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An comprehensive overview of Trackwise by Philip Johnston, CEO & Mark Hodgkins, CFO, including insight to the acquisition of Stevenage Circuits, and its integration.

Philip Johnston, CEO
Who are Trackwise? – 00:19
Business strategy - 01:18
Radio Frequency (RF) Division - 02:25
IHT (Improved Harness Technology) - 04:35

Mark Hodgkins, CFO
Financials FY19 - 09:25
CV-19 & Current Trading - 12:43
Acquisition of Stevenage Circuits - 13:58

IHT market - 17:05
IHT revenue opportunities - 22:22
Outlook - 22:49
Significant shareholders - 24:22

Trackwise Designs PLC is a United Kingdom-based company that manufactures specialist products using printed circuit technology. The Company has two operating divisions, Radio Frequency (RF) and Improved Harness Technology (IHT). The RF business division is manufacturing specialist printed circuits, which are primarily used in antenna infrastructure to support the 3G / 4G networks. The other division, IHT utilizes the Company’s technology, a patented process, to manufacture unlimited length multilayer flexible printed circuits.

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A very entertaining and informative hour with Andy Brough, Head of the UK & European Small & Mid Cap team at Schroders. Andy gives us his tips and insights on how to make money from equities, illustrated with many colourful anecdotes. A great watch for any equity investor.

Andy’s career & the funds - 00:50
What performance are you targeting? - 03:18
How do you manage money? - 07:09
Placings – Weatherspoon (JDW); Dart (DTG); Ted Baker (TED) - 12:52
Will institutional appetite for placings endure? - 14:12
How do you advise the retail investor to cope with volatility? - 15:20
Xaar (XAR) – 16:25
Has the story changed on any companies you hold with CV19 - 17:30
Where do you start with the annual report and accounts? - 19:00
Are we seeing more company failures? - 21:40
How valuable are broker notes to you? – 22:55
Does the macro picture play a part in your fund management? – 24:30
Has CV19 had any effect on your management of the funds? - 26:00
Tremor International (TRMR) - 27:54
What tricks to the trade can you hand on to us retail investors? - 28:31
What are your criteria for selling? - 30:30
What would you like to see happen to level the playing field for the retail investor? - 31:29
How do you see the future of fund management? – 32:37
Liquidity in small caps? – 33:31


Sentiment and valuation disconnect with US market? - 35:49
Sectors to avoid? - 36:50 Do you use technical analysis? - 37:22
Games Workshop (GAW) - 37:45
What’s your primary quality metric when looking for companies? - 39:45
How is ESG affecting your investment selections? - 40:15
Which companies or sectors are you most positive about now? - 41:23
How much cash is held by the fund? - 42:05
Would you expect volatility to rise in August? - 42:50
Is lack of alternative choices for money driving the market? - 43:44
Dividends? - 44:53
What’s the short-term outlook on JD Wetherspoons (JDW)? - 45:50
Management incentives? - 46:34
Superdry (SDRY); Ted Baker (TED); Restaurant Group (RTN) - 47:44
How do you distinguish between good and bad management? – 49:08
Games Workshop (GAW) share sale - 49:50
Xaar (XAR) - 50:49
Spurs: buy, sell or hold?! – 52:44
Where to find Andy Brough & and the funds - 53:50

About Andy Brough:

• Head of the UK & European Small and Mid Cap team
• Manager of the Schroder Mid 250 Fund and the Schroder UK Smaller Companies Fund
• Co-Manager of the Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund plc and Co-manager of the Schroder Institutional UK Smaller Companies Fund
• Co-manager of Schroder ISF European Smaller Companies
• Investment career commenced on joining Schroders in 1987
• Chartered Accountant • BSc in Economics, Manchester University  

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The Pantheon team give a comprehensive overview of Private Equity, and the Pantheon International investment case to take advantage of the outsized returns from the sector.

Vicki Bradley, Head of IR
Presenting team - 00:45
History of Patheon - 01:39
PIP: a PE Investment Trust - 03:06

Helen Steers, Partner & Manager of PIP
Introduction to PE - 04:04
Private Markets AUM - 04:50
Growth is occurring before IPO, financed by Private Capital - 06:55
What is Private Equity? - 08:16
PE Managers include tactics to add value - 09:55
Key themes for PIP investments over the last financial year - 10:45
The expanding opportunity set in PE - 14:15

Vicki Bradley, Head of IR
Institutional investment into Private Equity - 14:57
PIP makes PE attractive for long term investors - 16:18

Helen Steers, Partner & Manager of PIP
CV-19 - 18:43
ESG & responsible investment - 22:19

Tanu Chita, Principal
PIPs approach to risk management - 24:01
PIP approach to portfolio construction - 25:33
Balance sheet - 28:44
Corporate governance - 29:37

Helen Steers, Partner & Manager of PIP
Benefits of PIPs investment approach - 30:23
PIPs performance - 32:08

Vicki Bradley, Head of IR
Key information - 33:02

Pantheon International Plc is a United Kingdom-based company, which is engaged in investing in a portfolio of private equity assets managed by third party managers across the world. The Company's primary investment objective is to maximize capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of private equity funds and directly in private companies. The Company seeks opportunities in the secondary market. In addition, the Company may from time to time hold quoted investments in consequence of such investments being distributed to the Company from its fund investments or in consequence of an investment in an unquoted company becoming quoted. It invests in sectors, such as consumer, information technology, healthcare, industrials, financials, energy, materials and telecommunication services. The Company may invest in any type of financial instrument, including equity and non-equity shares and debt securities.

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Richard Wolanski, Finance Director, gives a comprehensive overview of Avation, how they’ve managed CV-19, and how he sees the outlook.

Overview - 00:18
Snapshot of Avation – 01:00
Financials, 9 months to 31st March 20 - 03:20
COVID-19 Liquidity Strategy - 04:22
Customer Overview - 06:21
Support for Airline Customers - 09:22
Support for Senior Lenders - 10:15
Virgin Australia Update - 11:15
Asia & Europe travel is returning - 15:19
Closing remarks – 19:52

About Avation:
Avation PLC is a United Kingdom-based company engaged in leasing of aircraft. The Company is a commercial passenger aircraft leasing group managing a fleet of 47 aircraft, which are leased to airlines globally. The Company's fleet includes Airbus A220, A220-300 A320 and A321 narrow-body jets, Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330-300 twin-aisle jets, Boeing 737-800 NG, ATR 72 twin engine turboprop aircraft and five older Fokker 100 jets. It supplies regional, narrow-body and twin-aisle aircraft to the airline industry. It serves the commercial airlines. It owns, through its subsidiaries, a range of commercial passenger jet aircraft, which are leased to various airlines in Europe, Asia and Australia. The Company's subsidiaries include Avation Capital S.A., which is engaged in financing, and Capital Lease Aviation Limited and MSN429 Leaseco Limited, which are engaged in aircraft leasing.

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WHIreland CEO Phillip Wale presents an overview of the Group’s final results for the 12 months ended 31 March 2020.

Introduction – 00:19
Financial highlights – 00:37
Wealth Management – 01:00
Corporate & Institutional Broking – 01:22
Enhancing our governance – 02:03
Current trading & outlook – 02:27
Summary & conclusion – 02:54

WH Ireland Group plc is a holding company. The Company’s principal activities are the provision of wealth management and corporate finance advice, research, products and services to the private clients, and small and medium sized companies. It operates through two segments, which include Private Wealth Management and Corporate Broking. The Private Wealth Management segment offers investment management advice and services to individuals and contains its wealth planning business, giving advice on and acting as intermediary for a range of financial products. The Corporate Broking segment provides corporate finance and corporate broking advice and services to the companies, and acts as nominated advisor to clients listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). The Corporate Broking segment contains its institutional sales and research business, which carries out stockbroking activities on behalf of companies, as well as conducting research into markets of interest to its clients.

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Mark Glowery, Director, Fixed Income Sales, at Allia C&C, outlines more about Allia’s Retail Charity Bonds, and describes in detail seven specific bonds which were issued by them since 2014 to date.

Introduction – 00:18
How it works – 05:10
History and timeline - 09:51
Golden Lane Housing (MCAP, MCP2) - 12:15
Hightown Housing (HTOP, HTO2) - 15:48
Greensleeves Care (GSHT) - 17:59
Belong Ltd (BEL1) - 19:16
Charities Aid Foundation (CAF1) - 21:25
Dolphin Living (DSCF) – 22:35
Alnwick Garden Trust (AGT1) - 23:53
Recent Price and Yields – 24:42
Investor base - 26:36
Distributors - 31:06
About Allia C&C – 32:10
Q&A – 33:44

More about Allia C&C:

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David is the Editor of Growth Company Investor, and here we tap into some of the knowledge he’s gleaned from over 1,740 interviews with management, over the 7 years he's been in the role. Firstly, David talks us through why he invests in small caps and illustrates the power of compounding. Then, he outlines how he picks stocks and runs through his current top picks. We finish off with some great audience questions. Enjoy!

David’s background – 00:39
Growth Company Investor – 01:51
Poll - Do you pay for ideas? (Magazines, newsletters, etc) - 04:20
Poll – Do you pay for tools? (eg. Sharepad? Stockopedia?) – 05:45
Why do you like small caps? - 06:28
General market and stock picking - 13:54
Venture Life (VLG) - 19:40
Accrol (ACRL) - 26:58
Codemasters (CDM) - 31:43
AFH Financial (AFHP) - 37:56
Victoria (VCP) - 40:42


AFH Financial (AFHP) – 43:30
Venture Life (VLG) - 46:10
Omega Diagnostics (ODX) & Elecosoft (ELCO) - 47:18
AIM and number of companies - 50:52
Do you invest in loss making companies? - 53:10
Manolete (MANO) - 55:00 Growth Company Investor special offer – 56:54

For a free trial copy of Growth Company Investor (GCI) email David Thornton (click here). Thereafter get the 12 month subscription with the special piworld offer for £120, (10% off the normal price of £132).

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Mark Briffa, CEO gives an update on current trading, operations and the outlook.

Current trading and CV-19 - 00:35
The placing – 03:00
Acquisition of Redline - 03:45
Business activity with lockdown lifting - 04:54
Outlook - 06:06

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By Frank Sagnier, CEO & Rashid Varachia, CFO

A comprehensive overview illustrating significant progress across the Group. Growth in revenues, gross profit and digital sales. The period included the acquisition of Slightly Mad Studios. The outlook includes a strong pipeline of game releases and next generation platform for Microsoft & Sony. Trading has begun well.

Introduction - 00:33
About Codemasters – 00:57
CDM strategy - 01:40
CV19 response - 02:03
FY2020 highlights – 03:26
Financial highlights – 18:41
Outlook – 25:03
Summary – 37:00
Q&A – 38:10

Codemasters Group Holdings PLC, formerly Codemasters Group Holdings Limited, is a United Kingdom-based video game developer and publisher. Through its subsidiary, The Codemasters Software Company Limited, the Company designs, develops and produces driving and racing games. The Company’s driving and racing games include DiRT, GRID, Micro Machines, ONRUSH and Formula 1 series of videogames. It produces Formula One’s range of games for the Playstation 4 console.

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Brooks Macdonald’s announcement of their acquisition of Lloyds Bank International’s offshore wealth management and funds business.
Presentation by CEO Caroline Connellan, Finance Director Ben Thorpe & CEO International & Group Deputy CEO Andrew Shepherd.

Caroline Connellan, CEO

Introduction – 00:17
Highlights of the Acquisition – 02:00
The strategy - 02:43

Andrew Shepherd, CEO International

Progress of the International Division - 04:00
About the Acquisition - 05:05
The quality of the business - 05:53
The fit - 07:48

Ben Thorpe, FD

Key transaction terms – 09:45
Financial benefits - 11:28

Caroline Connellan, CEO

Conclusion - 12:38

Q&A – 14:04

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A comprehensive overview of Corporate Bonds, for the retail investor who wants to invest in this asset class, but isn't sure how to go about it. Paul is an ex Bond Trader, who very generously shares his knowledge with us. Well worth the hour, if you invest in Corporate Bonds, or you'd like to consider it.

Paul’s background - 00:46
What is a bond? – 04:30
The credit spread – 09:51
How big is the bond market? - 13:53
Bond issuance & trading - 15:45
LSE ORB – Order Book for Retail Bonds - 20:20
What drives the price of a corporate bond in the secondary market? - 23:43
What does a retail investor need to know? - 27:24
Negotiating with the market maker - 32:25
What’s the key thing that can go wrong with a bond? - 33:30
Who are the main investors in the Corporate Bond market? - 34:40
Which Corporate Bond Funds or Fund Managers would you recommend? - 35:53
Is volatility as extreme in bonds as it is in equities? - 38:19
Paul’s investing & performance - 39:39

Could you offer colour on irredeemable bank preference shares? - 40:45
How liquid are bonds - 41:40
Can you find out who owns bonds and in what proportion? - 43:04
What’s the meaning of cumulative, or non-cumulative bonds? - 44:52
Comments on floating coupons - 44:56
Tax on QCB v deep discount security rules – 45:50
Could you recommend information sources on bonds? - 47:10
How does a large (£1mio) or smaller (£100k) bond portfolio differ? - 48:03
How can you find out the minimum quantity for a bond? - 49:16
Out of Aviva Preference Shares, Burford & Provident Financial which would you buy? - 50:30
Can you hold a bond in an ISA? - 51:34
What drawdown did you see in March with bonds? - 52:13
How does a retail investor start a bond portfolio? - 53:22
Why does the bond market react less quickly than the equity market? - 55:11

About Paul
Paul was Head of Sterling Credit Trading, at consecutively, RBS, Barclays Capital and Santander. He has Securities Institute Diplomas: Bonds & Fixed Interest Markets; Private Client Investment Advice & Management.

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Analyst presentation given 16th June 2020

David Meaden, CEO
Introduction & vision – 00:18
FY20 Highlights – 04:27

Rob Grubb, CFO
Financial Review – 05:45
2020 guidance – 17:53

David Meaden, CEO
HY20 Operational Highlights – 19:42
Operational strategy – 24:24
Summary & Outlook – 30:30

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Robin takes us on a bearish economic journey, giving his view for the next few years, then forward to strength driven by China and India. Based on his research, he maps out how investors can optimise their investing returns to benefit from these future trends.

Robin’s background - 00:46
Where do markets go from here? - 04:09
Deflation followed by inflation - 07:52
Will the financial system collapse with the debt? - 11:06
Will the Fed stimulus devalue the dollar? - 13:13
Where do you see Gold headed? - 16:35
What happens after 2023? - 19:05
What should investors be doing? - 27:56

Robin’s portfolio - 40:13
Why invest in gilts? – 42:28
Views on Brexit? – 43:29
Economic recovery driven by millennials? - 45:15
Gold investments - 48:23 Silver - 50:46
Which instruments do you use to short indices? - 51:55
Global political tensions: US as a single country - 53:11
Robin’s newsletter - 56:06

Email to trial Robin’s research

Link to DITA Research Page

About Robin Griffiths
Robin Griffiths is one of the world’s most experienced and highly regarded market analysts. As well as being one of the two managing editors of Dynamic Investment Trends Alert, he is also currently Head of the Multi-Asset Research & Advisory team at the ECU Group. The team was awarded 'Independent Research House of the Year' and 'Best Independent Research House for Equities' in the Technical Analyst Awards 2018, 'Best Independent Research House for Fixed Income' and 'Best Independent Research House for Emerging Markets' categories of the 2017 Technical Analyst Awards and was also finalist in four categories of the 2016 Technical Analyst Awards.

Robin began his career in the financial markets with Phillips & Drew in 1966, having taken a degree in economics at Nottingham University. He went on to become a partner at WI Carr, the first British stock broker to have offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo. Part of this firm was acquired by Grieveson Grant, with whom Robin enjoyed a stay in Japan. In 1986 Robin joined James Capel, which was already owned by HSBC. He stayed there until normal retirement age, and during that period travelled all over the world to meet their extended client base. For the last six years of that employment, Robin was resident in New York. Having left HSBC Investment Bank in 2004, Robin then joined Rathbones as head of asset allocation in 2005, where he stayed until 2007. During that period he advised Rathpeacon Management LLC – a hedge fund invested in the 500 largest Global companies.

Thereafter, he became the Technical Strategist for Cazenove Capital and managed the Worldwide Absolute Return hedge fund. Robin has been a regular on CNN, CNBC, Reuters and Bloomberg TV. He is a committee member and former chairman of the International Federation of Technical Analysts; former chairman, now fellow, of the British Society of Technical Analysts; and honorary member of the Swiss Association of Market Technicians (SAMT). Robin is also author of several notable financial market books, including Mapping the Markets, Future Storm, and has co-authored a chapter in the book Technical Analysis & Behavioural Finance in Fund Management: Discussions with Investment Managers and Analysts and Breakthroughs in Technical Analysis.  

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Presentation by Marcus Phayre-Mudge, Fund Manager.

Marcus gives an overview of the fund, and some insight to the commercial property sector during the COVID-19 period. The fund yields 4%. At this time has a 9% discount to NAV. Worth a listen.

Introduction – 00:20
Agenda – 00:40
What are we? – 01:00
Product range – 3:17
The team – 3:41
Track record – 4:33
Standardised performance – 4:55
Dividend history – 05:06
Portfolio exposure – 06:57
Sub-sector performance – 08:05
Sub-sector positioning – 10:40
Top 20 positions equal 74% of NAV – 11:48
Fund positioning pre COVID-19 – 14:21
Physical property portfolio – 19:36
The Colonnades, Bayswater – 22:31
Ferrier street, Wandsworth – 23:55
Why it’s still ok to own(most of) this asset class now – 24:53
Outlook – 29:41
Q&A – 32:14

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Neal Gandhi (CEO) and Oliver Rigby (CFO) present an update on The Panoply, the structure, how the group is performing, the impact of CV19, and how the business will grow.

Neal Gandhi, CEO
Introduction – 00:18
Agenda – 00:34
About The Panoply – 01:14
The Group – 05:08
The value proposition – 06:23
Customers – 10:48
FY20 overview – 13:18
COVID-19 impact & response – 15:53

Oliver Rigby, CFO
Looking ahead – 19:25
Commercial vision – 19:38
Driving organic growth – 23:29
Acquisition strategy – 26:47

Neal Gandhi, CEO
Why invest – 28:40

Q&A – 32:28

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Excellent investing insight from David on current valuations, how he’s played the COVID-19 markets to date, and where an investor can find income. Forthright views on sectors, funds and the economy, which make you think. Superb investing entertainment.

David’s career & investing background – 00:42
What are your views on the market strength? – 05:15
Where have you been investing since January to date? – 09:50
Opportunities & themes on David’s watchlist – 16:57
Renewable Energy – 21:13
Gold – 24:57
Income investments including retail bonds – 31:14
Structured products – 39:00


Fundsmith and Lindsell Train Funds – 42:20
What are you views on housebuilders? – 43:28
Sectors to avoid? – 45:23
Where to find structured products? – 47:28
Recommended renewable fund – 48:11
Brexit investment strategy? – 51:13
Top publications for the retail investor – 52:52
Japanese fund – 55:03

Companies or Funds mentioned

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), Spotify Technology (NYSE: SPOT), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), International Biotech Trust (IBT), Ryan Air (RYA), EasyJet (EZJ), Carnival Cruises (CCL), Scottish Mortgage IT (SMT); Melrose Industries (MRO); Gresham House Energy Storage Fund (GRID); Gore Street Energy Storage Fund (GSF) Polymetal International (POLY); Barra Resources (ASX: BAR); Foresight Energy LP; VT Gravis Infrastructure Fund

About David Stevenson

David has been writing the Adventurous Investor column for the FT for over a decade and is a columnist for MoneyWeek and Citywire. He’s also executive editor at and David’s blog:  

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Paul has made good investing returns, so far, in 2020. Hear how he’s achieved that, his picks and strategy going forward for the rest of the year.

Paul’s background - 00:52
How were you positioned going into CV19? - 01:45
Are you surprised how the markets have recovered since March? - 04:19
How are you positioned now? – 05:10
Did you sell anything as their outlook changed? - 05:40
Revolution Bars (RBG) - 06:22
Other opportunities? - 14:45
Scapa (SCPA) - 16:14
Ten Entertainment (TEG) & Hollywood Bowl (BOWL) - 17:00
BooHoo (BOO) - 18:58
Foxtons (FOXT) - 21:46
Works Co UK (WRKS) - 23:36
Bigdish (DISH) - 26:18
Best of the Best (BOTB) - 31:00
What are you shorting? - 33:47
How have you found liquidity? - 35:57
Sosandar (SOS) & Somero Enterprises (SOM) - 36:30
How do you see the market and the economy panning out for the rest of the year? - 37:23


Loungers (LGRS) - 41:55
Research notes - 44:00
Best of the Best (BOTB) threats - 44:55
Spreadbetting - 46:30
Intercede (IGP) - 47:53
Somero Enterprises (SOM) - 49:40
Pci-Pal (PCIP) & Spectra Systems (SPSY) - 50:45
Take over targets? - 52:10
Paul’s returns - 53:12
Dart (DTG) - 54:55
Carnival (CCL) - 55:57
Gear4Music (G4M) - 57:45

About Paul Scott Paul has been a professional small caps investor for nearly 20 years. Previously he was CFO of a ladieswear retailer with 150 shops in the UK & Europe. He has written the well-known "Small Cap Value Report" on Stockopedia since 2013. Paul's focus on balance sheet strength has proven particularly relevant now. He shares his successes and sometimes failings with his readers very openly.  

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Charles Stanley CEO Paul Abberley and CFO Ben Money-Coutts present an overview of the Group's full year results to 31st March 2020.

Paul Abberley, CEO
Overview - 00:24

Ben Money-Coutts
Financial highlights - 01:06

Paul Abberley, CEO
Business transformation - 03:52
Outlook - 05:31

Charles Stanley Group PLC is an investment company. The Company provides investment management services, financial planning and pension administration. The Company's segments are Investment Management Services, Asset Management, Financial Planning, Charles Stanley Direct and Support functions. The Investment Management Services division provides personal investment services to individuals, companies, trusts and charities and includes platform dealing, custody and self-invested personal pension (SIPP) and individual savings account (ISA) administration services. The Asset Management division provides specialist asset management services, through its range of pooled funds, active and passive model portfolios, inheritance tax (IHT) services and investment research to the Investment Management Services division and clients. The Financial Planning division provides financial planning and advice. Charles Stanley Direct provides direct-to-client online dealing and fund broking services.

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This video can be seen at:


A really valuable overview of Investment Trusts. Reg largely invests his own SIPP in Investment Trusts. He outlines why he thinks ITs are superior, then goes on to guide how to choose ITs, and how to value them. He generously shares his own IT holdings and ends giving his views on the current markets.

Reg’s background – 00:54
Why are investment trust superior? – 02:00
How did ITs perform during the CV19 sell off? - 13:19
Revenue reserves & dividends - 16:48
How to choose investment trusts - 20:48
How do you value an IT? - 24:28
How to choose sectors - 27:49
Choosing sector themes - 30:04
Reg’s SIPP holdings - 33:10
Interesting ITs - 34:50
IP Group (IPO) - 36:35
Majedie Investments - 38:51
Quarterly dividend payers - 40:24
Reg’s views on the markets - 40:43
Summary and Conclusion – 43:40
Q&A – 45:06

Other IT’s mentioned: TR Property IT, Allied Minds, BP Marsh, Draper Esprit; EPE Special Opps, Dunedin Enterprise (DNE), Electra; ICG Enterprise; IP Group; Mercia AM; Oakley Capital (OCI), Proven Growth & Income, Tretragon; Crystal Amber, Downing Strategic Micro (DSM), Gresham House Strategic (GHS), Miton UK Microcap, JPM Smaller Companies, Odyssean (OIT) Strategic Equity Capital, North Atlantic Smaller Cos (NAS), Herald IT (HRI), Augmentum, Arix Bioscience, Blackrock World Mining, Polo Resources, Premier Global Infrastructure, Hansa, Henderson Far East Income, JPM Global Emerging Markets Income, Law Debenture, Macau Property Opportunities, Alpha Real Trust (ARTL), Axiom European Financial Debt (AXI), Blackrock World Mining (BRWM), Ground Rents Income Fund (GRIO), Henderson Far East Income (HFEL), JPM Global Emerging Markets Income (JEMI), Law Debenture (LWDB), Premier Global Infrastructure (PGIT), Majedie Investments.

About Reg Hoare:
Reg is a Managing Director of Engine MHP Communications, the leading Financial & Corporate PR firm where he specialises in advising mid-market companies, from FTSE 250 to AIM 100. He has over 35 years’ City experience including a decade in investment banking and securities. In his spare time he is an active private investor, managing his own SIPP and other investments. Reg can be followed on twitter @reghoare

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piworld's Tamzin Freeman talks to CEO Mark Briffa about the Group's results for the year ended 31st January 2020.


Results overview - 00:22

Highlights of the year - 01:58

Impact of COVID-19 - 05:00

Resilience - 09:15

Cash preservation - 11:32

Outlook - 14:09

Closing remarks - 16:14

Air Partner PLC is a United Kingdom-based aviation services company. The Company provides worldwide solutions to industry, commerce, governments and private individuals. The Company has two divisions: Charter division comprising air charter broking and remarketing and the Air Partner Safety & Security division comprising the aviation safety consultancies, Baines Simmons, Clockwork Research and SafeSkys, as well as Air Partner's Emergency Planning Division. In addition, for reporting purpose, the Company is structured into four divisions: Commercial Jets, Private Jets, Freight (Charter) and Air Partner Safety & Security (Baines Simmons, Clockwork Research, SafeSkys and Air Partner's Emergency Planning Division).

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piworld Thursday webinar 14.5.20, with Spencer Crooks, ex Director of Market Making at Winterflood Securities.

Tamzin opens with some questions, but this was the opportunity for listeners to ask their questions.

Spencer’s background - 00:50
What do Market Makers do? - 01:43
What’s the business model? - 02:44
Why would a Market Maker buy when everyone’s selling? - 03:57
What happens when a Market Maker gets it wrong? - 05:06
Does the risk level ever get too high for the Market Maker? – 06:30
How is the spread determined? - 07:44
How is the market size set? - 09:46
What’s a tree shake? - 12:26
What’s the motive for a Market Maker to elicit a tree shake? - 13:30
With a profit warning, what’s happening for a Market Maker - 14:46
What is happening for the Market Maker when Covid-19 hit? - 18:55
But volatility is good for Market Makers? - 21:30
From your days as a Market Maker how do you get the best deal today? - 23:38
How do different market makers agree on the price for the same stock? - 25:50
What’s the best time of day to trade? - 27:33
Tiny trades, who places these? - 29:13
Do Market Makers own any stock or do they just move it on? - 31:10
Any advice for buying larger positions in smaller stocks - 34:05
Would there be a better market without Market Makers? - 37:30
Do Market Makers hunt stop losses? - 41:30
Is it better to pay more for a full service broker? - 43:10
What is Spencer doing now? 47:50
What’s the future of the Market Maker? - 49:05
Is Level 2 worth it for retail investors? - 53:00
Do you miss the cut and trust of Market Making? - 53:55


About Spencer Crooks:

Spencer joined Bisgood Bishop in 1985. After takeover of Bisgood Bishop, traded at County NatWest until 1988, before leaving to join Winterflood Securities. Became a director in August 1999. Appointed FSI 2006.    


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This video can be seen at:


Tim Carroll CEO and Jeremy Wilson CFO present the Group’s interim results for the period ending 29th February 2020.

Tim Carroll, CEO
Introduction - 00:18
About Focusrite - 01:02
Financial overview - 06:15
Customers - 07:04
Martin Audio – 08:11
Product sector, Focusrite - 09:16
Product sector, Focusrite Pro - 12:09
Product sector, Novation - 12:57
Product sector, Adam Audio - 14:20
Product sector, Martin Audio - 15:03

Jeremy Wilson, CFO
Financial highlights - 15:52
Regional performance - 17:33
Income statement - 18:24
Revenue to diluted EPS bridge - 21:08
Balance sheet - 24:18
Cash flow - 25:12

Tim Carroll, CEO
Outlook - 26:47
Growth strategy - 29:32
Conclusions - 30:53

Q&A - 31:10

Focusrite PLC is a music and audio products company supplying hardware and software products used by professional and amateur musicians. The company's operating segment includes Focusrite; Focusrite Pro; Novation; ADAM Audio and Distribution. It generates maximum revenue from the Focusrite segment. Focusrite segment includes sales of Focusrite. The Novation segment includes sales of Novation or Ampify branded products. Geographically, it derives a majority of revenue from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.Focusrite PLC is a music and audio products company supplying hardware and software products used by professional and amateur musicians. It has two brands, namely Focusrite and Novation.

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This video can be seen at:


Open Orphan Executive Chairman Cathal Friel presents an update at the ShareSoc Growth Company webinar 11th May 2020.

Introduction from Mike Dennis, ShareSoc – 00:23

Cathal Friel, Executive Chairman, Open Orphan.
Introduction – 00:55
About Open Orphan – 01:33
Management team – 08:39
Complementary Services Business – 10:26
World’s first Coronavirus challenge model – 11:28
About hVIVO – 14:19
Vaccine and Pharmaceutical product portfolio – 15:39
Genomic data capturing – 17:06
Contracts – 17:53
Open Orphan strategy – 18:07
hVIVO strategy – 18:17
Combined pipeline – 18:20
Revenue synergies – 19:42
Revenue growth and profitability – 21:30
Q&A – 23:25

Open Orphan PLC is a European-focussed, rare and orphan drug consulting services platform. The company consists of four elements: a European clinical research organisation and consultancy; an orphan drug services business; a Virtual Rep and Data Access Platform consisting of physicians and key opinion leaders; and a Health Data Platform to partner with Patient Advocacy Groups. The company is targeting rapid growth in one of the fastest growing sectors in the global pharmaceutical industry targeting under-supplied treatment for life threatening or very serious diseases and rare disorders.Venn Life Sciences Holdings PLC is engaged into a Clinical Research Organisation (CRO) providing a suite of consulting and clinical trial services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device organizations.

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This video can be seen at:


Keith’s COVID-19 survival strategy

Keith’s background – 00:45
The fund’s performance – 04:15
When did you think CV19 was going to affect the markets? – 05:12
Is this bear market different? – 06:25
Did it cause you to sell any companies? – 07:09
Changes in the top 10 holdings – 09:04
Provident Financial (PFG) – 10:25
Which holdings have benefitted from CV19? – 11:40
Are there any new companies in the portfolio? – 12:35
Buying into a company, when does the share price become attractive? – 13:12
Position size of holdings? – 15:52
How has liquidity been over the period? – 17:20
Has the watch list changed? – 18:27
Keith’s investing caveats – 18:58
Games Workshop (GAW) – 24:12
Porters five forces – 26:30
What do expect with the markets from here? – 27:15
Q&A – 28:16  

Other companies mentioned:
Driver Group (DRV), Restaurant Group (RTN), Revolution bars (RBG) – 31:10; Liontrust Asset Management (LIO), Bioventix (BVXP), Rollins (ROL), Experian (EXPN) – 33:00; Paypoint (PAY); RM (RM.) 33:55. Softcat (SCT) – 36:00. Craneware (CRW) – 37:40
39:05 Scapa (SCPA) 45:15. Trifast (TRI) – 47:20; Liontrust Asset Management (LIO) – 49:15

About Keith Ashworth-Lord, CIO, Sanford Deland The Buffettology Fund

Keith is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, having formerly been an individual member of the Stock Exchange, and he holds the Investment Management Certificate of the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals.

Prior to setting up the business and the UK Buffettology Fund, he was a self-employed Consultant working with a variety of stockbroking, fund management and private investor clients. His work has been rewarded with the accolade of winning three top-three sectoral, and one top-ten general, Thomson-Reuters StarMine stock-picking awards in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Keith experienced investment epiphany in the 1990s when he discovered the achievements of ‘The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville’. This group of successful investors drew their inspiration from the father of securities analysis, Benjamin Graham. They consistently outperformed the Standard & Poors 500 stock index year-in, year-out, despite having very different individual investment styles.

The common factor was their investment compass where Ben remained true north. Names such as Walter Schloss, Tom Knapp, Bill Ruane and Rick Guerin hardly register in most UK investors’ minds but they are certainly ‘superinvestors’.

Two better known superinvestors are Warren Buffett and his investment partner, Charlie Munger. Keith has had the privilege of meeting these doyens of our industry on two separate occasions in Omaha, Nebraska. In addition to Graham, the influence of Philip Fisher can be found at work with Buffett and Munger. Learning from these masters transformed Keith’s understanding of investment philosophy and with it, his investment performance.

Keith was responsible for founding Sanford DeLand Asset Management Limited with the encouragement of a small group of businessmen who are now shareholders in the company.

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This video can be seen at:

piworld Thursday webinar with David Buik: Macro Market Commentary

David’s background - 00:35
How does this bear market compare with others? - 02:55
Why do you think the market has been so forgiving? -
09:29 Is the market just looking longer term? - 12:12
Will all the stimulus lead to inflation or stagflation? - 14:23
What are your views on the ECB stimulus, the EUs stability and their banks? - 16:57
Is the Bank of England & HMG doing enough? - 21:33
What taxes will go up? – 26:53
When do you see dividends returning? – 30:47
If you had £100k to invest, would you invest any today? - 33:29
What would you look for to invest 100% of your capital? - 35:28
Q&A – 36:23

About David Buik

David Buik worked in the City throughout his career, mainly for companies involved in spreadbetting including City Index and BGC Partners. David was awarded an MBE in 2016 for his services to Financial Services. He often appears as a pundit on Bloomberg, BBC and other international news channels. Earlier this year he became a consultant to Aquis Exchange* (AQX).

*About Aquis Exchange (AQX)

Aquis Exchange PLC, formerly Aquis Exchange Limited, is a United kingdom-based company that operates as a pan-European cash equities trading exchange. The Company’s lit order book allows institutional traders to trade the stocks from 14 European countries. Its Market at Close order type allows members to enter orders on Aquis Exchange at the closing price of the market-of-listing end-of-day auction. It offers trading in a range of European financial instruments, including the constituents of the European indices from various markets. Its software and technology division, Aquis Technologies, develops trade surveillance and matching engine software for banks, investment firms and exchanges. Aquis Market Surveillance is a market surveillance platform for exchanges, multilateral trading facility, brokers and other trading firms. The features of its AMS include case management, market abuse indicators, management information system, order book replay and intraday alert parameter control.  

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Proactis CEO, Tim Sykes, and CFO, Richard Hughes, present the Group's half year results for the period ending 31st January 2020.

Tim Sykes, CEO
Introduction - 00:19
COVID-19 - 00:22
Key messages for the period - 03:10
Performance highlights – 04:53

Richard Hughes, CFO
Financial highlights – 07:33
Reported to adjusted analysis - 10:38
H1 revenue analysis - 11:15

Tim Sykes, CEO
Growth strategy update - 11:41
Return to organic growth in ARR - 15:07
Customer retention - 16:51
bePayd - 18:40
Summary - 20:54
Outlook - 21:34
Q&A – 22:32

PROACTIS Holdings PLC is a United Kingdom-based company, which is a Spend control and e-Procurement solution provider. The Company is engaged in the development and sale of business software, installation and related services. It offers a range of solutions, such as PROACTIS Source-to-Contract, PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay and PROACTIS Supplier Network solutions. It offers managed services, such as procurement-related managed services, such as Sourcing and Content Management; Finance-related managed services, such as Invoice Data Capture and Accelerated Payment Facility, and information technology (IT)-related managed services, such as Application Hosting & Management. Its Solutions for Finance and Procurement include cloud, hosted or on-premise software applications. PROACTIS Spend Analysis offers company-wide data on users' laptop, tablet or mobile. Its PROACTIS Invoice Data Capture turns paper, fax and Portable Document Format (PDF) invoices into system-ready electronic records.

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Judges Scientific Chief Executive David Cicurel and Group Finance Director Brad Ormsby present the Group’s 2019 full year results. Recorded 18th March 2020

David Cicurel, Chief Executive.
Introduction – 00:17
About Judges – 00:39
The Judges group - 01:44
Customers - 02:38
Key messages - 03:40

Brad Ormsby, Group Finance Director
Financial highlights - 05:37
Performance - 07:26
Order intake - 08:20
Revenue summary - 09:50
Balance sheet & cash flow - 10:26
ROTIC -12:06
Diversification - 12:51
Financial History - 13:12

David Cicurel, Chief Executive.
Growth drivers - 14:03
Acquisitions - 18:22
Acquisition criteria - 19:55
Post acquisition - 23:28
Outlook - 25:22
Investment case - 28:07

Judges Scientific PLC is primarily engaged in the designing, manufacturing, and sale of scientific instruments. The company operates two main operating segments: Materials Sciences and Vacuum. The firm specializes in the acquisition and development of a portfolio of scientific instrument businesses. The company has operational footprints across the United Kingdom, Rest of Europe, North America, and Rest of the world. The company operates in two operating segments: Materials Sciences and Vacuum.Judges Scientific PLC is engaged in designing, manufacturing and sale of scientific instruments.

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Bear markets history and the future – 01:00
Portfolio performance ytd – 17:33
Bioventix (BVXP) – 19:17
Best of the Best (BOTB) – 21:29
Nintendo (TYO: 7974) – 23:18
4Basebio (ETR: 4BSB) – 25:40
Arcontech (ARC) – 27:45
4BaseBio (ETR: 4BSB) – 34:50
Placings – 46:57
Valuing a company incorporating debt – 51:44
Q&A – 59:05

About Leon Boros Leon is a recently retired private investor. Prior to his retirement he was founder and managing director of Equity Strategies, a boutique corporate finance firm. Leon started his career at EY where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Leon has been investing since his late teens. In 1993 he opened his first PEP and has since achieved annualised returns of 18.42% (to Dec 2019).

Leon was previously a non-executive director of ShareSoc. Twitter: Leon Boros @Boros10  

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By Stuart Simms, CEO

XLM’s business - 00:28
XLM in numbers - 01:36
2019 overview - 02:48
Update on Google de-ranking - 05:07
COVID-19 update - 06:55
Current trading and outlook - 08:53
Financials - 10:07
Transformation strategy - 11:34
Summary - 17:10

XLMedia PLC is the United Kingdom-based online performance marketing company. The Company focuses on paying users from multiple online and mobile channels and directs them to online businesses who, in turn, convert such traffic into paying customers. The Company's segments include Publishing, Media and Partners Network. The Company owns over 2,000 informational Websites in approximately 20 languages. Its Media division acquires online and mobile advertising targeted at online traffic with the objective of directing it to its customers. It buys advertising space on search engines, Websites, mobile and social networks and places advertisement referring users to its customers Websites or to its own Websites. It manages marketing partners, whose role is to direct online traffic to its customers. Its partner program enables affiliates to have a single point of contact for directing traffic.

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Carl Cavers, Founder & CEO, David Wilton, CFO present Sumo Group’s 2019 full year results.


Sumo Group plc is a United Kingdom-based company that provides development services to the video games and entertainment industries. The Company’s operating businesses include Sumo Digital Ltd. (Sumo Digital) and Atomhawk Design Ltd (Atomhawk). Sumo Digital is a developer of AAA-rated video games, providing both turnkey and co-development solutions to blue-chip client base. Atomhawk is a visual design company that provides services to the games, film and visual effects industries. Together, the Company delivers visual and development solutions, which include initial concepts and pre-production, production and development, and post-release support.  

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This video can be seen here:


The piworld Thursday webinar with Jamie Streeter, (aka @CompoundIncome)

Jamie outlines his approach to investing and his Corona virus investing strategy.

Overview – 00:51
Jamie’s background – 01:40
Evolution as an investor – 02:08
S&P over 35 years – 04:34
Poll: have we hit the low? – 07:26
Why Compound Income? – 08:27
Annualised real returns on asset classes – 11:30
Jamie’s investment philosophy – 13:38
Portfolio construction – 15:37
How Jamie finds shares & further research – 19:12
How Compound Income Scores work – 20:10
Metrics used to identify Quality Income Growth stocks Comparing Vodaphone & Unilever – 21:50
Performance since 2009? – 27:04
Outlook for dividends post Covid – 28:16
A tick shape or W shape recovery? – 30:39
Cycle of greed and fear – 32:06
Dead Cat bounce or ‘off to the races’? – 32:42
How’s Jamie dealing with CV19 & surviving it? – 39:14
Where are we now, and what does the future hold? – 40:18
Summary & concluding thoughts – 43:03 Q&A – 44:40

About Jamie Streeter
Jamie worked in the City of London for over 20 years as a Fund Manager for a number of top institutions. In his career he managed billions of £’s across a whole range of different funds from Distribution funds, Investment Trusts, OEIC’s / Unit Trusts & Pension funds. He was also involved in the management of Income funds more generally. In March 2009, he quit the City, escaped the rat race to “retire” and manage my own investments.

Jamie’s website:

Twitter: Jamie @CompoundIncome  

The presentation slides can be viewed here.

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This video can be seen here:


The piworld Thursday webinar with Stephen English.

Stephen gives us his interpretation of the current COVID-19 markets and his investing strategy to navigate where we're at. Peppered with Stephen's wry humour, and full of investing gems.
It's superb!

Intro - 00:19
For those who don’t know you, give us a very short overview of your background – 00:42
What’s your thoughts on the current market, did you see it coming? – 01:17
Do you think the market has hit the bottom? – 04:17
What is your strategy? – 16:50
Has this changed the business case for any companies you hold? - 24:25
Liquidity: Could you sell if you wanted to? - 27:13
Who will be the winners? - 31:29
Who will be the losers? - 39:29
What are you looking for in companies? - 44:46
Do you think there will be a credit squeeze, everyone holding onto their cash, so severe cashflow pressure? - 46:54
Will there be more M&A: survival of the fittest? Do you see this in any specific sector? - 47:46
What sort of recovery do you think we will have? U, V, W, L or a letter that doesn’t exist? - 50:57
And what structurally will change? (Supply chain, etc) - 54:11
How will government monetary and fiscal policy be financed? Do you think the IHT BPR status is in danger, or other taxes imposed? - 57:15
Q & A 1:02:43

Companies mentioned: Tristel (TSTL). Accrol (ACRL). Smart Metering Systems (SMS). Begbies Traynor (BEG). FRP Advisory (FRP). Strix (KETL). Tracsis (TRCS). Oxford Metrics (OXG). Shoe Zone (SHOE). K3 Business Technology (KBT) Alliance Pharma (APH). EMIS (EMIS). The Property Franchise Group (TPFG). Hollywood Bowl (BOWL). RA International (RAI).

The webinar slides can be downloaded here.

Stephen's Investment philosophy can be downloaded here.  

About Stephen English

Stephen is a Director of Investment Services, at Blankstone Sington. Stephen has managed Blankstone Sington’s award-winning AIM IHT service since inception in 2010. He’s an avid student of markets, authoring his own 12-page investment philosophy, he believes that investing is more ‘art than science’. Stephen is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (CISI) and a CFA Charterholder.  


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This video can be seen at:


John offers great insight to previous bull and bear markets, and how he pieced together when it was time to start buying again, because ‘no one rings a bell at the bottom!’ He shares both recent buys and sells, and answers extensive questions from those on the webinar, including the oil price, house builders, inflation and much more.

Well worth watching if you're trying to make sense of the markets today.

John’s background - 00:33
Learnings from historic bear markets - 02:54
John’s view on where we’re at & the outlook for short and medium term? – 07:40
John’s 2019/20 strategy - 13:46
Gold - 15:37 & 22:31
How did you know it was time to buy in mid March? - 23:00
Don’t you worry about the high risk? – 30:32
Q&A – 34:30

Stocks or companies mentioned:

Wisdom Tree Physical gold ETF - 15:16; Anglo Asian Mining 15:22; L&G Gold mining ETF - 15:27; Van Eck Turner Gold Mines – 15:30; Strix (KETL) – 17:06&20:27; SDI Group (SDI) - 17:14; Anglo Pacific (APF) - 17:19&20:31; TR European Growth Trust (TRG) - 17:22; Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon (BGS) - 17:24&20:28; Scottish Mortgage Trust - 17:37; Worldwide Healthcare Trust & Biotech Growth Trust (18:14&38:40); Renew Holdings (RNWH) - 18:24 Bioventix (BVXP) - 18:52; Rockrose Energy (RRE) & Serica (SQZ) - 19:15 Games Workshop (GAW) – 20:30; (MONY) – 20:37&36:50; Watkin Jones (WJG) – 20:38; Paypoint (PAY) – 20:39; Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund - 20:40&21:36; Sylvania Platinum (SLP) – 21:16; Easyjet (EZY) - 31:47; International Hotel Group - 33:50; Next (NXT) – 37:30; Aberdeen Standard European Logi (ASLI) 49:16.  

The presentation slides can be downloaded here.  

About John Rosier
In June 1984, John left university with a degree in Zoology and started work in The City of London. He enjoyed the first 14 years of his career at Fleming Investment Management, initially as an analyst and then as a UK portfolio manager; in 1997 he was appointed Head of UK Equities. He was a director at Henderson Global Investors from 1998 until 2004, before moving to the West End and working for two hedge funds. John’s investment career at Flemings and Henderson was focused on managing UK equity portfolios for corporate and local authority final salary defined benefit pension schemes as well as the reserve fund for the NSPCC. During 2009 John left full time employment since when he has been managing his own portfolio.  


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This video can be seen at:


Tremor CEO Ofer Druker presents the Company's 2019 full year results.

Introduction - 00:17
The business - 00:46
Tremor today - 01:13
Tremor's new position in the market - 02:05
2019 highlights - 02:34
Traditional TV budgets shifting to digital video - 04:26
Ad spend trends in the US - 05:13
Business flow - 05:56
Global presence - 07:21
Advertisers & clients - 07:31
Brand advertising (Tremor Video) - 08:17
Growth in PMP & Self-serve - 08:58
Connected TV - 10:24
The Exchange - 11:20
Data audiences - 11:57
Unruly acquisition - 12:49
Growth engine - 15:07
Summary - 15:39
Outlook - 16:59

Taptica International Ltd offers data-focused marketing solutions that drive execution and brand insight in mobile, leveraging video, native, and display to reach the users for every application, service, and brand. The Company’s technology is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning at big data scale. The Company works with more than 450 advertisers, including Amazon, Disney, Facebook, Twitter, OpenTable, Expedia, and Zynga, and more than 50,000 supply and publishing partners worldwide.

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This video can be seen at:


Empresaria CEO Rhona Driggs and CFO Tim Anderson present the Group’s 2019 full year results.

This presentation was recorded on the 18th of March 2020

Rhona Driggs, CEO

Introduction – 00:17
Overview – 00:38

Tim Anderson, CFO

Financial review – 06:54
Summary income statement – 06:58
Profit bridge – 07:18
Earnings – 10:34
Adjusted net debt – 11:07
Investment in ConSol – 11:47

Rhona Driggs, CEO

Strategy & delivery – 12-34
Stronger Together initiative – 16:44
A focused sector approach – 21:36
Sectors and brands – 24:36
Summary and outlook – 25:22
Coronavirus – 25:26
Outlook – 31:05


Empresaria Group plc is a United Kingdom-based international specialist staffing company. The Company’s principal activity is the provision of staffing and recruitment services. The Company is organized across three regions: UK, Continental Europe and Rest of the World and operates across seven key sectors. The Company targets a balanced and diversified spread of operations across its regions and sectors. The Company also targets professional and specialist job levels where its brands can offer value added services to clients. The Company has three main service lines, temporary recruitment, permanent recruitment and offshore recruitment services. The Company’s offshore recruitment services represents a range of different recruitment services and provides training services in South East Asia. The Company’s brands include Alternattiva, Ball and Hoolahan, Become, FastTrack and Greycoat. It has operations in 21 countries.  

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This video can be seen at:


This is the second interview with Andrew Hollingworth, Founder and Fund Manager at HollAnd Advisors. Here, Andrew covers more about risk management, meeting management, what he’s learnt managing the fund, and much more.

Note, this was recorded during February 2020, before COVID-19 gripped the nation, and torpedoed markets. It would be interesting to get Andrew’s perspective on where we are now!

How has MIFIDII affected you and the industry? – 00:30
How do you gauge your margin of safety? - 02:26
How do you manage risk? - 04:17
Position sizes? - 06:12
Number of holdings? - 08:44
Cash position? - 09:57
Do you think we’re in a high-risk environment? - 12:10
What’s your view on meeting management? - 13:40
Do you invest in IPOs? - 17:30
Are there any companies you regret you didn’t buy? - 18:44
What’s your worst mistake, and learnings? - 19:30
What’s the best thing you’ve done for the fund? - 22:00
Coronavirus and the macro picture - 24:14
The fund - 27:37

Companies mentioned: JD Weatherspoon (LON:JDW) 03:30; Sports direct (LON;SPD) 15:30; Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) 19:25

See Part one of Andrew's interview, here.

About Andrew Hollingworth: Andrew started working in the investment industry when he was just 18 years old, having bought his first share when he was just 14. Andrew founded Holland Advisors around 15 years ago. At the time, Andrew realised that there was a proven way to be a more successful investor. The core driver behind the investment process at Holland is the use of investment approaches proved successful by the likes of Buffett and John Templeton. These clear processes helps them take a long-term approach in assessing companies, their managements and their prospects when trying to find the high-quality franchises that they think will compound at a good rate over time. Then, they will only buy shares in them if they are at an attractive price.

Andrew says, “We think our USP is the disciplined application of proven value-investing approaches in an often efficient, but occasionally mispriced market. Our approach differs from many others in two important ways. First, we strongly believe you have to know what you are looking for in an investment before you go shopping. Our study of great investors has helped us refine our process. As a result we are very clear about the company business models we find attractive and why, and we only buy something when it comes with a margin of safety. The second point is our desire to learn. It is human nature to want to get better at something, but it is easy in this industry to be too busy to have the time to do so. There are always opportunities to learn and we welcome them.”

The HollAnd Advisors website has a vast wealth of educational resources and is well worth checking out. Look for the pdfs, including: “How we invest and Think”, and the latest article: “The Perfect Storm – Peak Fear – What to buy and when.”

To find out more about Andrew and his fund:  


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This video can be seen at:


EYE H1 results presentation to analysts by Tim Mason, CEO & Lucy Sharman-Munday, CFO, March 2020.

Tim Mason, CEO
Overview & Executive Summary – 00:16
Addressable market - 02:43

Lucy Sharman-Munday
Financials - 04:47

Tim Mason, CEO
Strategic update - 13:08
Delivering on our customer strategy - 13:59
Innovation - 15:46
North America update - 18:32
Australia and New Zealand update - 22:47
Better, Simpler, Cheaper - 23:35
Outlook - 24:59

Q&A - 27:06

Eagle Eye Solutions Group plc is a software as a solution (SaaS) technology company. The Company is engaged in the marketing, validation and redemption of digital promotions in real-time for the grocery, retail and hospitality industries. The Company's software platform, Eagle Eye AIR, integrates with all existing point of sale (POS) systems and creates digital offers, rewards and vouchers then delivers them to customers by e-mail, text or through a loyalty application for instant redemption. Eagle Eye AIR enables brands and merchants to set up targeted campaigns, choosing various media channels to reach specific demographics. Eagle Eye AIR captures real-time data on consumer activity and campaign success. Eagle Eye Promote is a rules-based platform for brands and retailers, which creates, builds and manages their promotional campaigns. Eagle Eye Gift allows tracking of gift vouchers, including redemption data. Eagle Eye Reward supports and enables the digitization of loyalty schemes.

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This video can be seen at:


A fantastic interview with Andrew Hollingworth, Founder and Fund Manager of HollAnd Advisors, an investment management & investment research company.

We cover Andrew’s investing principles, with much drawn from Warren Buffett and John Templeton. He has a strong focus on ‘value’ and ‘franchise’ orientated analysis, and lasers in on ROTA.

Note, this was recorded during February 2020, before the COVID-19 market meltdown. The world has changed since then, undoubtedly Andrew will be finding bargains more easily now! Further, the economic landscape for some of those companies mentioned, has changed radically.

Andrew’s background – 00:56
What do HollAnd Advisors do? – 01:50
What makes the fund different? – 04:27
What returns are you achieving? – 05:33
What time frame are you buying for? – 06:41
What’s your criteria for stock selection? – 07:32
What do you mean by a franchise? – 08:14
How do you value a company? – 11:25
How easy is it to find franchises at a value you’re happy to pay? – 15:03
Charles Schwab (NYSE.SCHW) – 16:11 JD Weatherspoon (LON.JDW) – 18:08
Disney (NYSE.DIS) – 18:23 Liquidity – 20:50
Dart (LON.DTG) – 22:54
Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) – 24:16
How do companies come on your radar? – 25:30
Are you very US focussed? – 26:44
Has the change in the UK political leadership made the UK more interesting? – 28:26
How have special situations or deep value worked? – 30:22
Which companies or sectors do you perceive as good value? – 31:30

About Andrew Hollingworth:

Andrew started working in the investment industry when he was just 18 years old, having bought his first share when he was just 14. Andrew founded Holland Advisors around 15 years ago. At the time, Andrew realised that there was a proven way to be a more successful investor. The core driver behind the investment process at Holland is the use of investment approaches proved successful by the likes of Buffett and John Templeton. These clear processes helps them take a long-term approach in assessing companies, their managements and their prospects when trying to find the high-quality franchises that they think will compound at a good rate over time. Then, they will only buy shares in them if they are at an attractive price.

Andrew says, “We think our USP is the disciplined application of proven value-investing approaches in an often efficient, but occasionally mispriced market. Our approach differs from many others in two important ways. First, we strongly believe you have to know what you are looking for in an investment before you go shopping. Our study of great investors has helped us refine our process. As a result we are very clear about the company business models we find attractive and why, and we only buy something when it comes with a margin of safety. The second point is our desire to learn. It is human nature to want to get better at something, but it is easy in this industry to be too busy to have the time to do so. There are always opportunities to learn and we welcome them.”

The HollAnd Advisors website has a vast wealth of educational resources and is well worth checking out. Look for the pdfs: “How we invest and Think”. And the latest article: “The Perfect Storm – Peak Fear – What to buy and when.” To find out more about Andrew and his fund:

Companies mentioned: JD Weatherspoon (LON.JDW) (18:09), Aston Martin (LON:AML), Charles Schwab (NYSE.SCHW) (16:15), Ryan Air (LON:RYA) (18:09 & 19:52), Disney (NYSE.DIS) (18:23), Dart (LOND:DTG) & Eagle Eye (LON:EYE) (22:54), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) 24:16  

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This video can be seen at:…results-overview/



Rhona Driggs, CEO and Tim Anderson, CFO talk through the results.

Rhona Driggs, CEO
Overview of 2019 – 00:27

Tim Anderson, CFO
Financial overview - 01:25

Rhona Driggs, CEO
Stronger Together initiative - 02:30
Strategic objectives - 04:30
Outlook - 05:42

Empresaria Group plc is a United Kingdom-based international specialist staffing company. The Company's principal activity is the provision of staffing and recruitment services. The Company is organized across three regions: UK, Continental Europe and Rest of the World and operates across seven key sectors. The Company targets a balanced and diversified spread of operations across its regions and sectors. The Company also targets professional and specialist job levels where its brands can offer value added services to clients. The Company has three main service lines, temporary recruitment, permanent recruitment and offshore recruitment services. The Company’s offshore recruitment services represents a range of different recruitment services and provides training services in South East Asia. The Company's brands include Alternattiva, Ball and Hoolahan, Become, FastTrack and Greycoat. It has operations in 21 countries.  

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Patrick Moloney, CEO and Nick Rowles-Davies, Exec Vice Chairman, give an overview of the business, what's been achieved in H1 and their outlook.

Patrick Moloney, CEO
Introduction - 00:22

Nick Rowles-Davies, Exec Vice Chairman
Corporate portfolios - 01:15
Strategic alliances - 02:26

Patrick Moloney, CEO
LCM Global Alternative Returns Fund - 04:20
Revenue line - 07:25
Outlook – 09:09

Litigation Capital Management Limited is engaged in the business of providing litigation financing and ancillary services to enable the recovery of funds from legal claims. The Company focuses on financing and management of Litigation Projects. The Company has provided litigation financing to over 40 Completed Litigation Projects, which consisted of approximately 190 cases. The Company sources the majority of its Litigation Projects through referral networks within the Australian legal, accounting and insolvency sectors. Insolvency practitioners represent a source of work as do solicitors within Australian firms who refer insolvency and commercial claims to it. It also receives direct applications. When considering whether to finance a Litigation Project, the Company undertakes analysis of the quantum of the Gross Claim Size and potential Recovery as compared to the likely costs and financing commitment required. The Company's subsidiary is LCM Litigation Fund Pty Ltd.


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This video can be seen at:…lts-presentation/


CEO Ido Erlichman and CFO Moran Laufer present the Group’s 2019 full year results.

Ido Erlichman, Group CEO
Introduction – 00:17
Investments highlights – 00:37
Becoming a leader in digital privacy – 01:59
Operational highlights – 02:36

Moran Laufer, Group CEO
Financial highlights – 04:07

Ido Erlichman, Group CEO
Public concerns for online privacy – 05:12
Business segments – 05:51

Moran Laufer, Group CEO
Financial summary – 06:41
Revenue Analysis – 07:30
Cash flow – 07:59

Ido Erlichman, Group CEO
De-risked revenue model – 08:46
KPI’s – 19:58
Strategic priorities – 11:09
R&D – 12:32
Integration of acquisitions – 13:15
PIA integration – 15:17
Summary & outlook – 15:57

Kape Technologies PLC, formerly Crossrider plc, is a United Kingdom-based online distribution and digital product company. The Company operates through three segments: App Distribution, Media, and Web Apps and License. Through the App Distribution segment, the Company offers Reimage, a computer repair software; DriverAgent, a driver repair software; CyberGhost, a virtual private network solution, and associated services. The Company’s Media division provides media and advertising technology services that include media buying, ad agency services, and ad serving technologies. It offers Ajillion, a mobile ad server and exchange; Definiti Media, an advertisement network, and crossmob, a mobile marketing application. Through the Web Apps and License division, the Company licenses web apps monetization platform and associated technologies.

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By Cathal Friel, Exec Chair

Friel gives an overview of Open Orphan, how it was formed, the business, hVIVO and its work with virus testing, plus comments on COVID-19.

Introduction – 00:18
Open Orphan management – 03:00
History and acquisitions – 04:15
High value & longer-term contracts – 08:32
Open Orphan – 09:22
Genomic database – 10:13
hVIVO viral challenge studies, etc – 10:33
Cross-selling – 17:45
Pipeline – 18:42
Cost reduction programme – 19:42
Development assets – 20:01
COVID-19 – 21:12

Q&A – 29:15

Open Orphan plc, formerly Venn Life Sciences Holdings plc, is engaged in the pharma services business. The Company is also engaged in building an orphan drug consulting services platform that helps pharma companies commercialize their products in Europe. The Company consists of four elements: a European clinical research organization and consultancy; an orphan drug services business; a Virtual Rep and Data Access Platform consisting of physicians, and a Health Data Platform. The Company provides fragmented orphan drug services. The Company acquires and consolidates series of orphan drug services companies. It also provides digital data platforms to support companies in research & development and commercialization.

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Presentation given to analysts on Tuesday 10th March, 2020. By Simon Pryce, CEO and Jos Sclater, Group CFO

Simon Pryce, CEO
Introduction – 00:18
Overview of 2019 – 01:57
Strategy update – 05:05
The Focus; Fix; Grow transformation – 07:59
Transformation – 11:25
Areas of increased focus for 2020 – 14:56
New contracts won in H2 – 21:55
Solid future pipeline – 24:18

Jos Sclater, Group CFO
Financial review – 26:04

Simon Pryce, CEO
Summary – 42:49

Q&A – 45:03

Ultra Electronics Holdings plc provides solutions and products in the defense and aerospace, security and cyber, transport and energy markets, by applying electronic and software technologies. The Company operates in three segments: Aerospace & Infrastructure, Communications & Security, and Maritime & Land. Its market facing segments are Aerospace, Infrastructure, Nuclear, Communications, C2ISR, Maritime, Land and Underwater Warfare. The Aerospace & Infrastructure division produces high-integrity, safety critical electronic control systems for aircraft applications, including position sensing and control; airframe and engine ice protection and detection; electronic architectures; weapon control, and noise cancellation systems. The Communications & Security division provides mission critical, information dominance solutions. The Maritime & Land division provides sensors, combat management systems, power solutions for surface, sub-surface and unmanned platforms.

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Ray Anderson, CEO gives an overview of the Bango (BGO) business model.

Introduction by Gareth Evans, Progressive Equity Research – 00:17

Ray Anderson
Introduction - 00:48
Bango’s market focus - 01:33
In-app payments - 03:13
Partners - 04:58
The Bango virtuous circle - 05:57
Business model & revenue generation - 07:37
Revenue and gross profit - 09:40
Bango’s strategy is delivering - 12:14
Platform capacity – cost stable -13:50
H1 summary - 14:58
Outlook - 15:13
Growing data driven revenues - 16:58
Summary – 20:25
Q&A - 20:53

Bango PLC (Bango) offers the Bango mobile payment platform. The Company's principal activity is the development, marketing and sale of technology to enable mobile phone users to make payments for digital content and media on smartphones and tablets. The Company's segments include End user activity and Platform fees. The End user activity segment includes the content access fees paid by end users for accessing chargeable content provided by digital merchants, adjusted to take account of whether Bango is agent or principal in the transactions. The Platform fees segment includes the amounts paid to Bango by digital merchants and others for package fees and other services, including analytics and operator connections. Bango Grid is a resource for Bango application store partners to plan their payments strategy. Bango Grid enables partners to find the statistics of every mobile operator globally, and a range of other payment methods.

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Michael Taylor AKA Shifting Shares is another of our young investors. Michael started trading in his 20’s, within a short amount of time found he could make more money from it, than from his day job. Today, still in his 20’s, he continues to trade. In addition, he writes on the subject for the Investors Chronicle, ShareScope and other publications, additionally he has produced his own books.

Here we hear a little about Michael’s journey, his trading and his views on the markets.

How did you get involved in investing – 00:55
How did you teach yourself – 02:13
How long to go full time? – 04:55
What is your strategy – 08:50
How long will you hold a share? - 10:48
What’s your view on market makers? - 13:30
How many trades will you do in a week? - 14:20
What’s the day in a life of a trader - 15:30
How big a part is psychology in trading? - 17:05
What is your winning formula? - 18:40
How do you time the market? – 23:43
Should every investor have a trading part to their portfolio? – 25:00
Isn’t liquidity an issue? - 25:45
What factors play against the retail investor? - 26:50
What more can we do to encourage more young people to invest? - 30:53
More about Michael – 33:28


Find out more about Michael here:

On Twitter @shiftingshares  

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A charming introduction to The China Dolls investment club who have achieved at 105% return over the last 10 years. We join three members of the group, Pam, Virginia and Mary, prior to their monthly evening meeting. We learn how they set up and run their club, where they find their investments, what they like, how they manage the investments, and the fun they have with it all. Thoroughly engaging watching.

The China Dolls investment returns – 00:26
Background of China Dolls – 00:58
Do you manage your own money independently, as well? – 03:05
What are your criteria for stock selection? - 05:13
How well do you understand financial accounts? - 10:24
How do you react to a profit warning? - 12:15
Fevertree (FEVR) – 13:20
Genus (GNS) - 16:30
Difficult times in the markets - 18:42
How do the group react if another member picks a dog? - 19:52
Hurricane Energy (HUR) and oil shares - 21:53
Cash - 22:57
Tonight’s tips – 23:04
How much time do you spend on this? - 29:20
Why do you think there are less women investors? – 31:09
Does the background of the group help with your investing? – 32:25
What tips do you have for others setting up an investing club? - 33:20
How much do you need to start an investing club? - 35:35
What’s the best thing about your investing club – 38:12
One piece of advice for anyone setting up an investing club? – 38:41


China Dolls investment club formed in 2000 with an initial investment of £100, with monthly contributions of £30. This was increased to £40 in 2012. Below are returns, from May 2000 today, assuming no withdrawals nor purchases of any more units, (if a member withdraws units these are available for others to purchase).

2010 +10.52%
2011 54.99%
2012 36.97%
2013 44.57%
2014 62.45%
2015 66.24%
2016 46.56% (Losses: Advanced Oncotherapy, Applied Graphene & Weir Gp)
2017 83.44% (a £5k profit realised on ARM holdings & Fever Tree up to £13ps)
2018 121.38% (Fever Tree over £21; IQE up over 200%)
2019 108.66% (IQE gain now only 18%, another share we should have sold!)

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Presented by Peter Keeling, CEO

Introduction – 00:20
What is Precision Medicine? - 02:05
Patient pathway - 04:20
What Diaceutics do - 07:57
The market - 11:05
Key metrics - 13:50
Diagnostic commercialisation platform - 17:16
Revenue analysis - 19:01

Diaceutics PLC is a United Kingdom-based data analytics and implementation services company which services the global pharmaceutical industry. The Company offers end to end services that encompasses from understanding the diagnostic landscape to test implementation into treatment pathways to enable better treatment decisions for patients. The Company’s data analytics and implementation services, including Landscape, Tracking, and Primary Market Research, leverages the diagnostic testing information to provide data-driven insights to drive seamless integration of diagnostic tests into treatment pathways. Its implementation services include Planning, Commercialization and Reimbursement Landscapes, to build the strategies and implement the tactics that drives optimal test utilization, ensuring that patients are getting the right treatment.

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Analyst presentation January 2019 by Mark Dorman, CEO & Alex Smith, CFO

Mark Dorman, CEO
Who is SThree? – 00:39
Our purpose – 02:06
Performance highlights – 2:55

Alex Smith, CFO
Financials – 03:45

Mark Dorman, CEO
The opportunity – 13:35
Business overview – 17:23
Group KPIs – 18:06
Performance by region – 20:15
Strategy and outlook – 24:22
Outlook – 27:45

SThree plc is an international staffing company, which provides specialist recruitment services in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries. The Company provides permanent and contract staff to sectors, including information and communication technology (ICT), banking and finance, life sciences, engineering and energy. The Company’s segments include the United Kingdom & Ireland (UK&I), Continental Europe, the USA, and Asia Pacific & Middle East (APAC & ME). The Company’s recruitment brands include Computer Futures, Progressive Recruitment, Huxley and Real Staffing. The Company’s other brands include Global Enterprise Partners, Hyden, JP Gray, Madison Black, Newington International and Orgtel. The Company delivers contract, permanent, projects, retained and executive search recruitment solutions. Its support and mobility services offer contracting, relocation and relevant visa support. It provides resources to support its brands with contractor services.

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This video can be seen at:


Richard Whiting, Chief Executive and Chris Belsham, Group Finance Director, run through interim results (to 30.11.19), released on 28th January 2020. Richard talks through the development strategy including the acquisitions in the fuel division to consolidate the sector, and a new warehouse in the foods division, backed by customer contracts, both will be earnings enhancing in 2021.

Richard Whiting, Chief Executive
Introduction – 00:19
Interim results summary – 00:41
Fuels operating highlights – 01:17
Food operating highlights – 02:10
Feeds operating highlights – 03:02

Chris Belsham, Group Finance Director
Financials 03:48

Richard Whiting, Chief Executive
Development strategy – 07:43
Summary and outlook – 10:04

NWF Group plc is engaged in the manufacture and sale of animal feeds, the sale and distribution of fuel oils, and the warehousing and distribution of ambient groceries. The Company operates through three segments: Feeds, Food and Fuels. The Feeds segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of animal feeds and other agricultural products. The Food segment is engaged in warehousing and distribution of clients’ ambient grocery and other products to supermarket and other retail distribution centers. The Fuels segment is engaged in the sale and distribution of domestic heating, industrial and road fuels. The Company’s subsidiary, Boughey Distribution Limited, is engaged in warehousing and food distribution. Its subsidiaries, NWF Agriculture Limited, S.C. Feeds Limited, New Breed (UK) Limited and Jim Peet (Agriculture) Limited, are engaged in animal feedstuffs and seeds supply. Its subsidiaries, NWF Fuels Limited and Staffordshire Fuels Limited, are engaged in fuel distribution.

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This video can be seen at:


By Tony Dalwood, CEO

Overview of 2019 - 00:23
Growth in 2019 - 01:18
Culture and values - 02:10
Diversity of assets offered for all investors - 03:05
Investment process and sustainability - 04:12
New opportunities - 04:57
International growth - 06:06
Outlook for 2020 - 06:34
The next five years - 07:15

Gresham House plc is an asset management company. The Company focuses on managing funds and co-investment or club deals across a range of differentiated and illiquid alternative investment strategies for third-party clients. Its segments include Asset Management, Forestry Management, Investment in Securities and Property Investment. The Company invested in securities and maintained its investment in commercial properties. It is developing a platform for product development, distribution and structured discretionary co-investment. Its property portfolio consists of the property in Speke, Liverpool, known as Southern Gateway, and a residual approximately five acres at Newton-le-Willows. Its subsidiaries include Aitchesse Limited, Gresham House Asset Management Limited, Chartermet Limited, Deacon Commercial Development and Finance Limited, Gresham House Finance Limited, Gresham House Holdings Limited, Gresham House Investment Management Limited and Gresham House Real Assets Limited.

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