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Air Partner CEO Mark Briffa gives an overview of the Kenyon International acquisition, announced 27th August 2021.

00:18 Rationale for the acquisition
00:45 What does Kenyon International do?
01:33 Are AIR moving out of aviation?
02:03 How did AIR fund the acquisition?
02:17 What acquisitions will AIR look at next?

Founded in 1961, Air Partner is a global aviation services group providing aircraft charter and aviation safety & security solutions to industry, commerce, governments and private individuals, across civil and military organisations. The Group has two divisions: Air Partner Charter, comprising Group Charter, Private Jets, Freight and Specialist Services; and Air Partner Safety & Security (formerly Consulting & Training), which comprises Baines Simmons, Redline Assured Security and Managed Services. Air Partner has 18 locations across four continents, with its headquarters located alongside Gatwick airport in the UK. The group employs around 450 professionals globally and operates 24/7. Air Partner is listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIR) and is the only publicly listed air charter broker and aviation safety & security consultancy. It is ISO 9001:2015 compliant for commercial airline and private jet solutions worldwide. More information is available on the Company's website (

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Keelan Cooper, Financial Analyst at Stockopedia gives us the background and findings of The Stockopedia IPO Survival Guide. Fascinating evidence that small and micro cap IPOs bought on the first day of trading and sold around the sixth month after the IPO will give a better performance.

00:42 How Keelan got into investing and working at Stockopedia
01:53 Why did you decide to research IPOs & how did you go about it?
03:36 Are IPOs the opportunity to buy a multi-bagger.
04:37 Was there a correlation between management/PE staying in or getting out?
05:37 It looks like timing is the most important but what else should we be looking at?
06:45 How quickly do Stockopedia get IPOs listed, and how long does it take meaningful information for quality and value?
08:16 Wouldn’t you say that higher quality and valuation metrics and small-cap stocks do better for IPOs but wouldn’t that be the same for all stocks?
09:47 You mention aggressive IPO pricing and promotion, who are the main culprits?
10:32 What are the IPO changes proposed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer?
11:25 Do you have any tips to get in at the IPO price?
11:50 Do Stockopedia have any plans to list new IPOs?
12:20 You talk about Tech, Health, Financial and Energy have performed better than Consumer Cyclicals, Telecoms, and Utilities. Wouldn’t that be the case for the wider market anyway?
13:04 You say large cap international IPOs have been poor investments, did you find the same for international small cap and micro caps?
13:47 Were there additional findings in the report that didn’t make the final report?
15:02 IPOs coming up?
16:08 Find the IPO survival guide at:

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Vertu Motors (VTU) Investor Presentation August 2021

Robert Forrester, CEO & Karen Anderson, CFO present the company, the financials, the current market dynamics and the outlook, followed by an extensive Q&A with no questions unanswered. Straight, direct and informative.

A values driven company with professionalism, integrity, opportunity and commitment high up there. Their strategic focus is on growth, digitalisation, costs, ancillary businesses within a supportive environment for staff and customers. Disciplined capital allocation is discussed including share buybacks and acquisitions. Although dividends were halted during the pandemic they are anticipated to be re-established at interim FY22. A great overview of the evolving trends across customers, the industry, technology and sustainability, with a more in depth discussion around digitalisation.

Outlook FY22 adj PTP £40-45M, with good momentum, and obvious supply constraints although this does lead to robust margins. Essential watching if you're interested in Vertu or the sector.


Robert Forrester, CEO
00:17 – Introduction & agenda
00:54 – FY21 Highlights
03:50 – Dealership portfolio
04:36 – Group strategy

Karen Anderson, CFO
06:43 – Financial highlights

Robert Forrester, CEO
12:07 – Market trends
22:59 – Outlook

26:20 – Q&A

Robert Forrester, CEO
59:09 – Closing remarks

Vertu Motors plc is an automotive retailer in the United Kingdom. The principal activity of the Company is the sale of new cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles and used vehicles, together with related aftersales services. The Company is engaged in the provision of management services to all subsidiary statutory entities. The Company operates a chain of franchised motor dealerships offering sale, servicing, parts and bodyshop facilities for new and used car and commercial vehicles. The Company also operates various franchise dealerships, such as Volvo, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar, and operates Honda dealerships in the United Kingdom. The Company operates approximately 125 franchised and over three non-franchised operations across England and Scotland. The Company's subsidiaries include Bristol Street First Investments Limited, Bristol Street Fourth Investments Limited, Vertu Motors (VMC) Limited and Grantham Motor Company Limited.

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Mark Pickett, CEO & Diane McIntyre, CFO present H1 results, giving an overview of the strategy, financial performance and the outlook. In summary, they have grown annual recurring revenue (ARR) 5%; expanded the market opportunity, with new products and geographic expansion; have a strong pipeline of opportunities with existing and new customers; strong cashflows with continued investment in future growth. With a positive start to 2021, they anticipate the full year will be slightly ahead of expectations.

Mark Pickett, CEO
00:17 – Introduction
00:49 – Overview
02:18 – Product portfolio
06:01 – Delivering against 2021 objectives
07:54 – Key wins
12:31 – ARR growth & addressable markets
13:59 – ESG

Diane McIntyre, CFO
15:22 – Financial performance

Mark Pickett, CEO
26:23 – Summary

Tribal Group plc is a pioneering world-leader of education software and services. Its portfolio includes Student Information Systems; a broad range of education services covering quality assurance, peer review, benchmarking and improvement; and student surveys that provide the leading global benchmarks for student experience. Working with Higher Education, Further and Tertiary Education, schools, Government and State bodies, training providers and employers, in over 55 countries; Tribal Group's mission is to empower the world of education with products and services that underpin student success.

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TRIG interim results 2021 presentation given to analysts and investors on 6.8.21 by the management team.

00:05 Introductory video

Helen Mahy, Chairman
00:17 Overview

Richard Crawford, Director, InfraRed Capital Partners
01:35 TRIG’s purpose & performance
03:25 Track record

Phil George, Director, InfraRed Capital Partners
05:58 Financial highlights
16:02 Funding, investments & commitments

Chris Sweetman, Operations Director, RES
17:05 Production

Jaz Bains, Group Risk Investment Director, RES
20:59 Value enhancements
23:04 Sustainability

Minesh Shah, Investment Director, InfaRed Capital Partners
24:15 Sustainability
25:44 Acquisitions and portfolio construction
28:38 Forecast new capacity

Richard Crawford, Director, InfraRed Capital Partners
29:18 Summary

Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited is a Guernsey-based closed-ended investment company. The Company invests in operational renewable energy generation projects, predominantly in onshore and offshore wind and solar photovoltaics (PV) segments, across the United Kingdom and Northern Europe. Its portfolio consists of over 70 wind, solar and battery storage projects with aggregate net generating capacity of approximately 1,664megawatts (MW). Its assets are located across United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Sweden and Germany. InfraRed Capital Partners Limited is the Company’s investment manager.

Produced by BRR Media. Distributed by PIWORLD.

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Following the acquisition of Emma Hardie Ltd announced 29th July 2021, PIWORLD talked to some of the management team about the background and rationale to the acquisition, and the Company's plans for integrating and developing the Emma Hardie brands.

Pippa Clark, Global Sales & Marketing Director/Deputy MD
00:48 Can you tell us a little bit about Emma Hardie?
01:35 Why has Creightons acquired Emma Hardie?
05:28 What revenue growth do you think you’ll get from the brand?
07:37 What can we expect this to do to margins?

Barry Cook, Acting Managing Director Emma Hardie
08:44 How does it feel to be acquired by Creightons?
10:50 How did you know of Creightons?
11:58 What does Creightons offer to you?

Eamon Murphy, Group Finance & Commercial Director
13:18 How have you justified the valuation you’re paying for Emma Hardie?
16:03 What synergies do you think you’ll achieve?
16:34 How will you finance the acquisition?
17:27 Were the revenues and profits of Emma Hardie impacted by CV19, which made a difference to the valuation?

Bernard Johnson, Group Managing Director
18:10 Does the acquisition pose any operational integration challenges?
18:47 How long do you think it will take to fully integrate?
19:24 Will there be operational benefits?
20:09 Where geographically will it be based?
20:42 Why has the acquisition happened now?
21:51 Can you summarise how that takes you closer to your 2024 aspirations?

Creightons plc is engaged in the development, marketing and manufacture of toiletries and fragrances. The Company operates through three business streams: private label business, contract manufacturing business and branded business. Its private label business focuses on private label products for high street retailers and supermarket chains. Its contract manufacturing business develops and manufactures products on behalf of third party brand owners. Its branded business develops, markets, sells and distributes products it has developed and owns the rights to. Its product portfolio includes bath and shower care, haircare, body care, baby and maternity, and fragrances, among others. Its services include market analysis, creative concept generation, product development, brand development, manufacturing and logistics. Its brands include Frizz No More, Volume Pro, Argan Body, Argan Smooth, Keratin Pro, Perfect Hair, Bronze Ambition, Sunshine Blonde, Beautiful Brunette and Just Hair.

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NWF Group (NWF) full-year 2021 analyst presentation

Richard Whiting, Chief Executive and Chris Belsham, CFO outline the full-year 2021 results for the period ending 31st May 2021. It was another strong set of results, ahead of expectations set before the pandemic demonstrating continued performance, delivery and resilience.

Richard Whiting, Chief Executive
00:18 Introduction and key highlights
01:52 Summary of financial results

Chris Belsham, CFO
08:07 Financial review

Richard Whiting, Chief Executive
14:45 Development strategy

Richard Whiting, Chief Executive & Chris Belsham, CFO
16:30 UK fuel market & acquisition strategy

Richard Whiting, Chief Executive
21:21 ESG framework
23:41 Summary and outlook

Richard Whiting, Chief Executive & Chris Belsham, CFO
25:48 Q&A

NWF Group plc is engaged in the manufacture and sale of animal feeds, the sale and distribution of fuel oils, and the warehousing and distribution of ambient groceries. The Company operates through three segments: Feeds, Food and Fuels. The Feeds segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of animal feeds and other agricultural products. The Food segment is engaged in warehousing and distribution of clients’ ambient grocery and other products to supermarket and other retail distribution centers. The Fuels segment is engaged in the sale and distribution of domestic heating, industrial and road fuels. The Company’s subsidiary, Boughey Distribution Limited, is engaged in warehousing and food distribution. Its subsidiaries, NWF Agriculture Limited, S.C. Feeds Limited, New Breed (UK) Limited and Jim Peet (Agriculture) Limited, are engaged in animal feedstuffs and seeds supply. Its subsidiaries, NWF Fuels Limited and Staffordshire Fuels Limited, are engaged in fuel distribution.

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David Hampstead, CEO and Eva Hang, CFO outline the business following the IPO on Aquis Exchange earlier this year and elaborate on the full-year 2021 results. A comprehensive overview of what Samarkand offers their customers; their markets and all the moving parts of the last year, including CV-19, Chinese regulation and a very dynamic Chinese market and their acquisitions and aacquisition strategy.

David Hampstead, CEO
00:18 Introduction and about Samarkand
01:29 Executive summary

Eva Hang, CFO
03:46 Financial highlights

David Hampstead, CEO
06:21 The Chinese market & how SMK access it: Nomad Distribution, Checkout & Analytics
09:49 Brand ownership: Probio 7
15:49 Acquisition: Zita West
16:50 The market: CV19; Chinese regulation; innovation and livestream products etc
21:56 Strategic update and focus for the next year
23:30 Summary and outlook

Samarkand Group plc is a United Kingdom-based company that enables its wholly owned and third-party consumer brands to access Chinese consumers through cross-border electronic commerce. The Company serves brands from the health and beauty sectors. Its software platform, the Nomad platform, provides a direct-to-consumer route to the electronic commerce market. The Company's platform offers five technology and service solutions: Nomad Checkout, Nomad Storefront, Nomad Commerce, Nomad Analytics and Nomad Distribution. Nomad Checkout is a software as a service (SaaS) based solution that integrates with electronic commerce software providers. Nomad Storefront supports the operation of electronic commerce stores on Chinese platforms. Nomad Commerce offers customizable electronic commerce solution. The Company's platform is integrated with electronic commerce and social media platforms, as well as payment, logistics and customs systems.

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Tekmar Group (AIM: TGP), a leading provider of technology and services for the global offshore energy markets, hosted a virtual Capital Markets Day event for investors on 22 July 2021. The presentation by CEO Ally MacDonald and CFO Derek Bulmer provides a further update to the five-year strategic plan set out in the Company’s interim results on 1 June 2021, and in particular how Tekmar Group will deliver on its ambitions.


Tekmar Group PLC is a United Kingdom-based company that provides subsea cable, umbilical and flexible pipe protection systems and engineering services. The Company offers various service packages including FEED study, product development, design and engineering, in-house product testing, manufacturing, project management, and personnel training and offshore support. Its products include Teklink CPS, Tektube CPS, Cable hang-offs, TEKSPACE, TEKDUCT, SPLIT PIPE, j-tube seals, bend restrictors and bend stiffeners. The Company primarily provides its products and services to offshore wind, and oil and gas companies.

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