Litigation Capital Management (LIT) Full Year 2022 results presentation - September 2022

LCM management Patrick Moloney, CEO and Mary Gangemi, CFO, present full year 2022 results for the period ended 30th June 2022. They delivered improved underlying performance and maintained momentum across their KPIs, while driving meaningful growth in their fund management business.

Patrick Moloney, CEO
00:16 - FY22 Highlights

Mary Gangemi, CFO
07:52 - FY22 Financial highlights
10:07 - Balance Sheet overview
10:55 - Cashflow movements

Patrick Moloney, CEO
11:36 - Current portfolio of direct investments
13:42 - Overview of Funds
16:43 - Average time to completion
20:21 - Portfolio performance
22:29 - Business fundamentals
26:34 - Return on invested capital and reinvestment
27:57 - Progress of investment portfolio
29:52 - Outlook

35:20 - Q&A

Litigation Capital Management (LCM) is a global provider of disputes finance. LCM provides capital and risk management services into the disputes market including insolvency, commercial disputes, arbitral disputes, class actions and corporate portfolios.

LCM has an unparalleled track record, driven by effective project selection, active project management and robust risk management.

Current headquartered in Sydney, with offices in London, Singapore, Brisbane and Melbourne, LCM listed on AIM in December 2018, trading under the ticker LIT.

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