Creightons (CRL) Full Year 2022 results presentation - July 22

Creightons management Bernard Johnson, Group Managing Director, Eamon Murphy, Group Finance & Commercial Director, and Pippa Clark, Global Marketing Director/ Deputy MD present the full year results for the period ended 31 March 2022.

Bernard Johnson, Group Managing Director
00:17 - Introduction
01:36 - Key stats from second half
03:44 - Key highlights

Eamon Murphy, Group Finance and Commercial Director
06:06 - Financial highlights
09:27 - Revenue
10:28 - Operating profit
13:16 - Operating profit margin
13:31 - EBITDA
13:48 - Diluted EPS
14:50 - ROCE
17:10 - Cash and cash equivalents
19:13 - Working capital
20:49 - Acquisitions
21:27 - First half vs Second half

Pippa Clark, Global Marketing Director/ Deputy MD
22:16 - Market trading indicators
26:20 - Division performance
32:17 - Brands leading the way
34:43 - Brand revenue category
35:19 - Brand penetration
36:03 - Building brands
45:51 - Award winning brands

Emma Hardie acquisition
46:56 - Rationale and opportunity
50:16 - Building brands
56:26 - Award winning

57:14 - Brands D2C
59:43 - Brand performance
01:00:35 - Private label and contract manufacturing
01:02:51 - The way ahead

Bernard Johnson, MD
01:03:29 - Outlook

01:06:01 - Q&A

Creightons Plc is a United Kingdom-based company that is engaged in the development, marketing and manufacture of toiletries and fragrances, which includes the development of brands. The Company's operations are organized into three business streams: branded business, private label business, and contract manufacturing business. Its own branded business, which develops, markets, sells and distributes products the Company has developed and owns the rights to or brands it has licensed. The brands in the branded business include Feather and Down, Balance Active and The Curl Company. The private label business focuses on private label products for high street retailers and supermarket chains, with most of the stock manufactured to forecast. The contract manufacturing business develops and manufactures products on behalf of third-party brand owners and manufactured to order. The Company offers a range of toiletries, skincare, hair care, fragrances, and home fragrances.

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