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Lord Lee, who is a veteran of stock market investing, has just written Yummi Yoghurt – A Taste of Stock Market Investment! Predominantly a primer to engage potential teenage investors, but universally relevant to all newbie investors. Here, Lord Lee discusses his book and imparts some of his investing wisdom, relevant to new and seasoned investors, alike.

What inspired the book? – 01:57
What qualities do you think a person needs to invest? – 05:20
What return should investors expect? – 07:00
Risk - 09:05
How much do you think you need to start investing? – 12:34
Can investors start investing with just reading Yummi Yoghurt? – 15:42
When you investigate a share, how long to do you spend researching? - 17:38
How long should investor’s spend to manage their portfolio? – 18:49
Is it a prerequisite to read the RNS's at 7am? - 20:45
What criteria are you looking for in companies in which you invest? – 21:33
Has Brexit affected companies that you hold? - 22:47
Profit warnings & stop losses – 27:06
Large cap or small cap? - 34:31  

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CEO Ian O’Doherty provides an overview of Park Group’s final results for the year ended 31 March 2019 and the implementation of the strategy.

Highlights - 00:22
Operational performance - 00:52
Implementing the strategy - 01:29
An evolving market place - 02:44
Summary & outlook - 04:27

Park Group plc is a multi-retailer gift voucher and prepaid gift card business, which is engaged in delivering rewards and prepaid products to the consumers and corporates in the United Kingdom. The Company focuses on consumer prepayments and corporate reward and incentive programs. The Company's segments include consumer and corporate. The consumer segment includes the Company's sales to consumers, utilizing its Christmas savings offering. The corporate includes the Company's sales to businesses, offering primarily sales of the Love2shop voucher, flexecash cards and other retailer vouchers to businesses for use as staff rewards/incentives, marketing aids and prizes and all online sales. Love2shop is the multi-retailer gift voucher and prepaid gift card, accepted at over 140 retailers with approximately 20,000 stores in the United Kingdom. It offers flexecash, which is its information technology infrastructure. Its Park Christmas Savings Club operates through a network of agents.

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Charles Stanley CEO Paul Abberley and CFO Ben Money-Coutts talk about the Groups’ full year results to 31st March 2019.

Paul Abberley, CEO
Introduction – 00:22

Ben Money-Coutts, CFO 
Financial highlights – 00:48
Profit margin – 04:07

Paul Abberley, CEO
Improving the business – 07:10

Charles Stanley Group PLC is an investment company. The Company provides investment management services, financial planning and pension administration. The Company’s segments are Investment Management Services, Asset Management, Financial Planning, Charles Stanley Direct and Support functions. The Investment Management Services division provides personal investment services to individuals, companies, trusts and charities and includes platform dealing, custody and self-invested personal pension (SIPP) and individual savings account (ISA) administration services. The Asset Management division provides specialist asset management services, through its range of pooled funds, active and passive model portfolios, inheritance tax (IHT) services and investment research to the Investment Management Services division and clients. The Financial Planning division provides financial planning and advice. Charles Stanley Direct provides direct-to-client online dealing and fund broking services.

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by James Lynch, Fund Manager, Downing Strategic Micro-Cap Investment Trust

Ramsdens Holdings PLC (Ramsdens) is a financial services provider and retailer. The Company operates through four segments: Foreign Currency Exchange, Pawnbroking, Purchases of precious metals and Jewellery Retail. The Foreign Currency Exchange segment consists of primarily, the sale and purchase of foreign currency notes with prepaid travel cards and international bank to bank payments. The Pawnbroking segment is a form of asset backed lending where an item of value is given to the pawnbroker in exchange for a cash loan. Through its precious metals buying and selling service, Ramsdens offers to buy unwanted jewelry, gold and other precious metals from customers for cash. The Company is engaged in refurbishing items bought from customers and retailing them through its store network. The Company also provides ancillary services, including franchise fees, western union, sale and buy back of electronics, and credit broking. It has a portfolio of over 130 stores.

Introduction – 00:23
Peter Kenyon’s background – 00:53 
Operating areas of the business – 02:45 
Diversification – 04:12 
Growth strategy – 05:25 
Retail rents & footfall? – 06:45 
Ramsdens locations? – 09:35 
What’s the strategy to expand the estate? – 11:20 
What are the growth opportunities? – 12:35 
New stores’ journey to profitability – 16:18 
Cash generation – 17:07 
Dividends and capital allocation – 18:02 
Summary of the investment case – 19:27 
The longer term outlook – 20:04  

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CEO, Tim Sykes talks us through interim results for the period ending 31st January 2019

PROACTIS Holdings PLC is a United Kingdom-based company, which is a Spend control and e-Procurement solution provider. The Company is engaged in the development and sale of business software, installation and related services. It offers a range of solutions, such as PROACTIS Source-to-Contract, PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay and PROACTIS Supplier Network solutions. It offers managed services, such as procurement-related managed services, such as Sourcing and Content Management; Finance-related managed services, such as Invoice Data Capture and Accelerated Payment Facility, and information technology (IT)-related managed services, such as Application Hosting & Management. Its Solutions for Finance and Procurement include cloud, hosted or on-premise software applications. PROACTIS Spend Analysis offers company-wide data on users’ laptop, tablet or mobile. Its PROACTIS Invoice Data Capture turns paper, fax and Portable Document Format (PDF) invoices into system-ready electronic records.

Strategic, commercial & operational highlights – 00:33
Financial highlights – 05:42
Challenges faced – 06:55
Net debt and cash flow – 16:06
Operational review – 27:16
Group strategy & focus – 35:42
Build: Supplier side – 38:08
Summary and outlook – 41:15
Q&A – 42:23

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Attraqt Group plc (AIM: ATQT), the provider of SaaS solutions that power online shopping experiences, has announced the conditional acquisition of Early Birds SAS for consideration of €15.89 million and a conditional placing to raise £17.1 million at 27.0 pence per share.

Attraqt CEO Luke McKeever talks about the acquisition of Early Birds, and how it represents a transformational step for the Group.

About Attraqt – 00:19
Early Birds acquisition – 01:32
AI & Machine Learning – 04:32
Outlook – 05:18

ATTRAQT Group PLC (ATTRAQT) provides visual merchandising, site search and product recommendation technology. The principal activity of the Company is the development and provision of e-commerce site search, merchandising and product recommendation technology. The Company’s Freestyle Merchandising platform provides a range of merchandising disciplines within a single platform. The Company’s platform acts as a plugin for a retailer’s e-commerce site and provides tools to enable retailers to merchandise. The Company’s Freestyle Merchandising enables retailers to control how the products are merchandised through the e-commerce sites, including site search and navigation, product recommendations, category pages, product detail pages, check-out basket, e-mail, order tracking and in-store devices. Over 100 retailers use the ATTRAQT Platform, including various multi-national retailers. The Company’s subsidiaries include ATTRAQT Limited and ATTRAQT Inc.

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Senior Executive Director, Miton Group plc

Gervais talks to piworld about his background, who influenced his investing style, the macro themes, liquidity, the outlook for the markets and how his funds are positioned.

Introduction & Gervais’ background – 00:20
Who have been the main influencers in your career – 01:55
What was the attraction of joining Miton? – 03:40
Has your investing style changed over time? – 04:32
What macro factors must investors understand? – 05:30
Macro themes – 07:22
When do you sell? – 08:23
What’s your time line when you buy into a position? – 10:54
Your stock picking strategy over time? – 11:38
Regulation and liquidity? – 12:42
Are funds moving out of small caps? – 14:27
Diversity of holdings – 17:40
The views of companies on Brexit – 20:05
Outlook for the markets – 21:41
Do you feel we’re heading for a global recession? – 23:10
How do you justify the market pull back in November 2018 – 24:18
Is quantitative tightening inevitable? – 26:14
What cash can you hold? – 27:56

Gervais Williams background

Gervais has been an equity portfolio manager since 1985. He spent five years with Throgmorton Investment Management (later part of the Framlington Group), three years with Thornton Investment Management (part of Dresdner Bank) and 17 years with Gartmore Group Ltd, where he was Head of UK Small Companies investing in UK smaller companies and Irish equities.

Gervais has extensive investment experience particularly in UK smaller companies. He is well versed in AIM listed companies and understands the forces shaping changes to the investment industry. He won Investor of the Year as awarded by Grant Thornton at their Quoted Company Awards in both 2009 and 2010. Gervais is on the EU Taskforce reviewing why the number of smaller IPOs has declined over recent decades. Gervais has published three books: ‘Slow Finance’, ‘The Future is Small’ and ‘The Retreat of Globalisation’ setting out his investment philosophy for the post credit boom world. He was awarded Fund Manager of the Year 2014 by What Investment.

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Presentation by Andrew Coombs CEO.

Sirius Real Estate Limited (Sirius) is a real estate holding company. The Company is engaged in the investment in and operation and development of commercial property to provide smart and flexible workspace in Germany. The Company has a portfolio of approximately 60 business parks across Germany. The Company invests in mixed-use commercial real estate assets in Germany, which are sub-divided into offices, storage, production and workspaces, and has over 1.4 million square meters of the total lettable space. The Company’s properties include Sirius Business Park Wuppertal, Sirius Business Park Schenefeld, Sirius Business Park Rostock, Sirius Business Park Mainz, Sirius Business Park Pfungstadt, Sirius Business Park Offenbach, Sirius Business Park Neuss, Sirius Business Park Nuremberg, Sirius Business Park Hamburg, Sirius Business Park Berlin, Sirius Business Park Kassel and Sirius Business Park Markgroningen.

Introduction – 00:19
Net operating income development – 02:22
Assets – 03:31
Why invest in Sirius? – 04:13
Returns achieved – 07:23
Sirius/AXA joint venture – 13:28
Asset management – 15:05
The operating platform – 17:37
Returns profile – 19:10
Portfolio at a glance – 20:17
Value-add portfolio split – 22:12
Earnings & NAV potential – 25:15
Vacant space analysis – 25:42
Original Capex programme – 27:16
Acquisition Capex programme – 27:59
Summary – 28:34
Q&A – 29:42

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Stephen English BA(Hons), CFA Chartered FCSI
Blankstone Sington: Investment Director – Head of AIM stocks

Another fascinating 30 mins with Stephen, where he discusses the structure of AIM and liquidity. Interestingly, he suggest that the next financial event will be due to lack of liquidity. Pleasingly he’s an enthusiast of retail investors managing their own money. He gives us some strategies for current markets. And, he discusses his criteria for stock selection, and gives some great examples.

The structure of AIM – 00:37
Is there enough liquidity in AIM for institutional funds? – 06:40 
What’s your view on holding cash? – 11:33
When do you sell? – 14:15
What’s the most important criteria for any stock you’ll buy – 27:06
How often do you change your strategy? – 28:27
What outlook do you see for the the stock market for the rest of this year? – 31:05

About Stephen English:

Stephen joined Blankston Sington in 2002 and works as an analyst generating research and investment recommendations across large and mid-cap companies as well as collective investment funds. Stephen is also responsible for selecting stocks in the Inheritance Tax Portfolio, comprised of AIM listed companies, which has been successfully managed since its inception in 2010.

Stephen is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (FSCI) and also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation (CFA®). The CFA® designation is globally recognised and attests to a holder’s success in a rigorous and comprehensive study program in the field of investment management and research analysis.

CFA® and Chartered Financial Analyst® are registered trademarks owned by CFA Institute.

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Jack Cooney (CEO), Howard Hohmann (EVP Sales) and John Yuncza (CFO) present Somero’s final results to 31st December 2018.

Somero Enterprises, Inc. is a manufacturer of laser-guided equipment. The Company’s equipment automates the process of spreading and leveling volumes of concrete for commercial flooring and other horizontal surfaces, such as paved parking lots in North America. The Company’s products include S-22E, S-15R, S-15M, STS-11M, S-840, S-485, CopperHead XD 3.0, Mini Screed C, PowerRake 3.0, 3-D Profiler and SiteShape. Its Somero Floor Levelness System monitors Laser Screed performance, operator performance and reports alert percentages of issues. The Somero SiteShape System allows for grade shaping automatically using users’ motor grader, dozer or other grading machine. The Somero 3-D Profiler System allows automatic paving of contoured sites using a Somero Laser Screed equipment. The CopperHead XD machine encounters applications, such as chaired rebar, low slump and poor subgrades. The Somero eXtreme Platform (SXP) allows users use their Laser Screed equipment.

Jack Cooney, CEO 
Introduction – 00:18
History of Somero – 00:32
The Somero Customer – 04:28
Customer care – 07:10
2018 review – 08:50

Howard Hohmann, EVP of Sales
Global reach – 09:47
Sales by territory – 10:04
Sales by product – 14:26

John Yuncza, CFO
Financial Highlights – 16:05
Operating results – 17:39
Financial position – 19:26
Cash flow – 20:12
Dividends – 21:50

Jack Cooney, CEO 
Current trading & outlook – 24:13

Q&A – 26:56

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By Ory Weihs, CEO

XLMedia PLC is the United Kingdom-based online performance marketing company. The Company focuses on paying users from multiple online and mobile channels and directs them to online businesses who, in turn, convert such traffic into paying customers. The Company’s segments include Publishing, Media and Partners Network. The Company owns over 2,000 informational Websites in approximately 20 languages. Its Media division acquires online and mobile advertising targeted at online traffic with the objective of directing it to its customers. It buys advertising space on search engines, Websites, mobile and social networks and places advertisement referring users to its customers Websites or to its own Websites. It manages marketing partners, whose role is to direct online traffic to its customers. Its partner program enables affiliates to have a single point of contact for directing traffic.

XLM in numbers - 01:18
Key highlights - 02:02
Gambling regulatory summary - 04:18
Financials - 09:52
Revenue diversification – 10:50
Income statement - 11:33
Cash flow statement - 12:55
Balance sheet - 13:35
Growth strategy - 14:08
Focus on Publishing Expertise - 15:00
Reduced exposure to media activities - 15:33
The Personal Finance Sector - 16:04
US gambling opportunity - 16:35
M&A - 17:29
Summary & outlook - 18:03

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By David Cicurel, CEO & Brad Ormsby, CFO, present the group’s results for year end 31.12.18

Judges Scientific plc is a United Kingdom-based company, which is engaged in the acquisition and development of a portfolio of scientific instrument businesses. The Company’s activities are predominantly in or in support of the design and manufacture of scientific instruments. Its segments include Materials Sciences and Vacuum. Its subsidiaries include Armfield Limited, engaged in the design and marketing of engineering equipment and research instruments; Fire Testing Technology Limited, which is engaged in the design, manufacture and service of instruments that measure the reaction of various materials to fire; Scientifica Limited, which offers micropositioning equipment, microscopes and advanced imaging systems used in electrophysiology and neuroscience; Quorum Technologies Limited, which manufactures scientific instruments primarily used for electron microscopy sample preparation, and Sircal Instruments (UK) Limited, which designs, manufactures and distributes rare gas purifiers.

David Cicurel, CEO
Introduction – 00:18
About Judges Scientific – 01:10
Acquisitions – 03:18
Key messages – 04:50

Brad Ormsby, CFO
Financial highlights – 07:05
Performance – 08:49
Order intake – 10:03
Revenue summary – 11:21
Profit bridge – 12:38
Balance sheet & cash flow – 12:47
Return on Total Invested Capital – 13:58
Diversification – 15:10 
Financial history – 15:43

David Cicurel, CEO
Growth drivers – 16:44
Acquisition criteria & delivery – 23:53
Outlook – 26:26
Investment case – 28:15

Q&A – 30:00

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by Tim Mason CEO & Lucy Sharman-Munday CFO.

Eagle Eye Solutions Group plc is a software as a solution (SaaS) technology company. The Company is engaged in the marketing, validation and redemption of digital promotions in real-time for the grocery, retail and hospitality industries. The Company’s software platform, Eagle Eye AIR, integrates with all existing point of sale (POS) systems and creates digital offers, rewards and vouchers then delivers them to customers by e-mail, text or through a loyalty application for instant redemption. Eagle Eye AIR enables brands and merchants to set up targeted campaigns, choosing various media channels to reach specific demographics. Eagle Eye AIR captures real-time data on consumer activity and campaign success. Eagle Eye Promote is a rules-based platform for brands and retailers, which creates, builds and manages their promotional campaigns. Eagle Eye Gift allows tracking of gift vouchers, including redemption data. Eagle Eye Reward supports and enables the digitisation of loyalty schemes.

Tim Mason CEO
Our mission – 00:38
The Market Opportunity – 02:45
Investment case – 05:17
H1 exec summary – 06:02

Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO
Financial KPI’s – 07:08
The business model – 10:04
Contract lifecycle – 13:20

Tim Mason CEO
Strategic update – 16:11
Delivering on our strategy – 17:17
New products and innovation – 20:07
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – 24:07
New geographies – 27:03

Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO
H1 19 Income statement – 29:56
Bridge IFRS 15/16 – 32:39
Half on half analysis – 35:27
Cash bridge – 37:21
Half on half volumes – 38:40

Tim Mason CEO
Outlook – 40:19

Q&A – 41

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David Barron, CEO, gives an overview of the Group’s 2018 full year results.

Miton Group plc is an investment management company. The Company provides fund management services. Its funds are invested in a range of asset classes under various investment mandates, including multi-asset, equity and portfolios of collective investment schemes.

Highlights – 00:20
Performance – 01:04
Resilience – 02:02
The outlook – 03:00

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ECSC Group plc is a United Kingdom-based information and cyber security service provider. The Company offers a range of cyber security solutions and services to the sectors, including education, retail, legal, financial and local authorities. It offers services to e-commerce start-ups and global organisations. Its PROTECT division delivers the ECSC PCI DSS certified Security Operations Centre, which supports around the clock services for clients wishing to outsource their cyber security device management. The ECSC SOC supports a range of ECSC LABS security appliances, along with its ECSC SELECT vendor products. Its consultancy services, part of the ECSC ASSURE division, offer advice on compliance to industry standards. It offers a range of testing services, both technical and non-technical, to uncover its clients’ vulnerabilities and suggest an appropriate plan to resolve them. As part of its testing service line from ECSC ASSURE, it also certifies to Cyber Essentials requirements.

What do we do? – 00:17
Our market – 05:12
2018 Financial Performance – 07:12
Organic growth – 11:35
KPIs – 12:01
Outlook – 17:00
Summary – 18:15
Q&A – 18:46

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Downing bought a position in Duke Royalty (DUKE) in 2018.

James elicits the key investment attractions of DUKE, and Neil gives a great overview of DUKE, royalty finance, the market place, risk management and much more, to answer all the questions investors may have.

Duke Royalty Limited is a Guernsey-based diversified royalty investment company. The Company specialises in diversified royalty financing and provides alternative capital solutions to a diversified range of businesses in Europe and abroad. The Company’s investment policy is to invest in, without limitation and restrictions (including geographical restrictions), long-term, revenue-based royalties in private and/or public companies, and or other alternative asset classes and/or financing instruments from time to time that bear similar risk and return characteristics. The Company provides financing solutions to private companies that are in need of capital but whose owners wish to maintain equity control of their business. It provides capital to companies in exchange for rights to a small percentage of future revenues.

Introduction by James Lynch – 00:26
Neil Johnson & DUKE’s background – 01:18
What’s the royalty finance model? – 02:22
The length of the funding? – 03:07
What’s the economics of the agreements? – 03:44
What is the investment case for DUKE? – 04:37 
How big is the European market? – 05:52
What’s the market opportunity? – 06:39
Are there competitors? – 07:33
Capital Step acquisition? – 07:50
Can you explain the participation element? – 08:19
How do you see the DUKE portfolio evolving over the coming months? – 09:49
How do you manage risk? – 10:30
Royalty payment cover – 12:54
Alignment of interests with royalty partners? – 14:13
What’s the demand for royalty financing? – 16:27
On-going business with our royalty partners? – 17:57
DUKE management’s alignment with shareholders – 18:55
DUKE’s LTIP? – 19:42
The outlook? – 20:30

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Chris Spencer Phillips is MD of First Flight Non Executive Directors, who recruit NEDs and Chairs. Chris gives us a little insight into the world of Non Exec Directors (NED). What they do? Their background? How they are recruited. With case studies of when it works, and when it doesn’t.

How did you get involved with recruitment of NEDs? – 00:48
What does a NED do for a company? – 02:08
Can you give an example where a NED has made a profound difference? – 03:17
How many hours does a NED contribute? – 04:24
What are the qualities and qualifications required of a NED? 04:58
Is a NED just an extra cost? – 05:58
(Guest appearance by Lord Lee – 06:18)
What do you look for when selecting NED candidates for companies? – 07:33
Do the company’s board know what they want of a NED – 09:07
How do you find candidates? – 09:52
What qualifies a candidate to be considered – 10:32
Do you recruit mainly for listed or private companies? – 11:14
A successful NED: Angle – 12:17
A failed NED – 14:50
Patisserie Valerie (CAKE) – 14:58
Gender equality? – 18:16
What’s the optimum age for a NED? – 20:03
How much does a NED cost? – 21:42
How many NEDs should a company have? – 22:29
How should a company get the best out of their NED? – 23:20
Going forward do you see any changes in the NED arena? – 25:26

Find out more about First Flight Non-Executive Directors:

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RA International Group PLC is a United Kingdom-based remote site service provider. The Company offers integrated camp services, from the construction of camp facilities to full life support services- including camp catering and camp maintenance services foe clientele operating in remote and challenging environments. It focuses on providing remote site solutions for those involved in humanitarian operations, and the oil and gas and mining industries. The Company’s service offerings include construction, operation and maintenance, integrated facilities management, supply chain, and accommodation. It provides its services to mining, oil and gas, and humanitarian.

RAI: who are we and what do we do? – 00:18
Management – 00:45
What RAI does? – 01:20
The background – 02:50
Competitive position – 05:15
Customers – 06:32
RAI locations – 08:19
Financial summary – 09:48
Business profile in a new country – 11:24
Overview of contracts – 15:05
Financials – 17:54
Growth strategy – 18:30
Market opportunity & pipeline – 20:40
Our differentiators – 22:14
The tender process – 27:59
Compliance led approach – 31:40
IPO overview – 33:15
The Board – 33:28
Summary – 34:24

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The journey of the investor, from beginner to pro – interview with Graham Neary by Tamzin Freeman, piworld.

Graham discusses the investing options for individuals who want to manage their future financial security. He starts with an IFA, covers the use of passive funds, and then moves into the more sophisticated skills of self-investing. Graham describes aspects of his own investing journey, with reference to specific holdings in his own portfolio.

Graham Neary is Director of Cube.Investments, the platform for objective, independent financial analysis, and writes the Stockopedia Small Cap Value Report with Paul Scott.

Graham is a full-time investor and analyst with a decade of financial markets experience. He has worked on the sell-side as a fixed income analyst at independent research firms, and on the buy-side as equity portfolio manager for an international financial services organisation.

Graham is a CFA Charterholder, also holding the Investment Management Certificate and the STA Diploma in Technical Analysis. He graduated in mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin.

Introduction to Graham – 00:38
Graham’s views on IFA’s – 02:30
Passive funds – 03:49
Managing your own money - 07:56
Where to start doing your own research? – 10:02
What’s Graham’s style of investing? - 11:13
Losses? Being OK with a 50% drawdown - 12:57
What is the catalyst for Graham to sell? - 14:44
Value v Quality - examples - 15:49
Organic growth v acquisitions – 18:05
Tandem Group (TND) – low earnings multiple – 20:47
Quality holdings in Graham’s portfolio – 23:09
Customer concentration – 26:00
Financial stocks – 26:37
What rate of return are you looking to achieve? – 29:00
Risk management - 30:20
Position size in portfolio - 32:10
Outlook for 2019 – 33:51

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Gareth Evans, Founder Progressive Equity Research interviewed by Tamzin Freeman, piworld

Gareth describes the role of the analyst, clarifying where the analyst sits within the bank/broker’s services, and where they sit commercially. He gives great insight to the delicate balance of client relationships, reputation and integrity. Finally, he covers off the effects of MiFID II.

Gareth has over 15 years research experience covering pan-European Chemicals & Technology sectors. He founded Progressive Equity Research in 2012. Formerly, Gareth held research positions at ABN AMRO, Canaccord & Investec, where he was Joint Head of Research and was awarded techMARK Analyst of the Year in 2006.

Gareth’s background – 00:25 
Where does the analyst sit within a bank? – 02:30
What’s the typical day for an analyst? – 04:44
Do you cover the whole market? – 05:58
How are analysts briefed by their manager? – 11:14
Relationships within the corporate broker and the company – 13:09
The institutional investor v the company relationship – 15:32
The different roles of the corporate broker, analyst & salesman – 17:33
Broker ‘sell’ notes – 19:23
The poor results dilemma – 22:20
The effect of MiFID II – 26:14
How do you see research playing out on-going? – 31:29

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By Carl Harald Janson, Lead Investment Manager, IBT

International Biotechnology Trust plc is an investment trust company. The Company's investment objective is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in biotechnology and other life sciences companies. The Company will seek to achieve its objective by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies, which may be quoted or unquoted and whose shares are considered to have growth prospects, with experienced management and strong potential upside through the development and/or commercialization of a product, device or enabling technology. It may invest through equities, index-linked securities and debt securities, cash deposits, money market instruments and foreign currency exchange transactions. Investments may also be made in related sectors, such as medical devices and healthcare services. Its portfolio is split between large, mid and small-capitalization companies, primarily quoted on stock exchanges in North America. Its investment manager is SV Life Sciences Managers LLP.

Disclaimer and risk warning - 00:18
Agenda - 00:41
Video introducing IBT - 01:03
Management team - 03:50
SV Health Managers: The Manger of IBT - 04:18
Biotech is a high growth sector – 05:04
IBT dividend - 05:53
Growth drivers - 06:23
Risk: Politics in US and regulation - 09:28
Sector valuations at some of lowest in 20 yrs - 12:10
Performance of IBT - 12:47
Portfolio breakdown - 15:49
How to cope with pricing pressure and slow growth - 18:38
Portfolio changes - 19:09
Portfolio acquisitions in 17/18 - 19:47
Unquoted portfolio - 21:07
Investment process - 21:44
Risk mitigation - 22:52
Summary - 23:45

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piworld’s Tamzin Freeman interviews Reg Hoare about the role of the Financial PR.

Reg’s background: Reg joined MHP in 2010 and has over 30 years City experience, initially gained with 11 years in investment banking and securities, principally at SG Warburg and Nomura. He switched to financial PR in 1995, and specialises in advising mid market companies, from FTSE 250 to AIM 100 across a number of sectors, and has a long track record of advising in complex situations including IPOs, fund raisings, M&A, crises and restructurings. He also served for 8 years as a Board member of the Investor Relations Society, Europe’s leading body for investor relations practitioners.

Reg’s background and how he got into financial PR – 00:39
What is the role of the financial PR? – 02:53
What makes a good RNS? – 05:49
Why companies don’t put the consensus forecasts on their website? – 07:15
What notice do you have of the good news, or bad news, of a trading update? – 08:43
Profit warnings – 09:56
What’s the biggest challenge for the PR? – 13:31
As a PR, how do you feel about the retail investor? – 15:21
How do you gear a comms strategy to include the retail investor? – 17:00
The regulation that the companies have to adhere to? – 18:24
Has MiFIDII affected you, as a financial PR? – 23:14
How has the PR function changed over the period? – 26:13
How has the proliferation of media affected you? – 29:50
As a PR, what are the constraints for you as a private investor? – 32:04
If you weren’t a financial PR, what would you do? – 34:35

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eServGlobal (ESG) presentation at Mello London 2018
by John Conoley, Executive Chairman

eServGlobal Limited is a provider of mobile financial technology, offering mobile money solutions. The Company covers a spectrum of mobile financial services, including mobile wallet, mobile commerce, analytics, advanced recharge, promotions and agent management. The Company is engaged in the provision of telecommunications software solutions to mobile and financial service providers on a global basis. The Company’s solutions include Mobile Money, Remittance and Recharge. The Company’s PayMobile platform is an end-to-end solution for mobile money and mobile financial services. PayMobile is a recharge solution, which includes a featured prepaid account recharge solution. The Company’s Remittance solution allows sending money. The PayMobile interfaces with the HomeSend global payments hub. The HomeSend is a solution, which enables cross-border transfer between mobile money accounts, payment cards, bank accounts or cash outlets.

Introduction – 00:17
The two businesses – 01:05
The core business – 02:13
HomeSend – 03:20
Recent fundraise – 07:50
Newflow – 13:45
Typical finTechs – 15:40
Q&A – 20:34

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AdEPT Technology (ADT) presentation at Mello London, November 2018
By Ian Fishwick, CEO, Phil Race, Group Managing Director, John Swaite, FD

AdEPT Tehnology, formerly AdEPT Telecom plc, is engaged in providing managed services for information technology (IT), unified communications, connectivity and voice to over 100 Councils, NHS Trusts and other government bodies. The Company's segments are fixed line services (being calls and line rental services) and managed services (which are data connectivity, hardware services, IP telephony, support and maintenance services). It is engaged in the provision of voice and data communication services to both domestic and business customers. The Company offers technical and commercial options for onsite and cloud-based telephony. The Company serves approximately 20,000 commercial customers including worldwide and nationwide brand names.

Introduction, and opportunity to win a bottle of champagne! -00:22
ADT key fundamentals - 01:45
Strategy: Telecoms – unified comms – IT & hosting – 04:35
ADT by numbers - 10:13
KPIs: Product revenue - 12:33
KPIs: Customer sector – 14:14
Partners - 16:36
Accreditations & awards - 17:31
Interim results highlights (Sept 18) - 18:17
Latest update – acquisitions - 25:13
Q&A - 27:11


Presentation slides can be viewed here.

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Design Group (IGR) H1 results (to 30.11.18) given November 2018
By Paul Fineman, CEO & Giles Willits CFO

IG Design Group plc, formerly International Greetings plc, is engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of gift packaging and greetings; stationery and creative play products, and design-led giftware. The Company’s geographic segments include UK and Asia; Europe; USA, and Australia. The Company sells its products in over 150,000 stores across approximately 80 countries. It also offers a portfolio of licensed and customer bespoke products suitable for sale through multi channel distribution. The Company’s products include crackers, pens and pencils, stickers, single cards and gift wrap. The Company offers its products under the brands A Star, B Stationery, Papercraft and Pepperpot. Its subsidiaries include Artwrap Pty Ltd, International Greetings UK Ltd, International Greetings USA, Inc, International Greetings Asia Ltd, The Huizhou Gift International Greetings Company Limited, Hoomark BV, Anchor International BV and Hoomark S.p.z.o.o.

Paul Fineman, CEO
Highlights H1 2018 – 00:17

Giles Willits CFO
Financial performance – 04:55
Managing our challenges – 15:15
Our future promises – 18:40

Paul Fineman, CEO
Future growth drivers – 20:06
Why invest? – 30:20

Q&A – 32:48

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Creightons (CRL) H1 (for period to 30.11.18) results presentation given 23.11.18
By Bernard Johnson, Group Managing Director,
Paul Forster, Group Finance/Commercial Director
Pippa Clark, Global Marketing Director

Creightons plc is engaged in the development, marketing and manufacture of toiletries and fragrances. The Company operates through three business streams: private label business, contract manufacturing business and branded business. Its private label business focuses on private label products for high street retailers and supermarket chains. Its contract manufacturing business develops and manufactures products on behalf of third party brand owners. Its branded business develops, markets, sells and distributes products it has developed and owns the rights to. Its product portfolio includes bath and shower care, haircare, body care, baby and maternity, and fragrances, among others. Its services include market analysis, creative concept generation, product development, brand development, manufacturing and logistics. Its brands include Frizz No More, Volume Pro, Argan Body, Argan Smooth, Keratin Pro, Perfect Hair, Bronze Ambition, Sunshine Blonde, Beautiful Brunette and Just Hair.

Bernard Johnson, Gp Managing Director
Introduction – 00:18

Paul Forster – Gp Finance/Commercial Director
Financial overview – 03:02
Operational overview – 11:22

Pippa Clark, Global Marketing Director
The Market – 14:34
Division performance – 17:33
Order book – 18:34
Key business drivers – 19:15
Brand development – 21:35
Looking forward – 24:08

Bernard Johnson, Gp Managing Director
Summary – 28:03

Q&A – 32:55

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Forbidden Technologies (FBT) ShareSoc November presentation
By Ian McDonough, CEO & Stephen Streater, Director of R&D

Forbidden Technologies plc is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in the development and commercial exploitation of cloud-based video technology. The Company is engaged in developing cloud video platform used for its Forscene professional editing suite, its video social network, eva, and its online video editor, Captevate. The Company’s products are delivered through an integrated Web-based platform. The Company’s cloud-based technology and products enable news and sports broadcasters to get their Web and mobile highlights to markets; help post-production and broadcast clients; allow brands, influencers and celebrities to access audiences and their authentic content, and allow consumers to edit and share video in a new way. Forbidden Technologies Inc is the subsidiary of the Company.

Ian McDonough, CEO
Introduction – 00:20
The market – 01:00
Blackbird – 03:58
FBT’s evolution – 05:29
What customer’s say – 08:48
H1 2018 financial highlights – 09:48
Operational highlights – 10:40

Stephen Streater, Director of R&D
Blackbird developments – 12:35
Blackbird demo – 14:18

Ian McDonough, CEO
Investment case summary – 21:40

Q&A – 22:45

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Entertainment One CEO Darren Throop and CFO Joe Sparacio present the Group’s interim results for the period ending 30th September 2018.


Darren Throop, CEO

Introduction – 00:20
Business review – 00:33

Joe Sparacio, CFO

Financial Highlights – 17:17
Outlook & summary- 25:38


Q&A – 28:33

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Pelatro (PTRO) presentation at The ShareSoc Growth Company Seminar 14th November 2018 by Managing Director& Founder Subash Menon and Finance Director Nicholas Hellyer.

Pelatro PLC is a United Kingdom-based company that offers precision marketing solutions for telecom industry. The Company’s solutions analyse customer behaviour and customize promotions. Its product enables targeted campaign management. The features of its product include multi-dimensional profile, individualised campaigns, real time campaigns, machine-learning and analysis, lifecycle management, big data and multi-channel communications. Its product features multi-dimensional profile for each customer based on information gathered from transactional and demographic data. Its solution enables activities, including data analysis, campaign design, campaign configuration, campaign execution, reporting, effectiveness analysis and feedback. It enables marketers to track customers across various stages in the lifecycle and take necessary actions.


Subash Menon, Managing Director

Introduction - 00:18
The product – 03:20
The technology – 5:57
The demand – 10:28
The relevance – 11:48
The market opportunity – 15:56
Customer growth – 17:51
Global footprint – 18:57

Nicholas Hellyer, Finance Director

Revenue model – 19:23
Financial highlights – 22:44
Acquisition highlights – 23:57
Current trading – 25:30

Subash Menon, Managing Director

Post IPO events – 26:18
Summary – 28:12

Q&A – 29:00

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In this presentation Leon covers the performance of the best professional investors, based on the must read book: The Art of Execution, and discusses the findings of the different personality types. Leon starts with an enlightening poll to test the room on their behaviours. This serves to show the different trading behaviours of the personality types cited: rabbits, assassins and hunters. He goes on to cover what do with winning holdings, with the characteristics of the raider and connoisseurs. Then he takes the same filters as those outlined in the book, to scrutinize his own historic performance, under the same microscope, and highlights some interesting findings. Finally, he offers his own stock pick.

This is the calibre of Keynote Speakers at Mello.

Mello London (26/27th November), is two days of similar Keynote speakers including Lord Lee of Trafford, Judith MacKenzie, Downing, Paul Scott and Graham Neary, plus a wide selection of interesting small cap companies, alongside Stockopedia, ShareSoc and other supporters of the investing community.

To book, use this link to the MELLO 2018 website.

Poll - 01:50
- What’s your portfolio worth?
- Other behavioural questions
Introduction to Leon Boros - 05:24
ISA value – 05:50
The art of execution - 07:18
The rabbit – 10.40
The assassin – 17:15
The hunter - 21:48
I’m winning what should I do?
The raider - 22:50
Connoisseurs – 27:40
Performance states over 25 yrs – 32:00
Outstanding performance – 38:42
Stock idea - 39:44


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ZOO Digital (ZOO) Interim Results for the 6 months ending 30th September 2018 by Stuart Green, CEO & Phil Blundell, CFO

ZOO Digital Group plc is a holding company. The Company's principal activities include provision of a range of services to allow television and movie content to be subtitled in any language and prepared for sale with online retailers, and research and development of productivity software in those areas. The Company operates through two segments: Software solutions, which includes development, consultancy and software sales, and Media production, which includes localization and design. The Company offers services, including subtitling, captioning, dubbing and digital distribution. The Company offers services through its cloud computing platforms, including ZOOsubs, which offers subtitling and captioning services; ZOOcore, which is a workflow management platform; ZOOstudio, which is a self-service distribution platform for ordering, tracking and delivering digital content packages, and ZOOdubs, which is a dubbing process management platform.

Stuart Green, CEO
ZOO at a glance - 00:23

Phil Blundell, CFO
Financial highlights – 02:00
Segmental analysis - 03:46

Stuart Green, CEO
Operational Highlights – 06:35
Growth strategy & Progress
• Innovation - 12:46
• Scale – 23:09
• Affiliates – 24:02
• Partnerships - 24:52
Consumer Market Trends - 25:47
Growth potential - 27:35
Competitive environment - 28:11
Competitive advantage - 31:30
Barriers to Entry - 33:52
Outlook – 35:46
Investment summary - 36:17

Q&A – 37:23

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Stephen English, CFA, Blankstone Sington at MELLO South, June 2018. Presenting:
Performance enhancers for your portfolio (plus other musings).

This is the calibre of Keynote Speakers at MELLO.

MELLO London (26/27th November), is two days of similar Keynote speakers including Lord Lee of Trafford, Judith MacKenzie (Downing), Paul Scott and Graham Neary, plus a wide selection of interesting small cap companies, alongside Stockopedia, ShareSoc and other supporters of the investing community.

Here’s a link to the MELLO Events website to sign up for the event.

And here’s a link to our video about MELLO Derby which was earlier this year. 

A punchy presentation by Stephen outline key parts of his investment philosophy. What works? How does he make money for his clients? Thinking ahead. The psychology of investing. A check list of key criteria to look for in our own stock picking. Finally leaving us with a reading list, and recommended podcasts.

Introduction: Who is Stephen? What does he do? – 00:28
Stephen’s investing style – 01:15 (Watch the fox in the background!)
Dividends and Price/Earnings – 03:30
Stephen’s creed – 09:39
Investment process – 13:08
A tripartite Approach (qualitative, quantitive, psychological) – 23:28
Growth or Value – a false dichotomy -26:14
Performance enhancing strategies – 27:22
IPOs – 43:15
Stock example: AlphaFX – 44:07
Learning what can’t be taught – 45:10
Questions for management – 45:53
Blankstone Sington IHT portfolio performance – 46:43
Recommended reading/listening – 47:45
Summary – 49:58
Q&A – 51:00

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Tamzin talks Tech with Gareth Evans
from Progressive Equity Research

Gareth has over 15 years research experience covering pan-European Chemicals & Technology sectors. He founded Progressive Equity Research in 2012.  Formerly, Gareth held research positions at ABN AMRO, Canaccord & Investec, where he was Joint Head of Research and was awarded techMARK Analyst of the Year in 2006.

Gareth’s background & ROCE – 00:22
The dotcom crash v today – 05:20
How do we value tech stocks (models)? - 07:53
Where are we at in the tech cycle? - 19:36
Which areas of tech excite you the most? -20:56
Who will be the winners and losers? - 24:40
Do you understand the current sell-off in tech? - 26:58
Is the current market volatility a blip, or more serious? - 33:03
In the current market, are you a buyer or seller of tech? - 36:03

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Supermarket Income REIT plc is a United Kingdom-based, closed-ended investment company. The Company intends to carry on business as a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company’s investment objective is to provide its shareholders with an income together with capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of supermarket real estate assets in the United Kingdom. The Company is focused on investing in a diversified portfolio of principally freehold and long leasehold operational properties. The Company may invest, directly or indirectly, at least 80% of its gross asset value in properties let to the United Kingdom supermarket operators and it may invest up to 20% of its gross asset value in asset let to non-supermarket operators. Atrato Capital Limited is the investment advisor of the Company. The Company is not engaged in any operations.

Steve Windsor
Introduction - 00:19

Ben Green
Investment strategy - 01:07
The portfolio - 03:59
Investing in the future model of UK Grocery - 05:50
Global convergence on the future model of grocery - 10:26
Our market – Supermarket yield - 12:52
Supermarket leases offer one of the cheapest sources of RPI - 14:33
Supply and demand of index linked supermarkets - 16:22
Performance – 17:29
Proactive asset management - 19:27
Conclusion - 21:22
The team - 22:46

Q&A 23:32


The Presentation slides can be viewed here.

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Eagle Eye (EYE): FY results presentation for the year ending 30 June 2018 by Tim Mason, CEO & Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO

EYE is a software as a solution (SaaS) technology company. The Company is engaged in the marketing, validation and redemption of digital promotions in real-time for the grocery, retail and hospitality industries. The Company's software platform, Eagle Eye AIR, integrates with all existing point of sale (POS) systems and creates digital offers, rewards and vouchers then delivers them to customers by e-mail, text or through a loyalty application for instant redemption. Eagle Eye AIR enables brands and merchants to set up targeted campaigns, choosing various media channels to reach specific demographics. Eagle Eye AIR captures real-time data on consumer activity and campaign success. Eagle Eye Promote is a rules-based platform for brands and retailers, which creates, builds and manages their promotional campaigns. Eagle Eye Gift allows tracking of gift vouchers, including redemption data. Eagle Eye Reward supports and enables the digitization of loyalty schemes.

Tim Mason, CEO
Overview of EYE – 01:02

Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO
The business model: how we make money - 07:38

Tim Mason, CEO
The market opportunity - 09:56
The strategy – 12:23
Product innovation – 13:48
The Eagle Eye digital wallet - 15:28

Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO
Investment during the year - 17:25
Launch of PC Optimum for Loblaw - 19:53
Financial update - 23:20

Tim Mason, CEO
Outlook: 31:39

Q&A – 34:29

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Trinity Exploration & Production (TRIN) H1 results presentation September 2018

By Bruce Dingwall CBE – Executive Chairman and Jeremy Bridglalsingh – CFO

TRIN is an independent oil and gas company focused solely on Trinidad & Tobago. The Company operates a portfolio of producing and development assets both onshore and offshore, in the shallow waters West and East Coasts of Trinidad. The Company operates through the segment of production, development and exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons. It operates in Trinidad & Tobago with assets onshore and offshore the East and West Coast. The Company holds approximately 100% interest in the exploration license for the Pletmos Inshore block, which covers an area of approximately 11,000 square kilometers. The Trinidad & Tobago is a prolific hydrocarbon basin. Trinidad & Tobago offers a fiscal regime and regulatory environment. The Company's total average net production is approximately 2,900 barrels of oil per day (bopd). All non-current assets of the Company are in Trinidad & Tobago.

Bruce Dingwall CBE – Executive Chairman
Overview – 00:23

Jeremy Bridglalsingh - CFO
2018 H1 Key financial metrics - 05:05
Peer comparatives (UK AIM listed production led) - 12:15

Bruce Dingwall CBE – Executive Chairman
Production growth - 13:20
Business assurance: base production - 14:29
Organic growth to come from existing portfolio - 18:56
Onshore – Technical - 20:23
Galeota Anticline SW - 22:51
TGAL Development – status - 24:49
Summary - 27:36

Q&A – 31:00

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Judges Scientific CEO David Cicurel and CFO Brad Ormsby present the Group’s interim results for the 6 months ending 30th June 2018.

David Cicurel, CEO

Introduction to JDG – 00:18
The Judges group – 02:13
Results key messages – 03:45

Brad Ormsby, CFO

Financial highlights – 05:23
Performance – 07:26
Order intake – 08:29
Revenue summary – 10:22
Profit bridge – 11:29
Balance sheet & cash flow- 12:25
ROTIC – 13:27
Diversification – 14:45
Financial history – 15:20

David Cicurel, CEO

Growth strategy – 16:45
Acquisitions – 26:51
Outlook – 30:06
Investment case – 32:43

Q&A – 34:29

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This video can be seen at:


Andrew Day, CEO, & David Broderick, CFO, present Keywords Studios (KWS) H1 results to 30th June 18, at the analyst presentation on 18th September 2018.


Andrew Day, CEO


Achievements in 2018 so far – 00:25

The video games market – 06:28

KWS – video games lifecycle – 08:50

KWS revenue by services – 09:41

KWS geographic spread – 11:00

KWS clients – 12:03

KWS diversified growth – 13:22


David Broderick, CFO


Financial overview – 14:33

H2 guidance – 22:01


Andrew Day, CEO


Delivering on strategy – 23:14

Performance by service line – 25:25

KWS growth opportunities – 30:19

Acquisition strategy – 36:48

Managing growth – 38:21

Outlook – 40:22

Investment summary – 42:55


Q&A – 43:30

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This video can be seen here:


Trakm8 Strategy presentation September 2018 (given at the AGM)


John Watkins, Executive Chairman
Introduction, mission statement & values – 00:17

John Furber, Group Finance Director

Operational highlights of the year - 01:23
Financial highlights - 06:22
Transition to pure Telematics Provider - 10:56
Growth dynamics - 12:22
Recurring revenues - 14:37
Adj PTP tax bridge - 16:20
Cash generated from operations & debt bridge - 21:20
TRAK strategy for growth - 23:40

Mark Watkins, Chief Operating Officer

Operational Efficiency Strategy – 24:48
World Leading Technology Strategy – 28:30
The solutions: i. Trakm8 Prime – 30:08
ii. Data enrichment with video – incl. video demo – 30:56
iii. Insight - 30:05

John Watkins, Executive Chairman

Increasing market share strategy – 39:10
Ambition to have 1m connections by 2020 and capacity – 39:47
Why does 1m connections matter? (Margins, R&D & marketing spend, cash & working capital) - 42:07
Big ambition – what we propose to do – 44:44
Summary – 48:29

Q&A – 49:09

In context of 1m connection targets could you talk about your market share & competitive landscape? – 49:10
Would you put your broker forecasts on your website? – 50:19
Will R&D tax credits change with your new business strategy? – 51:38
Are there any further payments due, related to previous acquisitions? - 52:50
Why do you have to manufacture? - 53:09
How much work have you done on the needs eg. translation, to develop International sales? – 55:14
What’s the plan for electric vehicles and driverless cars? - 56:41
Do you buy in your cameras from eg. Seeing Machines? – 58:13
How many competitors like Seeing Machines are in your market? – 58:43

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This video can be viewed at:

piworld investor interview with John Conoley, Executive Chairman, eServGlobal

eServGlobal has two parts to the business, can you explain what each does? - 00:22
Can you tell me more about HomeSend? – 02:18
Did HomeSend come out of ESG and mobile money transfer within ESG? – 03:05
What’s the size of the global money transfer market? – 04:01
What does HomeSend offer that legacy systems don’t offer? - 05:34
Is it the technology that’s different from legacy systems? – 07:16
Can you tell us more about the core business? - 08:20
When do you see it (the core business) returning to breakeven? – 09:20
Is the 50% recurring revenue what we should continue to expect? - 10:19
How did you (John) originally get involved (with ESG)? – 11:07
Which regions are the predominant regions (for ESG)? - 12:23
Are there risks in these regions? - 13:42
What are your aspirations for ESG in the short and medium term? - 14:20
How long does it take for a signed up back to start making transactions? - 15:49
For HomeSend is it labour intensive to on-board banks, or just switching a switch? – 17:34
On the core business, you mentioned corporate activity, can you say more? – 18:00
What should investors look forward to for the rest of the year? – 19:20
How will we know we’re really getting traction with the banks? – 20:00

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The video can be viewed at:


Mihai does refer to various slides and doesn't read them.


Mihai Vlad, VP, AI & Machine Learning Solutions, SDL.

Mihai’s presentation discussed “Neural Machine Translation – the toughest challenge in AI?”, looking at the history of the technology, how it works and why it is now so important to companies in a global marketplace.

Mihai Vlad is in charge of the Commercial Strategy for the Machine Translation (MT) division, and all the Machine Learning and AI solutions SDL is bringing to the market. Mihai is an entrepreneur and technologist with background in data sciences, marketing, sales, business and product development. Specifically, Mihai has a deep experience in developing & selling Machine Learning in the Cybersecurity field. Over the past 15 years, Mihai was responsible for building and scaling sales, designed and managed a Data Analytics business, introduced new technologies and delivered complex technical projects all over the world. Throughout university he also ran his own startup – an Internet Service Provider.

Ralph Anderson Introduction – 00:09
Mihai Vlad, SDL introduction – 00:39
What is artificial intelligence? – 01:10
Language – 02:19
Machine translation – 02:53
Neural machine translation from numbers to meaning – 08:10
Encoding & Decoding – 10:46
Turing test – 11:24
Why invest in machine translation? – 14:53
Use cases – 15:40
Data protection – 17:48
Specialisation – 18:31
Summary – 19:17
The human & the machine – 22:05
Q&A – 24:22

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This video can be seen at:


Emanuele Angelidis, Chief Executive Officer, Breed Reply.

Emanuele’s presentation discussed “AI in IoT – Its role and importance”, showing how IoT is now involved in every sector, the potential market value of each and how our perceptions need to change about this technology.

Emanuele Angelidis is a Co-Founder and CEO of Breed Reply, Europe’s leading investor in early stage internet of things (IoT) businesses, that supports IoT entrepreneurs to quickly bring new ideas to market. They achieve this through funding at early-stage; active operational involvement with significant know how transfer of business, managerial and technological expertise; and go-to-market support through the extensive Reply network. Founded in 2014 and based in London they invest across Europe and currently have a portfolio of 20 IoT companies in a variety of different sectors including Health and Wellbeing, Smart Cities and Buildings, Industrial IoT, Platform Infrastructure and Cyber Security. Emanuele Angelidis co-founded Breed Reply after a long, successful career in the telecoms industry. Emanuele started at Italtel Telecomunicazioni, and in 1994 took part in the start-up and development of Omnitel, latterly Vodafone Italy. In 1999, he co-founded Fastweb, one of Italy’s largest telecoms companies, and was CEO.

Ralph Anderson Introduction – 00:09

Emanuele Angelidis, introduction to Breed Reply – 00:27
IoT & AI – 01:07
Disrupting multiple sectors & value – 02:11
Realising the value from IoT & AI – 07:32
Challenges – 16:03
Application examples – 21:30
Conclusion – 26:37
Q&A – 28:38

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This video can be seen at:


James Corcoran, Global Head of Products and Solutions for Kx (part of First Derivatives).

James’ presentation discussed “Machine Learning – the growth of Predictive Analytics”. James has been at Kx for over 7 years and he is responsible for software sales, pre-sales, product design and the implementation of enterprise solutions for all new and existing Kx clients.

Ralph Anderson introduction to conference – 00:09
Introduction to KX – 02:18

James Corcoran opening introduction – 02:28
About KX – 02:55
What is predictive analytics? – 03:56
What does a predictive analytic look like? – 04:54
How long has it been around? – 5:50
How does it work? – 07:18
How will it work? – 07:37
The hype – 08:04
What is Machine Learning? – 10:32
What isn’t Machine Learning? – 11:21
But really, what is it? – 11:41
Real world examples – 13:05
How to implement Machine Learning – 20:10
Modelling – 21:42
Q&A – 23:16

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