbursement Landscapes, to build the strategies and implement the tactics that drives optimal test utilization, ensuring that patients are getting the right treatment.

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