PIWORLD interview with Keelan Cooper: The IPO survival guide

Keelan Cooper, Financial Analyst at Stockopedia gives us the background and findings of The Stockopedia IPO Survival Guide. Fascinating evidence that small and micro cap IPOs bought on the first day of trading and sold around the sixth month after the IPO will give a better performance.

00:42 How Keelan got into investing and working at Stockopedia
01:53 Why did you decide to research IPOs & how did you go about it?
03:36 Are IPOs the opportunity to buy a multi-bagger.
04:37 Was there a correlation between management/PE staying in or getting out?
05:37 It looks like timing is the most important but what else should we be looking at?
06:45 How quickly do Stockopedia get IPOs listed, and how long does it take meaningful information for quality and value?
08:16 Wouldn’t you say that higher quality and valuation metrics and small-cap stocks do better for IPOs but wouldn’t that be the same for all stocks?
09:47 You mention aggressive IPO pricing and promotion, who are the main culprits?
10:32 What are the IPO changes proposed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer?
11:25 Do you have any tips to get in at the IPO price?
11:50 Do Stockopedia have any plans to list new IPOs?
12:20 You talk about Tech, Health, Financial and Energy have performed better than Consumer Cyclicals, Telecoms, and Utilities. Wouldn’t that be the case for the wider market anyway?
13:04 You say large cap international IPOs have been poor investments, did you find the same for international small cap and micro caps?
13:47 Were there additional findings in the report that didn’t make the final report?
15:02 IPOs coming up?
16:08 Find the IPO survival guide at: https://why.stockopedia.com/ipo-survival/

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