Keith Ashworth-Lord, The UK Buffettology Fund: interview part two

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Keith Ashworth-Lord CIO, Sanford DeLand UK Buffettology Fund

Another inspiring 30 mins from Keith talking us through valuations, self-discipline, learned lessons, Woodford, and much more.

Valuation of good companies – 00:20 
AB Dynamics – 02:08 
Sell discipline – 04:45 
Lessons learned from past mistakes – 06:04 
Lessons learned from Woodford? – 10:08 
Do you have to go to the small/mid cap market for good growth? – 14:13 
How has regulation changed fund management? – 17:45 
Liquidity – 18:55 
Buffettology licence continuity? – 19:40 
What part does luck play in investing? – 22:20 
Lack of mentors – 23:11 
The macro picture – 25:05 
How do you feel about valuations now? – 27:57

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