Personal Group (PGH) interim results presentation - September 2021

Personal Group's CEO, Deborah Frost and CFO, Sarah Mace present the interim results for the period ended 30 June 2021. They are in the sweet spot providing benefits and services to improve employee wellbeing and engagement. Although hit by CV19 they are now benefiting from strong market tail winds with the insurance business picking up, Sage Employee Benefits demonstrating a significant growth in ARR and client numbers and HapiFlex delivered and live for the first client. This includes a helpful client testimonial from Sage.

Deborah Frost, CEO
00:17 – Introduction & business overview
02:40 – Highlights

Sarah Mace, CFO
05:15 – Financial results

Deborah Frost, CEO
12:51 – Strategic & operational review
21:48 – HapiFlex by Personal Group
24:45 – Sage Employee Benefits
30:30 – Innecto
31:51 – Let’s Connect
32:28 – Key takeaways

33:40 – Q&A
40:27 – Closing remarks

Personal Group Holdings PLC (PGH) is a United Kingdom-based employee benefits and services provider. The Company is principally engaged in transacting short-term accident and health insurance and providing employee services in the United Kingdom (UK). PGH's employee engagement and wellbeing services are delivered through its application, Hapi. The Company's segments include Core Insurance, IT Salary Sacrifice, software as a service (SaaS) and Other. The Core Insurance segment comprises of Personal Assurance Plc, a subsidiary of the Company, which is engaged in underwriting insurance policies. The IT salary sacrifice segment refers to the trade of PG Let's Connect, a salary sacrifice technology. The SaaS segment is engaged in offering Hapi platform. The Other segment consists of Berkeley Morgan Group (BMG) and its subsidiary undertakings, and Personal Management Solutions (PMS). Its clients include Francis Crick Institute, Bristol Airport, Arsenal Football Club and The British Library.

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