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piworld investor interview with John Conoley, Executive Chairman, eServGlobal

eServGlobal has two parts to the business, can you explain what each does? - 00:22
Can you tell me more about HomeSend? – 02:18
Did HomeSend come out of ESG and mobile money transfer within ESG? – 03:05
What’s the size of the global money transfer market? – 04:01
What does HomeSend offer that legacy systems don’t offer? - 05:34
Is it the technology that’s different from legacy systems? – 07:16
Can you tell us more about the core business? - 08:20
When do you see it (the core business) returning to breakeven? – 09:20
Is the 50% recurring revenue what we should continue to expect? - 10:19
How did you (John) originally get involved (with ESG)? – 11:07
Which regions are the predominant regions (for ESG)? - 12:23
Are there risks in these regions? - 13:42
What are your aspirations for ESG in the short and medium term? - 14:20
How long does it take for a signed up back to start making transactions? - 15:49
For HomeSend is it labour intensive to on-board banks, or just switching a switch? – 17:34
On the core business, you mentioned corporate activity, can you say more? – 18:00
What should investors look forward to for the rest of the year? – 19:20
How will we know we’re really getting traction with the banks? – 20:00

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Empresaria Group CEO Spencer Wreford and Group Finance Director Tim Anderson present highlights of  the Group's interim results for the 6 months ended 30th June 2018.

Spencer Wreford (CEO) Overview - 00:21
Tim Anderson (Group FD) Financial highlights - 05:35
Spencer Wreford (CEO) Outlook - 07:39

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Judith Mackenzie, Head of Public Equity at Downing LLP visits AdEPT (ADT) at their head offices in Tunbridge Wells and interviews CEO Ian Fishwick.

Judith Intro – 00:27
Interview with Ian Fishwick, CEO AdEPT - 01:21
How did AdEPT begin? - 01:32
Acquisition criteria - 02:54
Chronology of acquisitions - 04:34
Acquisition conversion rate - 08:08
Number of deals in the coming year? - 09:44
Bigger deals? - 10:05
Availability of acquisitions? - 11:00
Any tricky acquisitions? - 11:40
Managing earnouts - 12:55
Tour of the office - 14:11
Driving organic growth - 16:02
Customer base - 17:07
Key KPI’s - 20:26
Capex - 22:00
The end game - 22:43
Director sales - 24:25
Liquidity & institutional interest - 25:43
Discount to peers - 26:17

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IBT presentation at the ShareSoc growth company seminar in April 2018 by Lead Investment Manager Dr Carl Harald Janson.


International Biotechnology Trust offers investors access to the fast growing biotechnology sector through an actively managed, diversified fund. Its award winning fund managers at SV Health Investors are scientifically and medically trained with over 60 years of experience in this specialist sector between them. As well as investing in a wide ranging portfolio of global quoted biotechnology stocks, we include a small proportion of otherwise inaccessible carefully selected unquoted investments which have the potential to deliver additional returns over the long term. Excellent management teams, unique innovative products and strong potential for outperformance are the key criteria for inclusion in our diversified portfolio of assets.


Dr Carl Harald Janson, Lead Investment Manager introduction - 00:17

Performance 1, 3 & 5 years – 00:57

Dividend - 02:16

Share price/discount - 02:52

Dividend sustainability - 03:44

Biotech is a high growth sector - 04:35

Favourable regulatory environment - 07:55

Worldwide pharma sales - 08:25

M&A - 08:47

Risks - 10:25

The US market - 11:21

Sector valuation - 13:23

IBT investment process - 14:14

Risk mitigation - 15:04

Portfolio breakdown - 16:52

Oncology treatment options - 19:04

Top 10 holdings - 20:24

Unqouted portfolio - 21:10

Awards & Summary -23:08

Q&A -22:29

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Tamzin talks to Judith MacKenzie, Partner & Head of Public Equity, Downing LLP

Judith joined Downing in October 2009. Previously she was a partner at Acuity Capital managing AIM-quoted VCT and IHT investments and a small-cap activist fund. Prior to Acuity, Judith spent seven years as a senior investment manager with Aberdeen Asset Management Growth Capital as co Fund Manager of the 5 Aberdeen VCTs, focusing on technology and media investments in both the public and private arenas. Judith is a Fellow of the Securities Institute and has held a number of public and private directorships.

How did you end up founding Downing Public Equity? - 00:25
How would you describe your investing style? – 01:45
Does it vary according to market conditions? - 02:09
What investment criteria are you looking for in companies? - 02:36
What sort of growth are you looking for? - 02:57
What do you when it doesn’t go as planned? - 03:36
What qualities make a good investor? - 04:21
How do you manage the performance of your fund managers? – 06:38
How big a part do you think psychology plays in investing? - 09:14
Comments on Ramsdens (RFX) management sells - 10:22
The best and worst things about managing other’s money - 12:43
What’s your outlook for the small cap market? - 15:22
How does your personal investing differ from what you do with Downing? -16:58

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