The Non Executive Director with Chris Spencer Phillips, interviewed by Tamzin Freeman

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Chris Spencer Phillips is MD of First Flight Non Executive Directors, who recruit NEDs and Chairs. Chris gives us a little insight into the world of Non Exec Directors (NED). What they do? Their background? How they are recruited. With case studies of when it works, and when it doesn’t.

How did you get involved with recruitment of NEDs? – 00:48
What does a NED do for a company? – 02:08
Can you give an example where a NED has made a profound difference? – 03:17
How many hours does a NED contribute? – 04:24
What are the qualities and qualifications required of a NED? 04:58
Is a NED just an extra cost? – 05:58
(Guest appearance by Lord Lee – 06:18)
What do you look for when selecting NED candidates for companies? – 07:33
Do the company’s board know what they want of a NED – 09:07
How do you find candidates? – 09:52
What qualifies a candidate to be considered – 10:32
Do you recruit mainly for listed or private companies? – 11:14
A successful NED: Angle – 12:17
A failed NED – 14:50
Patisserie Valerie (CAKE) – 14:58
Gender equality? – 18:16
What’s the optimum age for a NED? – 20:03
How much does a NED cost? – 21:42
How many NEDs should a company have? – 22:29
How should a company get the best out of their NED? – 23:20
Going forward do you see any changes in the NED arena? – 25:26

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