Michael Taylor - Trading in your 20s

This video can be seen at: https://www.piworld.co.uk/2020/03/06/michael-taylor-trading-in-your-20s/


Michael Taylor AKA Shifting Shares is another of our young investors. Michael started trading in his 20’s, within a short amount of time found he could make more money from it, than from his day job. Today, still in his 20’s, he continues to trade. In addition, he writes on the subject for the Investors Chronicle, ShareScope and other publications, additionally he has produced his own books.

Here we hear a little about Michael’s journey, his trading and his views on the markets.

How did you get involved in investing – 00:55
How did you teach yourself – 02:13
How long to go full time? – 04:55
What is your strategy – 08:50
How long will you hold a share? - 10:48
What’s your view on market makers? - 13:30
How many trades will you do in a week? - 14:20
What’s the day in a life of a trader - 15:30
How big a part is psychology in trading? - 17:05
What is your winning formula? - 18:40
How do you time the market? – 23:43
Should every investor have a trading part to their portfolio? – 25:00
Isn’t liquidity an issue? - 25:45
What factors play against the retail investor? - 26:50
What more can we do to encourage more young people to invest? - 30:53
More about Michael – 33:28


Find out more about Michael here: https://www.shiftingshares.com

On Twitter @shiftingshares  

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