eServGlobal (ESG) Interview with Executive Chairman John Conoley

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piworld investor interview with John Conoley, Executive Chairman, eServGlobal

eServGlobal has two parts to the business, can you explain what each does? - 00:22
Can you tell me more about HomeSend? – 02:18
Did HomeSend come out of ESG and mobile money transfer within ESG? – 03:05
What’s the size of the global money transfer market? – 04:01
What does HomeSend offer that legacy systems don’t offer? - 05:34
Is it the technology that’s different from legacy systems? – 07:16
Can you tell us more about the core business? - 08:20
When do you see it (the core business) returning to breakeven? – 09:20
Is the 50% recurring revenue what we should continue to expect? - 10:19
How did you (John) originally get involved (with ESG)? – 11:07
Which regions are the predominant regions (for ESG)? - 12:23
Are there risks in these regions? - 13:42
What are your aspirations for ESG in the short and medium term? - 14:20
How long does it take for a signed up back to start making transactions? - 15:49
For HomeSend is it labour intensive to on-board banks, or just switching a switch? – 17:34
On the core business, you mentioned corporate activity, can you say more? – 18:00
What should investors look forward to for the rest of the year? – 19:20
How will we know we’re really getting traction with the banks? – 20:00

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