Avacta (AVCT) presentation at ShareSoc London 13th March 2019

This video can be seen at: https://www.piworld.co.uk/2019/03/15/avacta-avct-presentation-at-sharesoc-london-13th-march-2019/


By Dr Alastair Smith, Chief Executive
Shaping the Future of Cancer Therapy

Dr Smith gives a comprehensive overview of Avacta, followed by Q&As.

Avacta Group plc is a biotechnology company. Avacta’s focus is on its proprietary Affimer technology which is an engineered alternative to antibodies that has application in Life Sciences for diagnostics, therapeutics and general research and development. Affimer technology has been designed to address performance limitations of antibodies. Affimer technology is based on a small protein that can be generated to bind with specificity and affinity to a range of targets to enable diagnostics, research assays and therapeutics. Avacta has a pre-clinical therapeutic development programme with an in-house focus on immuno-oncology and bleeding disorders as well as partnered development programmes. Avacta is commercialising non-therapeutic Affimer reagents through licensing to developers of life sciences research tools and diagnostics.

Introduction – 00:20
What are immuno-therapies? – 03:20
Patient survival is not reflecting the early promise of Immuno-therapies – 05:05
How do we improve survival? – 07:18
Affimer technology – 09:40
Avacta Therapeutics Strategy – 11:33
The tumour micro-environment – 14:09
Drug Conjugate – 15:35
Data from animal studies from lead inhibitor – 16:18
The immune cycle – 18:48
Sensitive linkers – 19:20
Principal Programme Milestones – 20:39
Pipeline: principal In-house Programmes – 24:02
Summary – 25:43
Q&A – 26:51

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