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TRB management team Mark Pickett, CEO & Paul Simpson, CFO present FY20 results to analysts. 2020 was a year of evolution and operational progress. 2021 has started with increased revenue visibility, a strengthened position in South East Asia, and a considerably expanded addressable market through the launch of Tribal Cloud and the imminent launch of Tribal Edge Admissions. To date, the group is trading in line with expectations and is confident to execute against their strategic roadmap.

Mark Pickett, CEO
00:19 – Overview of 2020

Paul Simpson, CFO
07:22 – Financial highlights

Mark Pickett, CEO
16:04 – Challenges & Opportunities
20:27 – Strategy
28:05 – ESG
29:13 – Summary & Outlook

Tribal Group plc is a United Kingdom-based company, which provides software and services for education management. The Company's segments include Product Development and Customer Services (PD&CS), Implementation Services (IS), Professional and Business Solutions (PBS) and Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS). The PD&CS segment represents the delivery of software and subsequent maintenance and support services. The IS segment represents the activities through which it deploys and configures software for its customers. The PBS segment represents a portfolio of performance improvement tools and services, including analytics, benchmarking and transformation services, and the QAS segment represents inspection and review services, which support the assessment of educational delivery. Its products and services include license and development, implementation, maintenance, professional and business solutions, quality assurance solutions and other systems related.

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The Pebble Group (PEBB) FY20 results presentation

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Chris Lee, CEO & Claire Thomson, CFO present PEBB full year 2020 results followed by Q&A. Brand Addition was obviously hit by CV19 on the Corporate side although the Consumer Promotions side was robust. Total invoiced year to date, +10% v 2020. Facilisgroup continues with management's internal aspiration to achieve recurring revenues in excess of $50m by 2024. Listen to the full presentation here.

Chris Lee, CEO
00:17 – Introduction
01:19 – Overview

Claire Thomson, CFO
04:46 – Financial highlights

Chris Lee, CEO
13:40 – Facilis business model
16:42 – KPI’s
21:11 – New software assets
26:48 – Brand addition business model

Claire Thomson, CFO
28:52 – Revenue breakdown

Chris Lee, CEO
34:22 – ESG
36:39 – Outlook

Chris Lee, CEO & Claire Thomson, CFO
38:00 – Q&A

Chris Lee, CEO
41:55 – Closing remarks

The Pebble Group PLC is a United Kingdom-based company that provides products, services and technology to the global promotional products industry. The Company operates through two businesses: Brand Addition and Facilisgroup. Brand Addition is its promotional product merchandise business that provides promotional products to global brands. Brand Addition, through its network, sources and provides promotional product solutions to clients, who operate in sectors which include health and beauty, fast moving consumer goods, transport, technology, banking and finance and charity. Facilisgroup is the Company’s software as a service (SaaS) business that provides subscription-based services to small and medium enterprise (SME) promotional product distributors in the United States and Canada. Facilisgroup’s suite of services includes business intelligence software and community events.

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JDG management team David Cicurel, CEO, Brad Ormsby, FD & Mark Lavelle, COO, present the results for the full year 2020. Overall the group was impacted by CV19, although each company in the group experienced it differently. By the year-end, the group’s organic order book had recovered to 14 weeks (2019: 13.2 weeks). There were three acquisitions during the period. Hear the full details here.

David Cicurel, CEO
00:41 – Overview
04:09 – Key messages
06:52 – Covid-19 Update

Brad Ormsby, FD
08:45 – Performance review

David Cicurel, CEO
20:56 – Growth strategy
24:30 – Acquisitions

Mark Lavelle, COO
32:39 – Post acquisition

David Cicurel, CEO
39:39 – Outlook & Investment case

Mark Lavelle, COO & Brad Ormsby, FD
43:20 – Q&A

David Cicurel, CEO
53:46 – Closing remarks

Judges Scientific plc is a United Kingdom-based company, which is engaged in the acquisition and development of a portfolio of scientific instrument businesses. The Company’s activities are predominantly in or in support of the design and manufacture of scientific instruments. Its segments include Materials Sciences and Vacuum. Its subsidiaries include Armfield Limited, engaged in the design and marketing of engineering equipment and research instruments; Fire Testing Technology Limited, which is engaged in the design, manufacture and service of instruments that measure the reaction of various materials to fire; Scientifica Limited, which offers micropositioning equipment, microscopes and advanced imaging systems used in electrophysiology and neuroscience; Quorum Technologies Limited, which manufactures scientific instruments primarily used for electron microscopy sample preparation, and Sircal Instruments (UK) Limited, which designs, manufactures and distributes rare gas purifiers.

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CVS Group (CVSG) H1 analyst presentation given 25.3.21

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Richard Fairman, CEO, Robin Alfonso, CFO and Ben Jacklin, COO present the CVSG interim results to analysts.

Richard Fairman, CEO
00:18 Introduction
01:09 H1 highlights
01:55 UK Pet Market
03:45 Integrated model
07:15 Trading with CV19
10:15 Acquisitions

Robin Alfonso, CFO
10:55 Financial review

Ben Jacklin, COO
16:30 Operational update

Richard Fairman, CEO
22:15 Outlook

Q&A 24:16

CVS Group plc is a holding company. The principal activities of the Company are to operate animal veterinary practices, veterinary diagnostic businesses, pet crematoria and an online pharmacy and retail business. Its segments are Veterinary Practice, Laboratories, Pet Crematoria and Animed Direct. The Veterinary Practice segment offers treatment for companion animals, equine and farm animals. The Laboratories segment provides diagnostic services to its veterinary practices and third-parties. Its laboratories provide Biochemistry, haematology, histology, serology and advanced allergy testing. The Pet Crematoria segment offers pet cremation services to its veterinary practices, third-party practices and directly to pet owners. The Animed Direct segment sells prescription and non-prescription drugs, pet food and other animal related products through its Website. It operates approximately 360 veterinary practices, four diagnostic laboratories, seven pet crematoria and an online dispensary.

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Tandem Group (TND) FY20 Results Presentation

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Jim Shears, CEO and Phil Ratcliffe, Group Commercial Director present FY20 results. Revenues were down, in part, due to less FOB business but profit was significantly up due to higher margins. The improved margins were achieved by a higher margin product mix, careful cost control, and reduced operating costs. CV19 has had a massive impact on both supply and demand, sometimes for the better or the worse, with a net positive effect. This is a really comprehensive presentation to understand the moving parts.

00:00 - Opening

Jim Shears, CEO
00:36 - Operational highlights
10:48 - Financial highlights

Phil Ratcliffe, Group Commercial Director
15:08 - 2020 Review
19:25 - Elements of the business
24:43 - Summary
25:08 - 2021 Challenges
27:18 - Outlook

Jim Shears, CEO
31:54 - Closing remarks
32:36 - Q&A

Tandem Group plc is a holding company. The Company is engaged in the design, development, sourcing and distribution of sports, leisure and mobility equipment. The Company operates in two segments: Bicycles, bicycle accessories and mobility, and Sports, leisure and toys. The Company's subsidiaries include Tandem Group Cycles Limited, which is engaged in the design, development, sourcing and distribution of sports, leisure and toy products; MV Sports & Leisure Limited, which is engaged in the design, development, sourcing and distribution of bicycles and accessories; Pro Rider Limited, which is engaged in the design, development, sourcing and distribution of mobility and leisure products, and E.S.C. (Europe Limited), which is engaged in the design, development, sourcing and distribution of leisure products.

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Simon Stilwell, CEO and Sarah Thompson, CFO present the FY20 results. After a strong start to 2020, CV19 led to change in the operating environment, which transitioned the business to an increasingly digital-first business, with virtual events and product and revenue opportunities across the Group. BONH are confident of revenue growth of c 12% in 2021 and EBITDA of c £1.2m, ex any Government support. They have had a good start to 2021.

00:00 – Opening

Simon Stilwell, CEO
00:37 – Introduction
02:07 – Operational highlights

Sarah Thompson, CFO
03:15 – Financial highlights

Simon Stilwell, CEO
05:13 - Covid-19 Response

Sarah Thompson, CFO
06:58 – Covid-19 Cost saving
08:38 – Financial statement

Simon Stilwell, CEO
10:04 – Event Analysis
15:54 – Operational update

Sarah Thompson, CFO
16:45 – Post Covid opportunities

Simon Stilwell, CEO
18:00 – Summary

Bonhill Group PLC, formerly Vitesse Media Plc, is a United Kingdom-based business to business (B2B) media company. The Company provides business information, live events and data and insight propositions to international technology, financial services and diversity business communities. Business information includes digital/print magazines, online portal, digital content, video, audio, content syndication and marketing services. Live events include various formats, such as awards, summits, conferences, career fairs and workshops. Data and insight include industry research programs, white papers, market research and survey, directories, industry/company data product, workflow management solution and bespoke consultancy. The Company’s flagship titles include, Growth Company Investor, Information Age, and What Investment.

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Eagle Eye (EYE) 2021 Interim results presentation

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Tim Mason, CEO and Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO present the H1 21 results to analysts. Although CV19 has impacted an element of their customer base, and hence the growth rate in the short-term, it's highlighted the need for retailers to digitally engage with their customers. Overall, they are confident in their offering, and the increased opportunity, and believe there is considerable potential for expansion.

Tim Mason, CEO
00:00 – Opening
03:03 – Introduction
07:39 – Client pain points
08:13 – Executive summary

Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO
20:23 – Financial update

Tim Mason, CEO
30:30 – Strategic update
31:32 – Outlook
52:32 – Q&A
53:23 – Closing remarks

Eagle Eye Solutions Group plc is a software as a solution (SaaS) technology company. The Company is engaged in the marketing, validation and redemption of digital promotions in real-time for the grocery, retail and hospitality industries. The Company's software platform, Eagle Eye AIR, integrates with all existing point of sale (POS) systems and creates digital offers, rewards and vouchers then delivers them to customers by e-mail, text or through a loyalty application for instant redemption. Eagle Eye AIR enables brands and merchants to set up targeted campaigns, choosing various media channels to reach specific demographics. Eagle Eye AIR captures real-time data on consumer activity and campaign success. Eagle Eye Promote is a rules-based platform for brands and retailers, which creates, builds and manages their promotional campaigns. Eagle Eye Gift allows tracking of gift vouchers, including redemption data. Eagle Eye Reward supports and enables the digitization of loyalty schemes.

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Somero (SOM) FY20 results presentation

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Jack Cooney, CEO, John Yuncza, CFO & Enzo LiCausi, VP of Finance outline the results for the period. They achieved a balance between short-term requirements due to CV19 while advancing their long-term strategy. They introduced three new products that contributed immediately to the current year figures and completed expansions of the operation and training facilities, laying the foundation for future growth. The period closed with the strongest cash position in the company's history and they are well positioned to make investments for long-term growth in new and existing markets.

Jack Cooney, CEO:
00:00 Introduction
00:26 2020 in review

John Yuncza, CFO:
02:40 Financial Highlights
04:05 Sales by Territory
08:15 Sales by Product

Enzo LiCausi, VP of Finance:
12:00 Operating Results
14:20 Financial position
15:35 Cash Flows
17:19 Dividend

John Yuncza, CFO:
18:20 Global Growth Strategy
20:05 New products
22:15 Products and Applications
23:33 Training & Expertise
24:20 2021 Outlook

27:00 Q&A

Jack Cooney, CEO:
47:45 Closing remarks

Somero Enterprises, Inc. is a manufacturer of laser-guided equipment. The Company's equipment automates the process of spreading and leveling volumes of concrete for commercial flooring and other horizontal surfaces, such as paved parking lots in North America. The Company's products include S-22E, S-15R, S-15M, STS-11M, S-840, S-485, CopperHead XD 3.0, Mini Screed C, PowerRake 3.0, 3-D Profiler and SiteShape. Its Somero Floor Levelness System monitors Laser Screed performance, operator performance and reports alert percentages of issues. The Somero SiteShape System allows for grade shaping automatically using users' motor grader, dozer or other grading machine. The Somero 3-D Profiler System allows automatic paving of contoured sites using a Somero Laser Screed equipment. The CopperHead XD machine encounters applications, such as chaired rebar, low slump and poor subgrades. The Somero eXtreme Platform (SXP) allows users use their Laser Screed equipment.

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Patrick Moloney, CEO, Nick Rowles-Davies, Executive Vice Chairman, and Mary Gangemi, CFO outline the interim results for H1 21. During the period they continued to build scale. They continue to receive an increased flow of quality applications. And, the market conditions are increasing the demand for dispute finance.

Patrick Moloney, CEO
00:00 Start
00:40 H1 highlights & progress on priorities
08:12 Building scale

Mary Gangemi, CFO
11:15 Financials

Patrick Moloney, CEO
13:22 Current portfolio of direct investments
15:26 LCM Global Alternative Returns Fund
16:27 Combined portfolio profile
23:26 US$50m credit facility

Nick Rowles-Davies, Executive Vice Chairman
26:10 Market conditions
29:10 Outlook

Patrick Moloney, CEO
33:00 Summary

34:23 Q&A

Litigation Capital Management Limited is engaged in the business of providing litigation financing and ancillary services to enable the recovery of funds from legal claims. The Company focuses on financing and management of Litigation Projects. The Company has provided litigation financing to over 40 Completed Litigation Projects, which consisted of approximately 190 cases. The Company sources the majority of its Litigation Projects through referral networks within the Australian legal, accounting and insolvency sectors. Insolvency practitioners represent a source of work as do solicitors within Australian firms who refer insolvency and commercial claims to it. It also receives direct applications. When considering whether to finance a Litigation Project, the Company undertakes analysis of the quantum of the Gross Claim Size and potential Recovery as compared to the likely costs and financing commitment required. The Company's subsidiary is LCM Litigation Fund.

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Andy Thorburn, CEO & Peter Southby, CFO give an overview of the year to analysts. Although Covid has meant revenue was flat, the recurring revenue, cash flow and reported operating profit increased. Behind the scenes, Covid has been a catalyst for change, leading to a more rapid adoption of digital health care. Recurring revenue was up 4%, representing 82% of total revenue. £28m of new business delivered in the year and strong cash position of £53m. Current trading in line with expectations, with a good pipeline of opportunities. Emis expect to return to growth in 2021, with new product developments leading to opportunities for higher growth levels in 2022 and beyond.

Andy Thorburn, CEO
00:17 – Introduction

Peter Southby, CFO
02:42 – Financial Highlights
04:02 – Income Statement
06:03 – Segmental Analysis
07:08 – Revenue Analysis
08:13 – Cashflow
09:50 – Balance sheet
10:20 – Guidance

Andy Thorburn, CEO
12:37 – Operational review
14:20 – COVID-19 response
15:47 – Engaging with customers
16:56 – Engaging with our team
20:31 – Executing our roadmap
21:42 – The changing healthcare market
22:00 – NHS restructure
23:16 – New & emerging opportunities
25:28 – EMIS connected care
32:39 – Summary & outlook

EMIS Group plc provides healthcare software, information technology and related services in the United Kingdom. The Company’s segments include Primary & Community Care and Community Pharmacy. The Company serves various healthcare markets under the EMIS Health brand. The Primary & Community Care division provides clinical information technology (IT) systems for general practitioners (GPs) and commissioners. The Community Pharmacy division is an integrated community pharmacy dispensary and retail system. EMIS Health provides clinical software to customers across the healthcare sector. Its brand EMIS Care specializes in the delivery of diabetic retinopathy eye screening.

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Parsley Box (MEAL) IPO

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Kevin Dorren, CEO outlines Parsley Box's business, which is to IPO on AIM on 31st March. Parsley Box is a UK, Direct to consumer ready meal provider who target the Baby Boomer+ demographic. The capital light business model and scalable platform has enabled a CAGR of 248% from FY18 to FY20. Going forward they are looking to capitalise on the structural shift in the Grocery market to online shopping, an increased prevalence of D2C, and the growing Baby Boomer+ demographic.

00:00 – Opening & disclaimer
00:14 – Introduction
01:08 – The product
02:05 – The market
02:33 – The direct to consumer model
03:15 – Investing for growth
03:49 – The investment case

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Empresaria (EMR) 2020 Full Year Results overview

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Rhona Driggs, CEO & Tim Anderson, CFO give an overview of the 2020 full year results.

Rhona Driggs, CEO
00:32 Overview of the period

Tim Anderson, CFO
01:58 Overview of the financials

Rhona Driggs, CEO
03:30 Highlights of the period
04:55 The outlook


Empresaria Group plc is a United Kingdom-based international specialist staffing company. The Company’s principal activity is the provision of staffing and recruitment services. The Company is organized across three regions: UK, Continental Europe and Rest of the World and operates across seven key sectors. The Company targets a balanced and diversified spread of operations across its regions and sectors. The Company also targets professional and specialist job levels where its brands can offer value added services to clients. The Company has three main service lines, temporary recruitment, permanent recruitment and offshore recruitment services. The Company’s offshore recruitment services represents a range of different recruitment services and provides training services in South East Asia. The Company’s brands include Alternattiva, Ball and Hoolahan, Become, FastTrack and Greycoat. It has operations in 21 countries.  


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Kape (KAPE) FY20 results presentation

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Ido Erlichman, CEO & Moran Laufer, CFO present the FY20 results showing strong revenue growth, EBITDA ahead of expectations and improved profitability underpinned by organic growth initiatives. Looking forward they are confident and anticipate revenues of between $197-202m and adj EBITDA of between $73-76m.

00:00 – Opening

Ido Erlichman, CEO & Moran Laufer, CFO
00:17 - 2020 highlights

Ido Erlichman, CEO
04:00 – The Market
05:54 – Product development
07:13 – PIA integration
09:00 – Growing subscriber base

Moran Laufer, CFO
09:50 – Income statement
12:09 – Cashflow

Ido Erlichman, CEO
14:54 – Acquisition of Webselenese
17:39 – Growth strategy
19:55 – Guidance
20:27 – Summary

Kape Technologies PLC, formerly Crossrider plc, is a United Kingdom-based online distribution and digital product company. The Company operates through three segments: App Distribution, Media, and Web Apps and License. Through the App Distribution segment, the Company offers Reimage, a computer repair software; DriverAgent, a driver repair software; CyberGhost, a virtual private network solution, and associated services. The Company’s Media division provides media and advertising technology services that include media buying, ad agency services, and ad serving technologies. It offers Ajillion, a mobile ad server and exchange; Definiti Media, an advertisement network, and crossmob, a mobile marketing application. Through the Web Apps and License division, the Company licenses web apps monetization platform and associated technologies.

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Sthree (STEM) Q1 Trading Update March 2021

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Mark Dorman, CEO and Alex Smith, CFO update on Q1, and discusses the broader trends in the recruitment market.

Mark Dorman, CEO
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Q1 - An overview

Alex Smith, CFO
02:10 Q1 - Trading
04:50 Q1 - Regional Performance
07:18 Continued strong positioning

Mark Dorman, CEO
08:10 Strengthening of key themes
11:40 Remaining well positioned
12:30 More demand for talent
14:15 Summary

15:05 Q&A
26:30 Closing Remarks

Three plc is an international staffing company, which provides specialist recruitment services in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries. The Company provides permanent and contract staff to sectors, including information and communication technology (ICT), banking and finance, life sciences, engineering and energy. The Company's segments include the United Kingdom & Ireland (UK&I), Continental Europe, the USA, and Asia Pacific & Middle East (APAC & ME). The Company's recruitment brands include Computer Futures, Progressive Recruitment, Huxley and Real Staffing. The Company's other brands include Global Enterprise Partners, Hyden, JP Gray, Madison Black, Newington International and Orgtel. The Company delivers contract, permanent, projects, retained and executive search recruitment solutions. Its support and mobility services offer contracting, relocation and relevant visa support. It provides resources to support its brands with contractor services.

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Patrick Moloney, CEO, gives an overview of LIT’s H1 21 results and what to expect looking forward.

00:34 Key highlights
03:27 Financial overview
05:48 Challenges of 2020
07:49 The outlook

Litigation Capital Management Limited is engaged in the business of providing litigation financing and ancillary services to enable the recovery of funds from legal claims. The Company focuses on financing and management of Litigation Projects. The Company has provided litigation financing to over 40 Completed Litigation Projects, which consisted of approximately 190 cases. The Company sources the majority of its Litigation Projects through referral networks within the Australian legal, accounting and insolvency sectors. Insolvency practitioners represent a source of work as do solicitors within Australian firms who refer insolvency and commercial claims to it. It also receives direct applications. When considering whether to finance a Litigation Project, the Company undertakes analysis of the quantum of the Gross Claim Size and potential Recovery as compared to the likely costs and financing commitment required. The Company's subsidiary is LCM Litigation Fund Pty Ltd.

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Quentin Higham, Chief Executive and Tom Carter, CFO present interim results followed by Q&A. They outline the transformation strategy to grow BAR to a £50m revenue business within 5 years.


Quentin Higham, Chief Executive & Tom Carter, CFO
00:17 Introduction

Quentin Higham, Chief Executive
03:35 Overview

Tom Carter, CFO
07:00 Financial highlights

Quentin Higham, Chief Executive & Tom Carter, CFO
16:00 Project 50

Quentin Higham, Chief Executive
21:40 Super Facialist
22:50 DTC
25:05 M&A
26:15 Outlook

27:28 Q&A
37:16 Closing remarks

Brand Architekts Group plc, formerly Swallowfield plc, is a United Kingdom-based company that is engaged in the beauty brands business. The Company has a portfolio of brands including in skincare, haircare, bodycare, bathing, men's, gifting and accessories. The Company’s brands include Super Faclalist, Dirty Works, Kind Natured, Fish Soho and Dr SALTS. Super Facialist is a skincare range suitable for everyone, it combines natural extracts, scientific ingredients and exquisite aromas. Dirty Works is a British brand and the range includes a mix of beauty products. The Dr SALTS range is comprised of bath and shower products that includes the therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea, Himalayan and Epsom Salts. The Company has presence across other European Union countries and rest of the world.

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Samarkand are a cross-border eCommerce technology and retail group focusing on connecting Western Brands with China. In this presentation management outline Samarkand's background, what they do and how they intend to use the funds raised.

00:00 Introduction by Tanith Dodge, Independent Non Exec Chairperson

David Hampstead, Founder & CEO
01:50 History
03:10 About Samarkand
03:55 Team
05:40 Chinese e-commerce space
06:10 The Nomad platform

Simon Smiley, Founder & COO
19:40 Brand partners
19:55 Buy in the West - Build in the East

Eva Hang, CFO
23:30 Financial Highlights
25:50 Use of Funds
26:35 Cap Table

David Hampstead, CEO
27:00 Investment Summary
30: 00 Q&A
52:00 Closing statements

More about Samarkand: SMK is a cross-border eCommerce technology and retail group focusing on connecting Western Brands with China, the world's largest eCommerce market. The Group has developed a proprietary software platform, the Nomad platform, which is integrated across all necessary touch-points required for eCommerce in China including eCommerce platforms, payments, logistics, social media and customs. The Nomad platform is the foundation on which the Group's Nomad technology and service solutions are built. The core products include Nomad Checkout, Nomad Storefront, Nomad Commerce, Nomad Distribution and Nomad Analytics.

The Company's current customer base comprises leading European brands such as 111SKIN, Shay & Blue, Omorovicza, ICONIC London, Philip Kingsley, Temple Spa, Zita West Products and Planet Organic. Samarkand has also successfully grown its own brand, Probio7, acquired in December 2017.

Founded in 2016, Samarkand is headquartered in London, UK with an office in Shanghai employing over 90 staff.

For further information please visit

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This video can be seen at:

Begbies Traynor Group Executive Chairman Ric Traynor and Group Finance Director, Nick Taylor present the acquisition of David Rubin & Partners and the fund raise.

Rick Traynor, Group Executive Chairman
00:00 Introduction
00:58 Highlights
01:52 Acquisition of David Rubin and partners (DRP)
03:06 Reasons for and benefits of acquisition
04:31 Integration plans

Nick Taylor, Group Finance Director
05:30 Terms of the acquisition and financials
07:41 Material increase in scale of the group

Rick Traynor, Group Executive Chairman
08:18 Summary - positive outlook and acquisition opportunity

Begbies Traynor Group plc is a business recovery and property services consultancy. The Company's segments include insolvency and restructuring, and property. It provides services from a network of the United Kingdom locations through two operating divisions: Begbies Traynor and Eddisons. Begbies Traynor is an independent business recovery practice that handles corporate appointments, serving the mid-market and smaller companies. It provides insolvency, restructuring and consultancy services to businesses, their professional advisors and financial institutions. Eddisons is a national firm of chartered surveyors, delivering transactional and advisory services to owners and occupiers of commercial property, investors and financial institutions. It provides professional services, such as business rescue options, advisory options, forensic accounting and investigations, corporate and commercial finance, personal insolvency solutions and services to banking, legal and accounting sectors.


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Attraqt (ATQT) FY20 overview by Mark Adams, CEO

This video can be seen at:

Mark Adams, CEO gives an overview of Attraqt's full year 2020 results, how they're delivering on their strategic priorities and how he sees the outlook.

00:33 FY20 overview
02:40 Aleph
04:44 The market
05:40 Delivering on strategic priorities
08:38 The outlook

Attraqt Group plc is a United Kingdom-based company, which enables brands, manufacturers and retailers to optimize the electronic commerce site. Through its platforms, Fredhopper Discovery Platform, Early Birds and software Experience Orchestrator (XO), the Company provides a set of application programming interface (API)-enabled, algorithm-driven, intelligent software as a service (SaaS) services covering personalization, search, navigation, merchandising, recommendations and internationalization. The Company offers a search system that provides a machine learning-based solution for matching a text string entered into a search box on an electronic commerce site against the products on that site. The Company partners with brands and specialist retailers across sectors, including fashion, footwear, homeware, health and beauty, grocery, electronics, business to business (B2B), sports and outdoor.

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Ultra Preliminary Results 2020 Presentation

This video can be seen at:


Ultra (ULE) Full Year 2020 results presentation given 9th March 2021, by Simon Price, CEO & Jos Sclater, CFO.

Simon Price, CEO
00:00 Start
01:29 2020 unlocking the underlying strengths of Ultra
02:25 Strategic progress
06:08 Growth through 2020
20:08 2021 final guidance

Jos Sclater, CFO
07:44 Operational & Financial highlights

Simon Price, CEO
21:55 Focus, Fix, Grow
28:25 Outlook
40:00 Q&A
1:06:54 Closing Statement

Ultra Electronics Holdings plc provides solutions and products in the defense and aerospace, security and cyber, transport and energy markets, by applying electronic and software technologies. The Company operates in three segments: Aerospace & Infrastructure, Communications & Security, and Maritime & Land. Its market facing segments are Aerospace, Infrastructure, Nuclear, Communications, C2ISR, Maritime, Land and Underwater Warfare. The Aerospace & Infrastructure division produces high-integrity, safety critical electronic control systems for aircraft applications, including position sensing and control; airframe and engine ice protection and detection; electronic architectures; weapon control, and noise cancellation systems. The Communications & Security division provides mission critical, information dominance solutions. The Maritime & Land division provides sensors, combat management systems, power solutions for surface, sub-surface and unmanned platforms.

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This video can be seen at:

Headlam Group (HEAD) Full Year 2020 results presentation given by Steve Wilson, CEO & Chris Payne, CFO.

00:00 Introduction
02:09 Overview
04:53 Financial Highlights
15:46 Operational Improvement Program
27:56 ESG Strategy
30:22 Trading outlook
32:18 Summary

Headlam Group Plc is a United Kingdom-based company, which is engaged in the marketing, supply and distribution of a range of floorcovering products. The Company's operations are focused on providing customers, principally independent floorcovering retailers and contractors, with a range of floorcovering products supported by a next day delivery service. The Company operates through 56 operating segments in the United Kingdom and five operating segments in Continental Europe. Each operating segment is a trading operation aligned to the sales, marketing, supply and distribution of floorcovering products. The Company's activities and facilities are located throughout the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Its business in France operates from approximately two distribution centers and over 20 service centers, and the businesses in Switzerland and the Netherlands each operate from a single distribution center.

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