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The Stockopedia/PIWORLD Virtual StockSlam October 2021

This is the sixth Stockopedia/PIWORLD StockSlam hosted by Damian Cannon. Of the 50 holdings pitched to date, they are collectively up 11.2%. September's picks haven't done much, in line with the choppy market. Since pitching, Tekcapital (TEK) is up 211%! Renold (RNO) +79%, and Cake Box (CBOX) +58%. The dogs were Micro Focus (MCRO), Novacyt (NCYT), and Caledonia Mining (CMCL). (Damian is still positive about CMCL!).

The format, each ‘slammer’ has 3 minutes to ‘slam’ their stock followed by 3 minutes of audience questions. We have to award the most innovative 'slam' to Leo Investor who took the StockSlam to a new level of ingenuity! We are in no doubt what Thruvision (THRU) does!

These are just ideas, remember the presenter probably is talking their own book. Please do your own research!

If you’d like to slam at a future StockSlam, please contact me via the PIWORLD contact page. These events are dependent on the 'Slammers'.

00:20 Introduction by Damian Cannon
03:41 Driver Group (DRV) – Damian Cannon
10:24 Crystal Amber (CRS) – Dee O’Hare
17:08 S&U (SUS) - Lewis Robinson
23:30 UP Global Sourcing (UPGS) – Mark Bentley
30:21 RBG Holdings (RBGP) – Jack Brumby
37:18 Pebble Beach Systems (PEB) – James Nelson
44:13 Thruvision (THRU) – Leo Investor
52:46 MISSION (TMG) – David Thornton
01:00:00 Marshall Motor Holdings (MMH) - D’Arcy Andrews
01:06:35 Damian Cannon closing remarks

Thank you to all the 'slammers', it doesn't happen without you!

The next Stockopedia/PIWORLD StockSlam is Wednesday 9th February, 6pm, please register via the events page.

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A fascinating interview with Simon Laffin on what investors need to know about decisions made in the boardroom. Including, the most common problems facing a board. Simon's personal insight of his most uncomfortable experiences. How to spot fraud. LTIPs. The key financial metrics the Board should focus on. What to look for in acquisitions or bids. Forthright views from 30 years on different boards, all discussed in his new book Behind Closed Doors. Nuggets for investors to digest to be more aware of in their research.

00:18 Introduction
00:57 Simon’s background and what inspired the book
01:57 Why this is of interest to investors
02:53 What are the most common problems in the boardroom?
05:39 Simon's most uncomfortable board experience?
12:07 The most important financial metrics for the board to be aware of?
20:30 Do Board Directors and The City have a good moral compass?
22:40 LTIPS and remuneration
29:06 Acquisitions
40:36 How can we spot a bad board?
45:23 The book: Behind Closed Doors: The Boardroom, how to get in, get on and make a difference; and where to find Simon.

Amazon links to the books mentioned:
Behind Closed Doors - Simon Laffin
The Signs were there - Tim Steer
Accounting for Growth - Terry Smith

About Simon
Simon Laffin is an experienced chairman and non-executive director. He has served on both public and private boards, as well as having worked in private equity and been a FTSE-100 CFO. He is currently a non-executive director at Dentsu Group Inc (a Japanese-based global media company) and Watkin Jones plc (a listed UK property company). Previously, he has chaired Assura plc, Flybe Group plc and Hozelock Group, and served as a non-executive on Quintain Estates & Development plc, Aegis Group plc, Mitchells & Butlers plc, and Northern Rock plc (as part of the rescue team). His early career stretched from being a milkman, working in a post-room, to being a store manager and CFO at Safeway plc.

Simon is passionate about making boards work better, for directors to learn from their own and others’ mistakes, for greater diversity at all layers of management, but especially in the boardroom, and for regulators to participate in helping boards make better decisions (instead of taking pot shots from the sidelines).

Contact Simon through his website:

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GetBusy (GETB) CEO interview - October 2021

GetBusy's CEO, Daniel Rabie outlines what the business does, the market drivers and the growth strategy through organic growth and acquisition, including the two new acquisitions of Quoters and DocDown. GETB aspire to double their ARR over the next 5 years.

00:21 What Get Busy does
00:55 Market drivers
02:30 The growth strategy
03:10 Acquisitions: 1. Quoters 2. DocDown
04:38 The opportunity

GetBusy plc is a United Kingdom-based company. The company is engaged in document management software business. The Company’s product offering includes Virtual Cabinet and SmartVault. The Virtual cabinet is document management software focused on the medium size to enterprise size content management (ECM) markets. It is used by accounting firms in the United Kingdom. SmartVault product is document management software targeting the professional small and medium enterprise (SME) market. The Company has operations across the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

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PIWORLD: Sell it to the City - October 2021

Andy Brough initiated a challenge to private investors and fund managers back in May 2021. Referencing a stock mentioned in the StockChallenge Andy Tweeted: "A stock I have never heard of or met, maybe I should just have an information forum where people pitch ideas to fund managers. Just need to get a few more. Could be like judgement day (for those who remember his column in The Sunday Times) in reverse. Any other fund managers up for it?" Fortunately they were!

Here, we bring you a fund manager panel of Andy Brough, Schroders, Judith MacKenzie, Downing and Stephen English, Stellar Asset Management, who listen to pitches by John Marriott (@F15JCM), Rebecca Stewart (@Reb40 AKA Aston Girl), Ryan Rahimikia (@Ryankia2) and Richard Crow (@RebelHQ AKA Cockney Rebel). Both sides, the pitches, and the fund managers questions and comments are enlightening.

The format is work in progress. Get in touch with any comments. If you would like to get your name and a stock idea in front of top fund managers to 'Sell it to the City', contact via the PIWORLD contact page (link below).

00:18 Introduction & background.
02:13 John Marriott – Brave Bison (BBSN).
09:46 Fund manager questions on Brave Bison. (Mentions Mission (TMG) & STV (STVG)).
14:30 Fund manager feedback on Brave Bison. (Mentions Digitalbox (DBOX)).
18:00 Rebecca Stewart – Springfield Properties (SPR).
22:20 Fund manager questions Springfield Properties.
25:08 Fund Manager feedback on Springfield (Mentions: MJ Gleeson (GLE)).
27:45 Ryan Rahimikia: TransferWise (WISE).
34:30 Fund manager questions on TransferWise. (Mentions: Alpha Fx (AFX))
41:30 Fund manager feedback on TransferWise.
45:11 Richard Crow – Creightons (CRL)
51:00 Fund manager questions on Creightons. (Mentions Warpaint (W7L)
57:28 Fund manager feedback on Creightons.
01:00:52 The results: who Sold it to the City?

If you would like to pitch at the next Sell it to the City, please contact us here.

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Vertu CEO Robert Forrester, and CFO, Karen Anderson present interim results for the period ended 31st August 2021.  Record results with profit before tax of £51.8m due to the  favourable used vehicle market conditions and outperforming market trends.  For the full year, they guide ahead of expectations with adjusted profit before tax of no less than £65m (previously £50-55m), the highest ever.  A comprehensive presentation with full details on all business areas and the strategy going forward.

The presentation slides can be downloaded here:

Robert Forrester, CEO
00:05  Introduction
00:36  The history & highlights of H1 FY22
05:21  H1 FY22  financial KPIs (slide 5)

Karen Anderson, CFO
06:20  Financial results

Robert Forrester, CEO
16:11  Strategic update (slide 13)
38:20  Current trading and outlook 

Vertu Motors plc is an automotive retailer in the United Kingdom. The principal activity of the Company is the sale of new cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles and used vehicles, together with related aftersales services. The Company is engaged in the provision of management services to all subsidiary statutory entities. The Company operates a chain of franchised motor dealerships offering sale, servicing, parts and bodyshop facilities for new and used car and commercial vehicles. The Company also operates various franchise dealerships, such as Volvo, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar, and operates Honda dealerships in the United Kingdom. The Company operates approximately 125 franchised and over three non-franchised operations across England and Scotland. The Company's subsidiaries include Bristol Street First Investments Limited, Bristol Street Fourth Investments Limited, Vertu Motors (VMC) Limited and Grantham Motor Company Limited.

Produced by BRR Media. Distributed by PIWORLD.

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1Spatial's CEO, Claire Milverton and CFO, Andy Fabian present 1Spatial’s interim results for the period ending 31 July 2021.

Claire Milverton, CEO.
00:17 Introduction
00:58 Overview of 1Spatial plc
01:41 The importance of location data
02:59 Growth gear change
04:06 Proof the strategy is working
05:10 NUAR contract
06:06 Defra and the Rural Payments Agency contract
06:30 HM Land Registry contract
06:57 New UK Government contract
07:17 Next generation 911 contract

Andy Fabian, CFO
08:12 HY22 highlights
09:17 Growth in ARR
10:46 Regional revenue growth
11:39 Summary P&L and margin
12:50 Cash flow
14:14 Financials conclusion

Claire Milverton, CEO.
15:03 Market, strategy & opportunity
15:12 Transformational market opportunity
16:09 Delivering on the growth strategy
19:02 Outlook
21:07 Q&A

Claire Milverton, CEO.
32:42 Closing remarks

1Spatial plc is a holding company. The Company's principal activity is the development and sale of information technology software along with related consultancy and support. It operates through three segments: Geospatial, Cloud Services and Central costs. The Geospatial segment includes the core 1Spatial Group, including France and Belgium, and Laser Scan Inc. The Cloud Services segment is represented by Enables IT and its two smaller businesses: Avisen and Storage Fusion Limited, and its associate, Sitemap Limited. Its geospatial technology enables organizations to manage, validate, integrate and interpret spatial data from different sources. Its products and services include 1Integrate for ArcGIS, 1Spatial Cloud, 1Spatial Management Suite, Elyx Suite, FME, Geocortex, G-Cloud Services, consultancy, support and training. Its clients include national mapping and cadastral agencies, utility and telecommunications companies, and government departments, including census bureaus.

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