Jamie Streeter webinar: Investing, Compounding & Surviving the Corona Crash

This video can be seen here: https://www.piworld.co.uk/2020/04/17/jamie-streeter-webinar-investing-compounding-surviving-the-corona-crash/


The piworld Thursday webinar with Jamie Streeter, (aka @CompoundIncome)

Jamie outlines his approach to investing and his Corona virus investing strategy.

Overview – 00:51
Jamie’s background – 01:40
Evolution as an investor – 02:08
S&P over 35 years – 04:34
Poll: have we hit the low? – 07:26
Why Compound Income? – 08:27
Annualised real returns on asset classes – 11:30
Jamie’s investment philosophy – 13:38
Portfolio construction – 15:37
How Jamie finds shares & further research – 19:12
How Compound Income Scores work – 20:10
Metrics used to identify Quality Income Growth stocks Comparing Vodaphone & Unilever – 21:50
Performance since 2009? – 27:04
Outlook for dividends post Covid – 28:16
A tick shape or W shape recovery? – 30:39
Cycle of greed and fear – 32:06
Dead Cat bounce or ‘off to the races’? – 32:42
How’s Jamie dealing with CV19 & surviving it? – 39:14
Where are we now, and what does the future hold? – 40:18
Summary & concluding thoughts – 43:03 Q&A – 44:40

About Jamie Streeter
Jamie worked in the City of London for over 20 years as a Fund Manager for a number of top institutions. In his career he managed billions of £’s across a whole range of different funds from Distribution funds, Investment Trusts, OEIC’s / Unit Trusts & Pension funds. He was also involved in the management of Income funds more generally. In March 2009, he quit the City, escaped the rat race to “retire” and manage my own investments.

Jamie’s website: https://www.compoundincome.org/

Twitter: Jamie @CompoundIncome  

The presentation slides can be viewed here.

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