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piworld 2020 round up interview: Mark Slater

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Mark Slater, Chairman & CIO, Slater Investments, looks back at 2020. Codemasters (CDM) played out very well, as anticipated. The learnings repeated: in a crisis, don't panic and take advantage of it; aggressively. Finally, Mark gives us his expectations for the UK markets in 2021, which he feels are attractive.

What’s the fund’s ytd performance? – 00:38
What went well this year? - 01:44
What did you learn this year? 05:57
What are Mark Slater's expectations for the UK market in 2021? – 08:24

About Mark Slater: Mark Slater co-founded Slater Investments in 1994 with Ralph Baber and is Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Slater Investments, Chairing the Investment Committee. The company manages a hedge fund, four unit trusts and portfolios for pension schemes, charities and high net worth individuals. Recent awards include: UK All Companies, Best 10 Year Performance – Slater Growth Fund (City of London Fund Awards 2018), “Best of British” – No 1 – Top 25 UK Fund Managers (TD Direct Investing 2017 & 2016, Best Larger UK Equity Growth Fund & Best Smaller UK Equity Income Fund – MFM Slater Growth & Income Funds (Money Observer Fund Awards 2016) and Fund Manager of the Year Awards (City AM Awards 2014). He has also received top ratings from several well-known rating agencies. Prior to founding Slater Investments, Mark worked as a financial journalist with Analyst plc and the Investor’s Chronicle. Also, in 1992, he helped research and edit a best-selling investment book “The Zulu Principle” for his father, Jim Slater, which focuses on identifying small to medium-sized growth companies. During his career, Mark has served on the boards of four public companies in which he has been a substantial shareholder. Mark has an MA in History from Cambridge University.  

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piworld round up of the year, David Thornton

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David’s performance from the lows of March to December 2020, was +99%, with a ytd performance (to 14.12.20) of +10%. Here David outlines what went well, with Tremor (TRMR), which endorses the need for patience and taking a long term view. IMImobile (IMO) didn’t go so well, selling out two weeks before their bid. However, David is sanguine, and explains running a concentrated portfolio means you have to make choices, and sometimes that means you forgo opportunities, as here. He adds, running a shorter list you should get greater long term performance. Equally he points out, some shares can ‘go to sleep’, and it’s important to remember why you bought in originally. David’s 2021 pick is Venture Life (VLG), although the chart looks weak, which David suggests might be due to a sentiment move to value. Sales are up 50% this year, and he believes the 2021 forecasts are 'simply too low'.

David’s performance ytd: +10% up 99% from the low – 00:38
What went well: Tremor (TRMR) - 02:50
Codemasters (CDM) - 06:10
What didn’t go so well: IMImobile (IMO) sold 2 weeks before the bid - 07:09
What’s David bullish about for 2021: Venture Life - 11:30
Where to find David and get your free issue of Growth Company Investor -15:19

About David Thornton: Following an extensive career in the City David is Editor & Owner of Growth Company Investor (GCI), an excellent publication about Small Cap Shares. David, graduated 1982 and went into the City as a trainee UK equity investment analyst with an insurance company. 1985 started managing money at Br Gas pension fund. 1987-04 fund manager at Henderson. Spent 4 years doing US equities before returning to UK desk. 2006-12 launched and ran an East European fund at a hedge fund boutique (Russia, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Greece etc). Doing these markets turned out to be good training for looking at the nether reaches of AIM which was his next job! 2013 onwards – financial journalism focused on UK small caps. Initially Redhot Penny Shares newsletter (part of MoneyWeek) and since 2015 Growth Company Investor (GCI). In September 2020 David acquired GCI from the original owners, Bonhill plc.

Twitter: @growthcompany  

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piworld 2020 round up interview: Stephen English

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We interviewed Stephen back in April 2020. Now he updates us on joining Stellar Asset Management, on 1st September 2020. He discusses, what has gone well and how to avoid value traps, advising don’t buy a recovery stock unless it’s rallied significantly, citing Volex (VLX). What didn’t go so well and learnings, where he discusses Shoe Zone (SHOE). Finally, he outlines the investing case for DX Group (DX.), which is his pick for 2020. Full of wonderful analogies and humour, alongside some tremendous pearls of wisdom.

Stephen joins Stellar Asset Management - 00:39
Stellar's performance to end November 2020, (which has gone up since!) – 01:23
What’s gone well: Volex (VLX) - 02:26
What didn’t go so well, and what did you learn from that: Shoe Zone (SHOE) – 08:55
Top pick for 2021: DX Group (DX.) - 12:00

Previous piworld videos with Stephen English.

About Stephen English

Stephen is Investment Director at Stellar Asset Management. He joined Stellar in September 2020, having previously worked at Blankstone Sington since 2002, where an early grounding on the dealing desk paved the way for a fascination with markets, how the ‘invisible hand’ of supply and demand could move prices and how efficient dealing can add value.

With a background in art (good drawer/awful painter) and an interest in psychology Stephen believes that small-cap investment is more art than science. An avid student of the market, he has authored his own 12-page investment philosophy which was well received by professional and retail readers alike. When it comes to the stockmarket, Stephen says ‘when you find the key, they change the lock’ which drives a zeal for continual improvement.

Never one for fads, increasingly he feels the Qualitative aspects of investment will be a key driver of alpha, where anything Quantitative and that can be automated will be. Quality investing to Stephen is as much, if not more so, about the management of a business, and he aligns the portfolios to founders who maintain the owners’ eye and have a superior problem solving ability over peers with no alignment of interest. A strong culture is vital; after all ‘character is destiny’. Stephen also likes an aphorism or two!

With a fast-growing reputation as an independent thinker, his musings are regularly featured in the press, including What Investment, Professional Advisor and MoneyWeek. Investment is one of the purest and most rewarding endeavours in Stephen’s opinion and he is a firm believer in giving back to an industry he is so passionate about. With an irreverent style yet with deep thoughtfulness and humility.

Stephen is a CFA Charterholder, a devoted Warrington Rugby League fan and a wide-ranging reader.


Link to Stellar Asset Management.

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piworld 2020 round up of the year: John Rosier

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John called the market to perfection, when we spoke to him back in April 2020. He outlines how it’s played out for him throughout the rest of the year, what went well, what went less well, and what he’s most bullish about for 2021. A sanguine thought, if he’d have done nothing this year, he’d be slightly better off than now, after all the work he's put in.

Performance ytd +16.5% - 00:49
What’s gone very well this year: Sylvania Platinum (SLP) - 05:19
SigmaRoc (SRC) - 07:57
What didn’t go so well? Selling too soon – 09:12
Which holding are you most bullish about for 2021? De L Rue (DLAR) – 13:22
Where to find John – 16:50


About John Rosier
In June 1984, John left university with a degree in Zoology and started work in The City of London. He enjoyed the first 14 years of his career at Fleming Investment Management, initially as an analyst and then as a UK portfolio manager; in 1997 he was appointed Head of UK Equities. He was a director at Henderson Global Investors from 1998 until 2004, before moving to the West End and working for two hedge funds. John’s investment career at Flemings and Henderson was focused on managing UK equity portfolios for corporate and local authority final salary defined benefit pension schemes as well as the reserve fund for the NSPCC. During 2009 John left full time employment since when he has been managing his own portfolio.

John can be found at  

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piworld 2020 round up: Leon Boros

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Leon has had an exceptional performance this year, up 37%. His top contributor is Best of the Best (BOTB) which he continues to hold. He regrets selling Games Workshop (GAW) in the 40's, but swallowed his pride and bought back recently. For 2021, he believes Wey Education (WEY) should outperform. Hopefully we'll catch up with him later in the year to hear how it plays out.

Leon’s performance ytd: +47% – 00:47
Top contributor to the performance: Best of the Best (BOTB) - 01:15
What didn’t go so well, and what did you learn from that? Games Workshop (GAW) – 05:05
In 2021, which holding are you most optimistic about? Wey Education (WEY) - 08:50  


About Leon Boros
Leon is a recently retired private investor. Prior to his retirement he was founder and managing director of Equity Strategies, a boutique corporate finance firm. Leon started his career at EY where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Leon has been investing since his late teens. In 1993 he opened his first PEP and has since achieved annualised returns of 18.42% (to Dec 2019). Leon was previously a non-executive director of ShareSoc. Twitter: Leon Boros @Boros10  


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piworld 2020 round up: Paul Scott

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Paul’s achieved outstanding returns for the year, where he used hedging. Interesting flatter where he has no hedges. He highlights some great learnings both about using hedges, and separately that cheap companies can get a lot cheaper! For 2021, he is very bullish about BooHoo. Delivered in Paul’s usual charming and relaxed style. Enjoy!

Paul’s year and return ytd – 00:40
Winners for the year – 04:50
What didn’t go so well, and what did you learn from that? – 07:40
Paul’s 2021 stock pick: BooHoo (B00) – 10:50


About Paul Scott.

Paul has been a professional small caps investor for nearly 20 years. Previously he was CFO of a ladieswear retailer with 150 shops in the UK & Europe. He has written the well-known “Small Cap Value Report” on Stockopedia since 2013. Paul’s focus on balance sheet strength has proven particularly relevant now. He shares his successes and sometimes failings with his readers very openly.  

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piworld 2020 round up of the year: Richard Leonard

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Richard’s had a rollercoaster of a year, in April he was down over 40% and has now recovered to c +8%, from peak to trough, up about 80%. His biggest regret, moving to almost 100% cash in March, but he got back on the horse quickly, buying Polar Capital amongst others. Hear more of his reflections and details of his 2021 pick.

Year to date performance - 00:50
What played out well in 2020: Polar Capital (POLR) - 05:15
What was your biggest mistake, & the learning? - 11:20
2021 outlook – 12:45
Novacyt (NCYT) - 13:50
2020 pick: Bloomsbury (BMY) - 15:39

About Richard in his words:
My interest in the London stock market came about in the early 80’s – working over the summer holidays whilst at college, as a post boy – leading to being somewhat of a gofer for a man call Zimmerman, who help build Mercury Asset Management in the 1980s. The taste of the moving parts of the City gave me my first real joy of City life – and I loved it.

1986 – joined Lazard Brothers (via the back door) as a Trust Accountant, valuing and doing the daily book-keeping for investment trusts/unit trusts. Had my chance to move to the front office in 1988 as an assistant fund manager on the bond the international desks. Met my first real mentor John Innes, helping to manage and win major international global accounts – flying around the world in my mid 20’s.

Realised the real way to learn the skills needed to manage money was via mentors – very good ones. My real passion is to manage money invested directly in stocks and shares – where I saw the excitement and thrills – and having the belief I could make serious money. Passed my analyst and other professional exams then had the chance to join a real modern day investment legend – Richard Smith – becoming his no.2 on the Lazard UK Small Companies desk. Over the following 5 years gained the opportunity to build the investment style foundation stones – I still follow today.

The importance of skilled mentors – is the real key to success of any young professional – especially in the investment world. True 30 years ago – true today.

1997 – left Lazard to join the sell side (stockbroking), Chaterhouse- specialising in small and mid-cap UK companies. An amazing experience, helping to take a mid- ranking firm to No1.

2001 – sold my soul to Merill Lynch.

2005 – returned to the buy-side with Cazenove to help run the UK focused hedge funds – mixing my stock picking skills to their business cycle style. Ended up with about £1.5billion of funds to manage and becoming one of the most successful performing UK hedge funds in the UK in that period, especially the GFC.

2010 – left Cazenove to join Trium – a private family wealth office – manging our own money – no clients – simply an absolute returned focused approach. Long – short. And both short and long term objectives and managing my own pa. money alongside.

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piworld round up of the year: Cockney Rebel.

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One of a series of short interviews to round up 2020. Having spent most of the CV19 crash, cashed out and crashed out, Richard returned in top gear from June onwards. Here he tells us a few of the highlights, and his most favoured stock for 2021.

Performance year to date c+35% – 00:50
What went well? Xaar (XAR) – 02:34
What didn’t go so well? Kingfisher (KGF) - 03:49
2021 pick: Xaar (XAR) – 10:38

About Richard Crow After starting life as a milkman and ending up paralysed after a motorbike accident @ 19 years old, Richard started investing in 1982. Mainly punting penny shares and buying unit trusts all went quite well until the 1987 Black Monday Crash where he lost a third of his investments. Undeterred he returned to investing several years later and had good success in the tech boom, selling out early before most of the tech rout. Thereafter, he started investing and trading, mainly in small caps finding many multi-baggers and much greater success. He now runs a very restricted private chatroom of some 260 or so members where members discus the stock news of the day and stock merits and opinions, together with chat and banter re life, gardening, photography and more. He also has a cracking sense of humour and posts numerous great jokes and one-liners, (he wrote that bit).  

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SThree (STEM) FY20 Trading Update - Analyst Meeting

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SThree CEO Mark Dorman and CFO Alex Smith present a full year trading update and the results of their latest client sentiment survey.

Mark Dorman, CEO
Introduction – 00:17
Full year overview - 00:54

Alex Smith, CFO.
Full year trading - 05:08
Regional performance – 06:21
Positioning at year end - 07:51

Mark Dorman, CEO.
Sentiment survey – 08:51
Where we are, one year on - 09:27
Key themes - 11:37
The focus across all themes - 13:00
A more flexible and resilient workforce - 14:27
Digital transformation acceleration - 15:22
Long term secular trends - 16:31

Q&A – 16:54

SThree plc is an international staffing company, which provides specialist recruitment services in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries. The Company provides permanent and contract staff to sectors, including information and communication technology (ICT), banking and finance, life sciences, engineering and energy. The Company's segments include the United Kingdom & Ireland (UK&I), Continental Europe, the USA, and Asia Pacific & Middle East (APAC & ME). The Company's recruitment brands include Computer Futures, Progressive Recruitment, Huxley and Real Staffing. The Company's other brands include Global Enterprise Partners, Hyden, JP Gray, Madison Black, Newington International and Orgtel. The Company delivers contract, permanent, projects, retained and executive search recruitment solutions. Its support and mobility services offer contracting, relocation and relevant visa support. It provides resources to support its brands with contractor services.

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Benchmark (BMK) FY20 results analyst presentation

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Trond Williksen, CEO & Spetima Maguire, CFO present FY20 results to analysts. A transformational year, completing the restructuring, with good growth opportunities and long-term growth drivers.

Trond Williksen, CFO
Introduction – 00:20
Overview – 00:49
Benchmarks objectives - 04:21

Septima Maguire, CFO
Financials – 05:49

Trond Williksen, CFO
Strategy – 18:23
Outlook & guidance – 28:08

Benchmark Holdings plc is engaged in the provision of aquaculture health, genetics and nutrition. The Company’s segments include genetics, advanced nutrition and health. The Company develops products that helps fish and shrimp to improve their sustainability and profitability by improving yield, quality, and by reducing mortality. The Company’s products include high genetic quality ova for salmon, shrimp and tilapia, and breeding, program, specialist feeds for early stage shrimp and fish; probiotics, biocides and medicines.

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This video can be seen at:


A comprehensive financial overview by Paul Forster, Group FD and Commercial Director, illustrating CRL’s agility to deliver in spite of Covid. Followed by Pippa Clark, Global Marketing Director & Deputy MD’s summary of the beauty, fragrance and healthcare market, (a fascinating insight in itself; apparently the male grooming market collapsed with lockdown!), and how CRL have responded. Towards the end of the presentation Bernard Johnson, Group MD updates on the group’s aspirations.

Bernard Johnson, Group MD
Overview of period – 00:33

Paul Forster, Group Finance & Commercial Director
Financials – 02:47

Pippa Clark, Global Marketing Director & Deputy MD
The market – 14:29
Division performance – 17:18
Private label – 25:00
Brand highlights – 26:18
Growth drivers – 30:33
The new normal CV19 – 34:26

Eamon Murphy, Deputy Finance & Commercial Director
Brexit – 40:28

Bernard Johnson, Group MD
The way ahead – 47:06
Aspirations – 51:12

Q&A – 53:55

Creightons plc is engaged in the development, marketing and manufacture of toiletries and fragrances. The Company operates through three business streams: private label business, contract manufacturing business and branded business. Its private label business focuses on private label products for high street retailers and supermarket chains. Its contract manufacturing business develops and manufactures products on behalf of third party brand owners. Its branded business develops, markets, sells and distributes products it has developed and owns the rights to. Its product portfolio includes bath and shower care, haircare, body care, baby and maternity, and fragrances, among others. Its services include market analysis, creative concept generation, product development, brand development, manufacturing and logistics. Its brands include Frizz No More, Volume Pro, Argan Body, Argan Smooth, Keratin Pro, Perfect Hair, Bronze Ambition, Sunshine Blonde, Beautiful Brunette and Just Hair.

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This video can be seen at:


New CEO, Alasdair MacDonald gives a comprehensive overview of the business and the market, followed by Sue Hurst, CFO who presents the financials for the period ended 30th September 2020.

Alasdair MacDonald, CEO
Introduction - 00:18

Alasdair MacDonald, CEO & Sue Hurst, CFO
Presentation team - 01:20

Alasdair MacDonald, CEO
Group overview – 03:30
Product range - 05:17
Application of products - 06:57
Floating wind solutions - 08:49
Global reach – 09:43
H1 highlights – 10:43
Generation 10 product - 21:32
Order book & intake - 22:36
Offshore wind market overview - 23:31
Addressable market - 28:09
Emerging markets - 29:36
Floating wind outlook - 31:20
Offshore wind spend vs oil & gas - 31:47
Growth strategy – 33:15

Sue Hurst, CFO
P&L – 34:53
Balance sheet - 36:40
Cash flow - 38:29

Alasdair MacDonald, CEO
Summary - 39:30

Q&A – 40:29

Tekmar Group PLC is a United Kingdom-based company that provides subsea cable, umbilical and flexible pipe protection systems and engineering services. The Company offers various service packages including FEED study, product development, design and engineering, in-house product testing, manufacturing, project management, and personnel training and offshore support. Its products include Teklink CPS, Tektube CPS, Cable hang-offs, TEKSPACE, TEKDUCT, SPLIT PIPE, j-tube seals, bend restrictors and bend stiffeners. The Company primarily provides its products and services to offshore wind, and oil and gas companies.

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This video can be seen at:


Ric Traynor, Executive Chairman, and Nick Taylor, Group Finance Director, present H1 results for the six months ended 31 October 2020, outlining a strong first half performance and confidence in the full year outlook.

Ric Traynor, Executive Chairman.
Introduction to Begbies Traynor – 00:18
Overview of H1 - 01:20

Nick Taylor, Group Finance Director.
Financial highlights – 02:10
Business recovery and financial advisory - 03:40
Property advisory and transactional services - 05:01
Financial position - 06:44
Full year outlook - 07:45

Ric Traynor, Executive Chairman.
Group developments: The insolvency market – 08:43
Group developments: Business recovery and financial advisory – 11:30
Group developments: Property services – 14:42
Summary – 16:50

Begbies Traynor Group plc is a business recovery and property services consultancy. The Company's segments include insolvency and restructuring, and property. It provides services from a network of the United Kingdom locations through two operating divisions: Begbies Traynor and Eddisons. Begbies Traynor is an independent business recovery practice that handles corporate appointments, serving the mid-market and smaller companies. It provides insolvency, restructuring and consultancy services to businesses, their professional advisors and financial institutions. Eddisons is a national firm of chartered surveyors, delivering transactional and advisory services to owners and occupiers of commercial property, investors and financial institutions. It provides professional services, such as business rescue options, advisory options, forensic accounting and investigations, corporate and commercial finance, personal insolvency solutions and services to banking, legal and accounting sectors.

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Ted Baker (TED) 2021 Interim results overview

This video can be seen at:


Ted Baker's CEO Rachel Osborne & CFO, David Wolffe summarise the H1 21 results, and give an update on Ted's growth formula.

Rachel Osborne, CEO
Key Highlights – 00:37

David Wolffe, CFO
Financial highlights – 02:38
Financial outlook - 04:05

Rachel Osborne, CEO
Strategic progress – 05:08

Ted Baker Plc is a United Kingdom-based global lifestyle company. The Company offers a range of collections, including menswear, womenswear, global, phormal, endurance, accessories, audio, bedding, childrenswear, crockery, eyewear, footwear, fragrance and skinwear, gifting and stationery, jewelry, lingerie and sleepwear, luggage, neckwear, rugs, suiting, technical accessories, tiles and watches. The Company operates through three segments: retail, wholesale and licensing. It operates stores and concessions across the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Asia and an e-commerce business based in the United Kingdom, primarily serving the United Kingdom and Europe, with separate the United States and Canadian sites dedicated to North America, and a separate site serving Australia. The Company's wholesale business in the United Kingdom serves countries across the world, particularly in the United Kingdom and Europe. The Company operates both territorial and product licenses.

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This video can be seen at:


Paul Fineman, CEO & Giles Willits, CFO present the IG Design Group 2021 H1 results for the six months ended 30 September 2020.

Paul Fineman, CEO,
Introduction - 00:17
H1 Highlights - 00:36
Performance - 04:32
Strategy in action – 10:08

Giles Willits, CFO
Financial highlights - 14:19
Profit & loss - 15:33
Cashflow - 21:18

Paul Fineman, CEO,
DG Americas update - 25:14
DG International update - 34:40
Summary & outlook – 38:42

Q&A – 41-19

IG Design Group plc, formerly International Greetings plc, is engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of gift packaging and greetings; stationery and creative play products, and design-led giftware. The Company's geographic segments include UK and Asia; Europe; USA, and Australia. The Company sells its products in over 150,000 stores across approximately 80 countries. It also offers a portfolio of licensed and customer bespoke products suitable for sale through multi channel distribution. The Company's products include crackers, pens and pencils, stickers, single cards and gift wrap. The Company offers its products under the brands A Star, B Stationery, Papercraft and Pepperpot. Its subsidiaries include Artwrap Pty Ltd, International Greetings UK Ltd, International Greetings USA, Inc, International Greetings Asia Ltd, The Huizhou Gift International Greetings Company Limited, Hoomark BV, Anchor International BV and Hoomark S.p.z.o.o.


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This video can be seen at:


Neal Gandhi, CEO & Oliver Rigby, CFO present the H1 results followed by Q&A. Given on 30.1.20.

Neal Gandhi, CEO
Introduction to the team - 00:33
TPX at a glance - 01:36
Competitive landscape - 02:37
H1 highlights - 05:25

Oliver Rigby, CFO
Financials - 07:33

Neal Gandhi, CEO
Growth strategy - 17:30
Outlook 29:25

Q&A - 33:44

The Panoply Holdings PLC is a United Kingdom-based technology-enabled services company. The Company is focused on digital transformation. The Company's segments include Consulting and innovation, Software development and Automation. The Consulting and innovation services include strategy consulting and service design. The Software development services include digital transformation, technical software development, cloud-based services and information technology (IT) implementation. The Automation services include automation, robotics, chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI). The Company's subsidiaries include Bene Agere Norden AS, Manifesto Digital Limited, Questers Resourcing Limited, iDisrupted Limited and Greenshoot Labs Limited. Bene Agere Norden AS is a strategic and management consultancy with a focus on digital transformation. Manifesto Digital Limited is a digital experience agency

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This video can be seen at:


Louis Hall, CEO & Oliver Gilchrist, CFO present FY20 results at ShareSoc November 2020.


Louis Hall, CEO & Oliver Gilchrist, CFO
Introduction – 00:20

Louis Hall, CEO
Business overview - 01:410
Products & markets overview - 03:30
Key highlights - 05:16
KPI’s 09:58

Oliver Gilchrist, CFO
Financial highlights - 11:24
Income Statement - 15:12
Balance sheet - 16:40
Cash Flow - 17:49

Louis Hall, CEO
Geographic & customer base - 18:30
Revenue concentration - 21:32
Sticky customer base - 23:04
The competition - 25:00
Nokia partnership - 27:03
Sales pipeline - 29:28
Summary & outlook - 32:02

Q&A – 33:0o

Cerillion plc is engaged in providing billing, charging and customer relationship management software solutions to the telecommunications market but also to the utilities and financial services sectors. The Company is a supplier and developer of telecommunication software solutions and equipment. It operates through four business segments, such as Services, Software, Software-as-a-Service and Third Party. The Services segment provides services to customers on new implementation projects and enhancements. The Software segment supports and provides maintenance for the software, as well as the licenses to use the software. The Software-as-a-Service segment offers monthly subscriptions for a managed service and products on a pay as you go service. The Third Party segment offers third-party services or licenses, and includes re-billable expenses and pass through of selling on hardware. It operates in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Americas and Asia-Pacific geographical markets.

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This video can be seen at:


Tommy Cook, CEO & Ashleigh Greenan, CFO present interim results for the period ended 30th September 2020. CLX IPO'd October 2020.

Tommy Cook, CEO
Introduction to Tommy & Ashleigh - 00:28
What Calnex do - 01:34
The telecom testing market - 04:46
H1 highlights - 07:20
CV-19 resilience - 09:05

Ashleigh Greenan, CFO
Business model - 14:43
Financials – 19:20

Tommy Cook, CEO
Market and strategy - 25:38
Growth strategy - 27:22
Outlook - 29:40

Q&A – 31:08

Calnex Solutions Ltd is a United Kingdom-based provider of test and measurement systems for the global telecom industry. The Company designs, produces and markets test instrumentation and solutions for network synchronization and network emulation, enabling its customers to validate the performance of the infrastructure associated with the telecom networks. The Company offers its network synchronization systems and solutions for mobile networks to work correctly and get synchronized with nearby mobile radio transmitters or base stations. Its network emulation products are designed to impair data traffic for the development of Ethernet Switches and Routers for deployment in large data Wide Area Networks, operated by both the traditional network operators and in data storage farms offering cloud computing services.

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