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Idox (IDOX) full year 2021 results presentation

IDOX CEO, David Meaden & CFO, Rob Grubb present the full year 2021 results for the year ended 31st October 2021, to analysts.

David Meaden, CEO
00:18 Introduction & highlights
03:05 Strategy overview: Four pillars and three phases

Rob Grubb, CFO
05:30 Financial review

David Meaden, CEO
18:58 Strategy & operations

Rob Grubb, CFO
25:14 Fly Phase: Buy and Build

David Meaden, CEO
34:05 ESG
36:33 Outlook

37:34 Q&A

Idox plc is a supplier of specialist information management software and solutions to the public and asset intensive sectors. The Company operates primarily in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Europe and Australia. The Company provides applications to the United Kingdom local government for core functions relating to land, people and property, including planning systems and election management software. The Company's segments include Public Sector Software (PSS) and Engineering Information Management (EIM). PSS segment delivers specialist information management solutions and services to the public sector. The EIM segment delivers engineering document management and control solutions to asset intensive industry sectors, such as oil and gas, architecture and construction, mining, utilities, pharmaceuticals and transportation.

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Accrol Executive Chairman, Dan Wright, CEO Gareth Jenkins and CFO, Richard Newman present interim results for the year ended 31 October 2021.

Dan Wright, Executive Chairman
00:17 – Introduction

Gareth Jenkins, CEO
01:59 – Performance summary
03:38 – Market and revenue overview

Richard Newman, CFO
04:43 – Financial headlines
06:15 – Financial overview
07:53 – Protecting our margins

Gareth Jenkins, CEO
09:39 – Commercial development
12:31 – Operational highlights
13:42 – ESG
14:28 – Outlook

Dan Wright, Executive Chairman
15:53 – Strategic review

18:42 – Q&A

Accrol Group Holdings plc is a United Kingdom-based independent tissue converter and supplier of toilet tissues, kitchen rolls and facial tissues. The Company supplies to a range of discounters and grocery retailers across the United Kingdom (UK). It imports Parent Reels from around the world and converts them into finished goods at its manufacturing, storage and distribution facility in Blackburn, Lancashire. The Company operates from five sites, including four in Lancashire. The Company has 15 converting lines in operation providing capacity of approximately 118,000 tons per annum. Its subsidiaries include Accrol UK Limited, Accrol Holdings Limited and Accrol Papers Limited.

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Stockopedia/PIWORLD StockSlam January 2022

Here is the seventh Stockopedia / PIWORLD StockSlam hosted by Damian Cannon. The format, each ‘slammer’ has 3 minutes to ‘slam’ their stock followed by 3 minutes of audience questions. All are really great pitches, which shows the variety of private investor styles. We are really grateful to all the 'slammers'. This event only happens because of them and the fabulous community we all enjoy. If you’d like to 'slam' at a future StockSlam, please contact us via the PIWORLD contact page.

Remember, these are just ideas, the presenter is probably talking their own book. Please do your own research!

The next Stockopedia/PIWORLD StockSlam is Wednesday 6th April, 6pm. Register to attend via the events page. Email via the contact page to take part.

00:18 Introduction by Damian with a review of the performance of previous slams.
03:00 Damian Cannon: Henderson Smaller Companies IT (HSL)
09:45 Rebecca Stewart: Frasers (FRAS)
16:30 Martin Flitton: GETBUSY (GETB)
24:35 Dave Sullivan: Shield Therapeutics (STX)
33:30 Robert Corden: Jade Road Investments (JADE)
40:45 Vivek Sharma: Premier Foods (PFD) This was recorded 19.1.22 prior to the earnings upgrade the following day. Good call!
48:40 Michael Tuckman: Bango (BGO)
55:37 James Tapp: Time Finance (TIME)
01:03:39 Ben Miller: Beazley (BEZ)
01:11:12 Jack Brumby: CentralNic (CNIC)

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The Creightons management team present the interim results for the period ended 30 September 2021.

Bernard Johnson, Group Managing Director
00:17 – Introduction

Eamon Murphy, Group Finance & Commercial Director
03:36 – Financial highlights
06:37 – Revenue
07:53 – Operating profit before exceptional costs
08:34 – Profit margin
09:00 – Diluted EPS
10:00 – Cash flow statement
11:55 – Working Capital
13:00 – Acquisitions

Pippa Clark, Global Marketing Director/Deputy MD
14:18 – Market overview
17:46 – Divisional performance
23:04 – Brand performance
26:27 – Brand acquisition: Emma Hardie
29:25 – Brand acquisition: Brodie + Stone
31:30 – Brand penetration
33:10 – Brand: Digital
34:31 – Drivers for growth
35:25 – Opportunities & Challenges
36:58 – The way ahead

Gary Armstrong, Head of Business Strategy
38:52 – Introduction
40:42 – Brand acquisitions
43:43 – Digital
44:56 – Sustainability

Bernard Johnson, Group Managing Director
46:37 – The way ahead
50:39 – Aspirations

55:27 – Q&A

Creightons plc is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in development, marketing and manufacturing of toiletries and fragrances. The Company operates through three business streams: own branded business, private label business, and contract manufacturing business. The own branded business develops, markets, sells and distributes products it has developed and owns the rights to. The private label business focuses on private label products for street retailers and supermarket chains. The contract manufacturing business develops and manufactures products on behalf of third-party brand owners. Its toiletries product portfolio consists of haircare, skincare, bath and body, and male grooming. Its services include market analysis, creative concept generation, product development, brand development, manufacturing, and logistics. Its brands include Frizz No More, Volume Pro, Argan Body, Argan Smooth, Keratin Pro, Bronze Ambition, Sunshine Blonde and Beautiful Brunette, and Just Hair.

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PIWORLD Sell it to the City January 2022

Richard Crow (@RebelHQ) comes back to defend his title against Daniel Jones and @leoinvestorUK. Each deliver a 10 minute pitch to Andy Brough, Schroders, Judith MacKenzie, Downing and Stephen English, Stellar Asset Management. Excellent presentations followed by penetrating Q&A. Then, the Fund Managers deliver their verdict on the pitch and the stock. Who has Sold it to the City this time? And, who will ultimately win the prize lunch with one of these fund managers? Great fun and insight.

00:18 Introduction
02:00 Richard Crow, (@RebelHQ) pitching: Shoe Zone (SHOE)
Obviously Richard pitched this stock (10.1.22) a day before SHOE's FY results, so events have overtaken, with the share price up c20% on results. Good call!
10:05 Shoe Zone (SHOE) Q&A
20:18 Fund managers feedback on Shoe Zone (SHOE) & Richard’s pitch
26:23 Daniel Jones, Synthomer (SYNT)
35:57 Synthomer (SYNT) Q&A
44.00 Fund managers feedback on Synthomer (SYNT) & Daniel's pitch
47:40 @LeoInvestorUK Capital Drilling (CAPD)
57:25 Capital Drilling (CAPD) Q&A
1:07:57 Fund managers feedback on Capital (CAPD) & Leo’s pitch
1:12:05 The scores!

Please get in touch via the PIWORLD contact page, to put yourself forward to pitch at the next Sell it to the City. We'd love any investors to come forward, especially younger investors who might be trying to get into the City. What better opportunity to get your name known and to add the experience to your CV? For those with more years, it's a great challenge, and forces us to really analyse that prize holding. The idea is to find a hidden gem that these Fund Managers know little about or have missed in their own research, and to have a bit of fun.

The first episode of Sell it to the City is here.

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Knights CEO, David Beech and CFO, Kate Lewis present the interim results for the period ended 31st October 2021, to analysts.

David Beech, CEO
00:18 Introduction & overview

Kate Lewis, CFO
05:33 The financials

David Beech, CEO
22:25 Growth strategy
33:56 Summary & outlook

David Beech, CEO & Kate Lewis, CFO
35:00 Q&A

Knights Group Holdings plc is a United Kingdom-based holding company. The Company is primarily engaged in the provision of legal and professional services through its subsidiaries. The Company invests in various sectors, including agriculture and the food supply chain, aviation, consumer and retail, Energy, waste and natural resources, financial and professional services, gambling, healthcare, industrials, transport and support services, property management and development, technology, media and telecommunications. The Company’s service line includes real estate, dispute resolution, corporate, employment and private client services. It delivers services to over 13,000 business clients from approximately 17 office locations across the United Kingdom.

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