The Stockopedia/PIWORLD Virtual StockSlam September 2021

This is the fifth virtual StockSlam hosted by Damian Cannon. Not only is it great fun, the track record has been pretty impressive with each portfolio of ten picks up as follows: from February 2021 +23%, April +18.5%, May +10% and June +9.6%. The single stock winner has been Tekcapital (TEK) up 186%, followed by Renold (RNO) +63% and Cakebox +51%.

The format, each ‘slammer’ has 3 minutes to ‘slam’ their stock followed by 3 minutes of audience questions. These are just ideas, the presenter probably is talking their own book. Please do all your own research! If you’d like to slam at a future StockSlam, please contact me via the PIWORLD contact page.

00:20 Introduction by Damian Cannon
03:00 Damian Cannon: Robert Walters (RWA)
09:11 Tamzin Freeman: Argentex (AGFX)
14:40 Alex Schlich: Capita (CPI)
21:36 David Carle: Belvoir (BLV)
28:15 Twenties Trader: AB Dynamics (ABDP)
35:34 Mark Simpson: Base Resources (BSE)
42:05 David Thornton: Totally (TLY)
48:40 Lawrence Judd: Watches of Switzerland (WOSG)
55:46 Edmund Shing: Geiger Counter (GCL)
01:02:45 Alan Firth: Quiz (QUIZ)
01:08:00 Damian Cannon closing remarks

Thank you to all the presenters. The next Stockopedia/PIWORLD StockSlam is Wednesday 8th October, 6pm, register via the events page

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